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Department of Lands still dealing in illegal SABL leases

November 22, 2016 Leave a comment


The Department of Lands is still ignoring the SABL Commission of Inquiry findings and dealing with SABL leases found to have been illegally issued and recommended to be revoked, as if there is nothing wrong with them.

The Department has recently issued an Official Copy of the State Lease over Portion 17C in Oro Province despite clear findings by the SABL Commission of Inquiry, published in 2013, the lease was “improper and unlawful” and should be “revoked forthwith”.

The CoI found some landowner signatures were fraudulently acquired and concluded:

All in all, the COI found that the issuing of the SABL over Portion 17C to MVMCL [Musa Valley Management Company Limited] which was then sub-leased to MCL [Musa Century Limited] was improper and unlawful”.

“We also found that consent were not obtained from the majority of the landowners to lease their land for the SABL on Portion 17C. In addition, the SABL is not founded upon a proper Lease-Lease back instrument in accordance with Sections 11 and 102 of the Land Act and therefore, is defective and void”.

“We found therefore, that the SABL over Portion 17C was improperly and unlawfully granted to MVMCL and therefore, any subsequent sub-lease arrangements would be also be deemed to be void and of no effect”. 

“We recommend that the SABL over Portion 17C in the Musa-Pongani area issued to MVMCL and sub-leased to MCL is to be REVOKED forthwith.” 

(CoI report [pdf], pages 218 and 219)

The CoI also found:

“The developer MCL is not interested in developing the oil palm and cattle project but rather using them as an excuse/guise to obtain a Forest Clearance Authority (FCA) and embark on a full scale logging operations instead” (page 214)

Despite these clear findings, the Department of Lands is carrying on as if nothing is wrong wth the leases – action that suggests the corruption and mismanagement in the Department is still flourishing.

The findings of the Commission of Inquiry

Not all the landowners consented to the SABL over Portion 17C and there were substantiated allegations of fraudulent conduct by government officials and company representatives.

The land investigation process was not properly carried out and the Land Investigation Report was incomplete and unreliable. The Provincial Lands Officer was ‘forced’ to sign a LIR prepared by someone not employed by the Department and with no input from the Provincial Lands Office.

There was no proper awareness carried out to inform people about the proposed agriculture projects.

The Agriculture Development Plan was ‘sketchy and vague’ leading the CoI to conclude:

“the developer MCL is not interested in developing the oil palm and cattle project but rather using them as an excuse/guise to obtain a Forest Clearance Authority (FCA) and embark on a full scale logging operation instead” 

An estimated 90% of the land (Portion 17C) is thickly forested (with high quality merchantable logs)” (page 214)

We found that very little awareness was carried out on the SABL over Portion 17C in the Musa-Pongani area. The majority of the affected landowners were not consulted and have not participated in any meetings or hearings held to gauge landowner’s views and agreements on the SABL as part of the land investigation process. Majority of the landowners have not given their ‘informed consent’ to lease their land for SABL and have not signed any documents to indicate their agreement and consent. Some signatures were fraudulently obtained. The informed consent of the customary landowners to lease their customary land is the most fundamental primary requirement to issuing an SABL and without such consent been properly obtained no SABL can be issued. We discovered that majority of the landowners in the villages in and around the Musa-Pongani area were not involved and did not participate in the initial application stages to obtain an SABL over Portion 17C”. (p217)

The history of the SABL over Portion 17C

The SABL over Portion 17C in fact started life as a smaller (211,600ha) lease over Portion 16C.

In December 2008 the land was acquired by the State through a 99 year lease and leased to Musida Holdings (a company owned and controlled by some of the landholders).

These leases were challenged in a court case – Musa Valley Management Company and Musa Century Limited v Lands Secretary, Lands Minister and Musida Holdings (2010).

The National Court found the leases were ‘seriously flawed’ and declared them null and void for a failure to follow proper process under the Land Act and significant errors of law, in particular securing the consent of customary landowners to both leases.

MVMC is owned and controlled by a different group of landowners promoting their own preferred developer of an agro-forestry project. The Commission of Inquiry later concluded MHL was formed by landowners living in the Musa-Pongani area and MVMC was formed by landowners living in POM.

A Notice of Revocation of the SABL over Portion 16C was issued by the Department of Lands in February 2010 and published in the National Gazette.

But the fraud and illegality did not stop there. A new lease was then granted in Sept 2010 to MVMC over the larger (320,060ha) Portion 17C (which incorporates 16C). The SABL was supposedly issued for the purpose of oil palm and cattle projects.

MVMC then sub-leased the land to MCL, a company 99.9% owned by a Malaysian, Kem San GO.

These leases were found by the Commission of Inquiry to have been illegally issued and were recommended to be revoked – but the Department of Lands is ignoring those findings.

MPs laugh at health cuts

March 23, 2016 1 comment
transit facility

The Transit Medical Storage Facility in Oro is still waiting completion since 2013 despite spending of K600,000

Gary Juffa

Today I watched in absolute disgust as MPs giggled and laughed as Minister for Health made light humor at the fact that the GOVERNMENT had slashed funding for Church run health facilities to the tune of K50m.

– I had asked an explanation about the slash to our health services by the Government and could the Minister explain exactly how much and what programs exactly

Minister Malabag confirmed that the Government had cut K50m BUT only to the Churches run programs and ONLY the wages component.


– Furthermore I asked when the Transit Medical Storage Facility in Oro was to be completed since work had commenced in 2013 had not been finished. This was to be built to ensure timely delivery of drugs to our aidposts and hospitals and thus ensure we are best equipped to save lives. But the contract was never completed and yet K600,000 was paid to a contractor! Now this contract was dubiously given to a company namely Gini Construction owned by a male nurse that had ZERO experience and knowledge in building such infrastructure and had been illegally on the the Health payroll for 5 years until I took him off after I found out earlier this year. The work is substandard and remains unfinished! Drugs are not delivered in a timely manner and patients have to travel hours to Popondetta to get treatment.

The Minister acknowledged that the contractor was paid and the job incomplete! The Minister confirmed that CSTB awarded the contract! No surprise! The Minister confirmed the that the NDOH was now looking for money to complete the contract!


I also asked if the NDOH had built a lab to verify drugs imported and distributed by the contraversial Malaysian Company Borneo Pacific as the Government had promised to do since the company they were importing from China Pharmaceutical was cited for peddling counterfeit drugs by the WHO and NDOH had intentionally removed ISO Certification as a criteria to allow them to select Bormeo Pharmaceutical at an extra K20m more.

Minister admitted they had failed since to build such a lab.

Most MPs in Government giggled and laughed as the Health Minister joked about the matter in parliament during a supplementary question by Member for Lae Loujaya Kouja.

Our peoples health is no laughing matter. Especially when many in remote areas are struggling to come into towns to find help and wait hours and even days before treatment. Many vulnerable people such as babies and elderly are dying from treatable medical matters.


Ijivitari MP, David Arore, defames Justice Ambeng Kandakasi on Facebook

November 6, 2014 5 comments

arore fb juffa

Ijivitari MP, David Arore, has publicly defamed national court judge, Justice Ambeng Kandakasi on Facebook accusing him of corruption, partiality and an unhealthy alliance with Oro Governor, Gary Juffa prior to yesterday’s court decision.  

In multiple posts on the social network, David Arore, used his personal account to post photographs that purport to show a meeting between Justice Kandakasi and Governor Juffa prior to yesterday’s decision which awarded a stay order in favor of Juffa.

On the initial post yesterday, the ijiviari MP wrote:

“…Photo’s of judge Kandakasi and Gary Juffa  before hearing of Oro Prov. Vote of no confidence case…Where is justice?”  

Arore also questioned Justice Kandakasi’s credibility as a judge and accused him of allowing his personal relationship to influence his decision.

In another one of the posts Arore wrote:  

“…Arore  demands new judge in Oro vote of no confidence case after  Justice Kandakasi is seen here wining and dining with Gary Juffa…”  

It is however understood that the photographs were from a previous meeting of various high profile movers and shakers where Justice Kandakasi and Governor Juffa were invited.    

Last month, the Ijivitari MP and the Minister for Community Development, Delilah Gore, led a group of seven council presidents who broke into the provincial assembly building in Popondetta and announced that Arore was now governor.  

Juffa then sought clarification from the national court which saw the handing down of a restraining order against David Arore yesterday. Justice Kandakasi has not yet responded to the allegations.

arore fb

Arore tries to cover up for Delilah Gore

November 5, 2014 2 comments
David Arore

Arore trying to get Gore off the hook

Ijivitari MP, David Arore, has come out publicly in defense of Community Development Minister, Delilah Gore, saying Gore was not involved in the purported vote of no confidence motion again Oro’s legitimate governor, Gary Juffa. Speaking to the Post Courier, Arore described the take over as “straight Oro politics.”

This is however contrary to glaring evidence in the form of payment records of K17,000 to the Grand Papua Hotel  in Port Moresby where seven local level government presidents were accommodated.

Delilah Gore

Gore has yet to come clean about misusing Department funds

Despite efforts to distance Gore from the unrecognized vote in Popondetta, the  Gore has continued to prove that she cannot be trusted. In a news conference last week, the Minister lied about the K17,000 payment saying she had no knowledge of the payment despite the evidence at hand.

Gore also paid, using ministerial funds, for the Southern Region police taskforce to be present in Popondetta during the  protest  that saw the usurping of  the governor’s post.

It is now understood the Chief Secretary, Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc, has summoned the Community Development Secretary, Anna Solomon, to explain why she assisted the Minister in lying during a public news conference last week.

Rimbunan Hijau must come clean on their role in Oro politics

November 4, 2014 Leave a comment

By The Critic 

Rimbunan Hijau puppets cartoon, 2003Loggers operating in the Oro province, in particular, Victor Yu’s Unrise and Viva Success must come clean on their role on the vote of no confidence motion against Oro Gary Juffa.

Political insiders point to the fact that logging money was used to fund the recent protest in Oro province  that saw the  purported vote of no confidence motion against Juffa.

Apart from Minister Delilah Gore, who else paid for the vehicles and allowances of the protesters and supporters?  Who paid for the trips to Port Moresby and the accommodation of the seven local level government presidents?

It appears the Malaysian logger, Rimbunan Hijau, known for logging abuses in PNG and identified in the Commission of Inquiry as the primary beneficiary of the SABL land grab, is responsible for the funding through its log munching minions, Viva Success and Unirise – companies that are now operating in Collingwood Bay and Musa-Pongani.

The PNG government and Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill must seriously consider the future of companies that become involved in PNG politics as they have no place here if they are to continue exerting their influence in political decisions.

RH boycott sticker, 2003

Fraud attempt by foolish Tufi LLG President, Jaff Taua, exposed

November 4, 2014 Leave a comment

Leaked documents [see below] reveal how the Tufi Local Level Government President, Jaff Taua, tried to steal more than K15,000 by attempting to have a company pay a ‘refund’ into his brother’s bank account. Initially, the cheque for K15,730 was paid by the Ijiviatiri District Treasury office to Nawae Construction for the building of a slipway for the controversial MV Ijivitari – the ship bought by former Ijivitai MP, Cecil King Doruba

The LLG President then wrote to the manager of Nawae Construction to have the money refunded “to meet other urgent needs of the vessel while awaiting the release of funds for the vessel” from the district administration before December. It is not certain if the reason for the claim was legitimate but instead of asking for the refund to be paid back into the district treasury account, Jeff Taua requested for the money to be paid into his brother’s bank account!

The letter, received on 3rd September 2014, reads: “The payment of the refund is to be made to the project coordinator, Mr. Felix Taua, BSP account number 1010373502 to enable him to manage the project”

Adding to the financial process irregularities, the LLG president goes on to apologize to Nawae Construction for the inconvenience and promises to repay the money when funds became available. “I want to assure you that once funds are released, I will make payments into the account without delay and send the vessel to slipway.”

This revelation comes the day after a text message promising a K20,000 bribe to the Tufi LLG president was revealed.



Have the police sided with David Arore and Delilah Gore?

November 4, 2014 1 comment

By The Critic PNG

It has been several days since David Arore, Deliah Gore and a gang of council presidents broke into the Haus of assembly in an act of desecration again the very people they represent.

The Arore gang, funded by Delilah Gore’s Community Development Ministry funds and logging money pissed on the constitution and the legal system and mocked the people of Oro province knowing they are too timid  to do anything against them.

So far only five people have been arrested. They include former convict premier of the Oro province, Sylvanias Siembo, (who spent  several years in jail) and former administrator, Owen Awaita.

The question that hangs over, what has now become a saga, is:

“Have  the police sided with  the Ijiviari MP, David Arore and Community Development Minister, Delilah Gore?”

Why has the Oro Province Provincial Police Commander not acted to arrest David Arore who led the mob? Have they been bought off?

The people of Oro must know that Arore and Gore have a known history of paying off police.

Gore paid for the Southern Region task force to be present when the mob broke into the assembly building. They, through their inaction, supported Arore and Gore.

Arore also has a cozy, “beer money” relationship with corrupt police from different units. Has the PPC been paid off by Arore?

These are questions everyone needs to ask.

Susuve Laumaea: PM had no involvment in ‘Oro stupidity’

November 2, 2014 3 comments

Susuve Laumaea

The Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and the People’s National Congress Party had nothing whatsoever to do do with the stupidity that happened in Popondetta. As a Papua Region Marshall myself for PNC we respect all our people-elected governors… We have no time for opportunists like Arore. 

Main thing is: You misinformed Oros please do not spin that bullshit about PM and PNC orchestrating the move to overthrow Gary Juffa. That is a deliberate lie. PM and PNC have the greatest respect for Honourable Governor Juffa.

Please Oro people:.. do not listen to stupid FB activists and bullshit artists and political conmen and conwomen. PM and PNC will be making a public media statement to dissassociate the PM and PNC from the stupidity that Arore spearheaded against Juffa.

Stay out of Papua New Guinea, KL Kepong told

November 2, 2014 Leave a comment

FMT Reporters

SAM and FOTO organise a protest on behalf of Collingwood Bay folk who do not want their customary land developed for oil palm.

SAM and FOTO organise a protest on behalf of Collingwood Bay folk who do not want their customary land taken for oil palm

Sahabat Alam Malaysia and Friends of the Orangutans held a protest outside the Kuala Lumpur Kepong head office in Ipoh demanding that KLK withdraw from Lot 5 in Collingwood Bay, Papua New Guinea and cease all its oil palm activities there.

The protest was made on behalf of the people of Collingwood Bay who claim that despite a court order cancelling the leases of KLK, the company continued to operate in the area with the intention to develop Lot 5.

Despite KLK claiming that Lot 5 was state land, landowner Lester Seri totally disagreed saying, “Lot 5 is within Maisin customary lands and holds primary forest and small patches of ‘kunai grass’ that the communities annually use for game hunting.”

Seri also said 80% of Lot 5 was primary forest and High Carbon Stock (HCS) forest.

Saying that communities in Collingwood Bay depended on the land as a source of income, Seri added, “there is no change, the Collingwood communities do not want oil palm and KLK in Collingwood Bay.”

KLK Bhd is among the largest plantation companies in Malaysia with approximately 250,000 ha of land bank in Malaysia and Indonesia.

In December 2012, the company along with Batu Kawan Bhd collectively acquired 69% of shares in Collingwood Plantation Pte in Singapore from a Malaysian national living in Papua New Guinea.

However on May 20, 2014, a High Court there declared two large land development leases (Lots 113C and 143C) totalling 38,350 ha belonging to KLK Bhd as null and void.

The court also ordered the state to cancel the Special Agriculture and Business Leases owned by KLK after a civil lawsuit was brought against the company by customary landowners who objected to their land being developed into oil palm plantations.

However despite the court-ordered cancellation, KLK has refused to cease its activities.

Arore text message shows attempt to bribe Tufi LLG President

November 2, 2014 2 comments

The political tussle in Oro province has taken a new turn with revelations of a text message that shows how one member of Parliament in the center of the vote of no confidence motion plotted  the removal of Oro Governor, Gary Juffa.

arore textThe text message has been confirmed by Oro’s political insiders to be from Ijivitari MP, David Arore to Tufi Local Level Government President, Jeff Taua. The text message read:

“Bro no money today. M a bit sick today n m sorry but pls r u on my boat?”

The message goes on to promise a bribe of K20,000 as well as an additional K200,000 if the Tufi LLG president, Jeff Taua, sided with him to form the illegal provincial cabinet.

“K10,000 before and K10,000 after. You keep your portfolio n K200,000 to bail ur debts in the LLG out after formation.”

The text message is understood to have been sent in the days leading to a meeting in Port Moresby’s Grand Papua Hotel; a meeting paid for by Community Development Minister, Delilah Gore using her departments funds.

The text message gives hints of a meeting and urges the LLG president to respond so that tickets can be organized.

“Pls respond  so I’ll organize tickets n pls keep this confidential, Your Ambo.”

The text message has since been included as evidence which will be referred to the Ombudsman Commission.