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PNG blogger speaks out on explosive anti-Chinese feeling in PNG

December 9, 2011 2 comments

Radio Australia

There’s a growing anti-Chinese campaign on social networking sites in Papua New Guinea with predictions that there could be further outbreaks of violence.

The Lae rioting last month was sparked by anti-Chionese feeling and there have been instances of Chinese-owned businesses being looted or burned down.

At least six Chinese migrants have been killed in PNG in the last decade.

Outspoken Port Moresby blogger and store owner, Martyn Namorong, says the explosive situation is just waiting for a trigger before there’s more violence.

Presenter: Brian Abbott
Speaker: Martyn Namorong, Port Moresby social network blogger


Dr Nadile also blew the whistle on Ramu mine work visa abuses

September 23, 2011 2 comments

Dr Ronda Nadile, sacked from the Department of Labour for exposing gross misappropriation and misuse of Trusts Funds, was also the officer who in 2010 bravely exposed the role of then Prime Minister Michael Somare in securing work visa’s for Chinese labourers to work on the Ramu nickel mine.

“The very last session of the day included a presentation by Dr Rona Nadile, the First Asst Secretary of the Dept of Labour and Industrial Relations, speaking about PNG’s new work permit laws.  Lots of info on relaxed requirements for foreign workers, etc, and yet at one point she noted that there is a new language requirement to foreign work permits: they must be able to speak English, Tok Pisin or Hiri Motu, and be accredited as such by an independent agent. When I asked afterwards how it is that we have a major resource extraction project in Madang where most of its foreign workers speak no English and have abandoned English tutorials that were offered by Divine Word University, and considering that some of the violence sparked over the last week was said to have arisen from complaints that Chinese do not even speak English – she was incredibly candid, to her credit. Before the entire forum, she explained that when these work permits came across her desk she was told that the PM’s Department wanted her to ‘make it happen’ and issue all work permits for MCC employees. A collective gasp and giggle could be heard across the room”. [Nancy Sullivan’s blog].

“Under PNG labour laws, jobs like driving trucks or tractors are protected for PNG workers. But this was overshadowed by Rhonda Nadile, a Labour Department executive, who said MCC workers entered PNG “despite strong opposition from the Department”. Chinese mine workers, and Chinese around the country, are regularly issued work permits despite not meeting PNG’s labour laws that require all non-citizens to speak English. In November last year 104 illegal Chinese mine workers were arrested after immigration and labour raids”. [Pacific Islands Report]