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Chinese cry foul over Duran Farm housing project

April 25, 2018 Leave a comment

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Source: The National

NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop is concerned about the poor management of the joint Chinese-PNG government public housing project.

Parkop was told by a Chinese investor during a visit to China that he had being “misled” by the National Housing Corporation over the development of the multimillion kina housing project at Duran farm in Port Moresby .

Parkop said the Shenzhen-based Yinjiang industry expressed the concern during a visit to China by Parkop, Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko, city manager Bernard Kipit, city engineer Frank Ravu and financial adviser Augustine Ravi.

They went to Shenzhen city in China for a meeting on a sister city arrangement.

Parkop said the Yinjiang industry officials told the delegation in front of Shenzhen city deputy mayor Ai Xuefeng that they had invested K30 million in the housing project at Duran farm.

Parkop said they felt like they had been “taken for a ride”.

“It is a bit embarrassment for us to meet this type of problem when we are promoting investor confidence for more Chinese investment in PNG,” he said.

Parkop said the Yinjiang industry had already built 100 homes.

He said the NHC should have provided line services such as roads, sewerage, electricity and water to the project site.

“They have spent K30 million already and are getting nothing in return. So it doesn’t represent a good image of PNG,” he said.

He said they would raise the concern with Housing Minister John Kaupa. “I hope we can solve this problem so they can partner with us (NCDC) in the long run,” Parkop said.

Parkop said the National Capital District Commission’s housing project hoped to develop settlements into suburbs.

Kaupa had recently expressed his concern over how the housing project at Duran farm had been managed.

Australia-PNG commercial alliance brutalises community defending National Laws

November 5, 2014 Leave a comment

On 1 July 2014, the Supreme Court overturned a decision by the National Court that granted permission to the Paga Hill Development Company (PHDC) to evict residents of the historic Paga Hill community. The Supreme Court decided that the residents lived on reclaimed land outside PHDC’s lease, and were therefore exempt from the National Court’s eviction order.

While the case was before the courts, the reclaimed land at the centre of this proceeding, was registered and leased by the government to Audayap No.5 Limited, a subsidiary of PHDC. The use of a subsidiary concealed the real owner in the gazettal notices, which would have tipped off Paga Hill’s lawyers.

Then on the 22nd of July, without court sanction, the NCD and the RPNGC, demolished homes on the reclaimed land, only weeks after the residents won their Supreme Court battle.

With help from the late Rtd Judge Mark Sevua, the community launched contempt proceeds on the 6th of October against the Australian CEO of PHDC, Gudmundur Fridrksson (PHDC), and the Australian run contractor Curtain Bros Ltd. Also cited in the contempt proceedings is Governor Powes Parkop, and NCD Beat Unit Senior Constable, Gene Punai, who has been overseeing the harassment of community leaders.

Paga Hill Contempt of Court

Just over a week after the contempt proceedings were launched, the RPNGC goon squad arrived at Paga Hill. They demolished the remaining homes, destroyed the historic church, and burnt the pre-school to the ground. The people have nothing now, no shelter, no place for their children to learn, no place to workship.

10 October Demolition 2014 2

This is raw power at work – its an Australian led commercial alliance, whose interests are being protected by police and the NCDC. And at the head of this Alliance is Gudmundur Fridriksson who has been slammed in 4 x Public Account Committee reports, 2 x Auditor General reports, and 1 x Commission of Inquiry.

Enjoying the fruits of their ‘labour’, NCD-Central Police Commander, Assistant Commissioner Jerry Frank (far left) and PHDC CEO Gummi Fridriksson (far right)

Enjoying the fruits of their ‘labour’, NCD-Central Police Commander, Assistant Commissioner Jerry Frank (far left) and PHDC CEO Gummi Fridriksson (far right)

Save Paga Hill, prosecute the guilty!

Statement of the Charges

Statement of the Charges 2

Fridrikkson and Liria cited for Supreme Court contempt over Paga Hill

August 5, 2014 Leave a comment

Rtd Judge Mark Sevua has requested the Registrar of the Supreme Court to cite Paga Hill Development Company principal, Gummi Fridrikkson and Liria for contempt, together with Land Board Chairman and Lands Dept Secretary. This is for their part in dealing with the Reclaimed Land at Paga Hill while a Supreme Court case was still before the Court.

The name parties are alleged to have all colluded and awarded the Reclaimed Land to ANDAYAP NO 5 LTD, a company owned by PHDC with Liria as Director and Fridikkson as Secretary.

No advertisement of the land was done in contravention of Section 69 Land Act which mandatorily requires all state lease to be advertised and therefore the process was illegal.

The Reclaimed Land is now part of a new Portion 3149 granted to Andayap No 5 Ltd on 4 June 2014 – about 3 weeks before the Supreme Court gave its judgment on SCA 18 on 1 July 2014.

The former Judge says It is obvious that PHDC failed to disclose its dealings of the Reclaimed Land to the Supreme Court:


Is this country being sold by its own people???

Why are the authorities allowing these dishonest and corrupt people to destroy the lives of our ordinary citizens like the residents of the Reclaimed Land at Paga Point with impunity?????”

Paga Hill demolition in blatant violation of Constitution says retired judge

August 4, 2014 2 comments


Judge Mark SevuaOn Tuesday morning, 22 July 2014; NCDC Officials with the assistance of armed Police, Paga Hill Development Company and Curtain Bros demolished the SDA Church located at Paga Point together with the shelters of the Settlers on the Reclaimed Land below Paga Hill at Paga Point. The demolition and destruction of the Church and the Settlers’ shelters were carried out without any consideration of human dignity and the interest and welfare of the affected citizens. This is a blatant violation of the Constitution!! !!!!

It is quite amazing that a person of the calibre of Powes Parkop, the NCD Governor, who used to be describe himself as a champion of “Human Rights” could authorise his employees and henchmen to destroy the Church and the Settlers’ life with the use of armed police, without any human consideration at all. I only wish that the three World War 2 bombs had exploded that day and destroy all those involved in the destruction of this area!!!!!!!!!!!

Where was NCDC when this area was filled by extracted rocks and soil from the Burns Peak Poreporena Freeway construction in the late 70s????? When did NCDC declare the Reclaimed Land at Paga Point to be “Part Commercial, Part Public Utilities and Part Open Space” ????? If NCDC claims title to the Reclaimed Land, why did it not prevent the Settlers from moving onto the Reclaimed Land from the start, when the area was filled????????

These citizens have been residing on this Reclaimed Land for many years without interference by any authority. The eviction exercise initiated by Paga Hill Development Company was wrong in the first place. Even the National Court Order to give vacant possession of Portion 1597 including the Reclaimed Land was also wrong. As determined by the Supreme Court on 1 July 2014, such order given by the National Court on 29th January 2014 excludes the area known as the Reclaimed Land. The reason is simple- Portion 1597 did not, does not, and never include the Reclaimed Land. Up to today, some Settlers are still residing on the Reclaimed Land under sun, wind and cold because they have nowhere to go. The destruction of their homes was done in haste and without affording them ample opportunity to relocate. NCDC headed by the so called “Human Rights” lawyer and Governor Powes Parkop must be held accountable for their employees’.actions, especially when there is a Supreme Court Order in place. I therefore call on the Governor of NCO, Curtain Bros, Paga Hill Development Company and the Police to compensate these Settlers who have fallen victims of the unconstitutional breaches by all those concerned. These Settlers are simple people, some unemployed, but they are nevertheless human beings and they deserved to be treated with human dignity.

It is ironic and quite sarcastic and stupid for Gudumundur Fridriksson to deny his company’s involvement when the Settlers have seen and identified Stanley Liria in company with NCDC and Curtain Bros employees in the area since the Supreme Court decision. The Settlers may be just ordinary people, but they are not stupid, and they know who Stanley Liria is.

I would suggest that the Settlers’ Lawyer should file contempt of court proceedings against Stanley Liria and his company and the others who have been involved in this destruction. Contempt of the Supreme Court Order is a very serious matter and hopefully the Supreme Court will deal with those who think they are smarter than the Supreme Court.

I condemn in the strongest terms possible the inhuman and unconstitutional treatment these ordinary Papua New Guineans have suffered at the hands of NCDC, Police, Curtain Bros and Paga Hill Development Company. I also condemn the unlawful use of threats and violence by armed policemen who behave as if they are above the law. They behave like armed criminals and

I call on Geoffrey Vaki and Jim Andrews to stop their armed thugs policemen from getting onto the sides of private companies and NCDC and to stop harassing unarmed civilians. Finally, I call of NCO Governor, Powes Parkop to apologise to the Settlers and compensate them for the damages inflicted on them through his employees. As a champion of human rights cause, he should be accountable for the abuse and breaches of human rights his employees had rendered to these simple innocent Papua New Guineans and o the right thing by these people who continue to suffer from the unconstitutional violations.

The Paga Hill demolition: Serious questions remain unanswered

July 31, 2014 2 comments

International State Crime Initiative

SCIA British based human rights research centre, the International State Crime Initiative, has raised concerns over the contradictory state-corporate response to the recent demolition exercise at Paga Hill.

The exercise left hundreds homeless, in addition to destroying WWII relics and a Seven-day Adventist Church.

It took place amidst multiple disputes over land at Paga Hill, an area which is currently earmarked for a ring road, in addition to a luxury real-estate project spearheaded by the Paga Hill Development Company.

ISCI researcher, Dr Kristian Lasslett, notes ‘this egregious demolition exercise appears to be something of an orphan. Governor Parkop has eschewed responsibility for the destruction, while the Paga Hill ring road contractor, Curtain Brothers, also denies involvement. So who then is responsible for vandalising priceless historical artefacts and destroying family homes?’

22 July Eviction

ISCI notes matters get even more confusing when attention is drawn to the legal status of the land on which the demolition took place.

‘For years the community at Paga Hill has contested an eviction order obtained by the Paga Hill Development Company. Those families living in lower Paga argue that their homes lie on reclaimed land outside the developer’s state lease. On the first of July this year, the Supreme Court made an order supporting the community’s argument’.

However, according to Dr Lasslett, ‘back in 2013 it appears that this reclaimed land was somehow surveyed and registered as Portion 3149 in Survey Plan Cat No.49/3107. Then in January this year the Land Board recommended that a Special Purpose Lease over the disputed land be awarded to Andayap No.5 Limited, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Paga Hill Development Company. This arrangement was formalised in a gazettal notice dated the 4th of June 2014’.

ISCI questions why the Supreme Court was not alerted to this arrangement given its direct relevance to the community’s appeal.

‘Even when responding to the 1st of July Supreme Court decision, PHDC failed to mention that it had acquired title over the reclaimed land’, Dr Lasslett observes.

‘Instead, we were lead to believe that only the NCDC and Curtain Brothers had a tangible interest. The community at Paga Hill are devastated. They can’t understand how land the subject of a Supreme Court hearing, could be leased out by the government to the respondent in the case, without the appellant being alerted’.

Dr Lasslett adds, ‘we note that the Paga Hill Development Company has condemned both the NCDC and Curtain Brothers for organising the demolition exercise. Yet the company has not explained how this demolition could occur on land it owns, without PHDC’s knowledge, nor have they denied organising an identical style demolition on the exact same portion of land – which at that stage they did not own – in May 2012. Their chutzpah is extraordinary’.

According to the NCDC some of those left homeless by the most recent exercise have been relocated to a small plot of state land at Gerehu Stage 6. One relocated resident informed ISCI, ‘its not OK, no toilets, no power, no water, no houses and it’s not safe’.

Dr Lasslett notes, ‘some families have been abruptly shunted off to land at 6-Mile and Gerehu by PHDC and the NCDC respectively, with promises of security. Yet it appears they have no enforceable tenure rights to either plot of land, and now live in a terminal state of uncertainty, without anything resembling adequate housing’.

Appendices – Documents Relating to Supreme Court action and land Portion 3149

1 Supreme Court Order 1 July 20141 pg1

2 Supreme Court Order 1 July 2014 pg2

3 Survey Plan Portion 3149

4 Gazettal_Notice_Portion_31491

5 Gazettal_Notice_Portion_31492

6 Gazettal_Notice_Portion_31493

7 Gazettal_Notice_Portion_31494

8 Entity_Extract-ANDAYAP_NO._5_LTD-1-885961

9 Entity_Extract-ANDAYAP_NO._5_LTD-1-885962

UK Human Rights body condemns further demolition at Paga Hill

July 25, 2014 7 comments

International State Crime Initiative

22 July 2014 following Demolition

Residents standing among their scattered possessions and destroyed homes

British human rights research centre, the International State Crime Initiative, has condemned the demolition exercise at Paga Hill on Tuesday.

According to local residents over twenty homes were destroyed, leaving hundreds homeless, in a demolition exercise that was organised by the National Capital Distinct Commission (NCDC), with the aid of heavily armed police officers.

Also demolished during the exercise was a Seven Day Adventist Church, and historic WWII relics.

‘It is extraordinary, these people have endured so much, they have been bashed, terrorised, and intimidated by police, over a period of two years, now this’, ISCI’s Dr Kristian Lasslett observes.

‘This demolition is in clear violation of the UN guidance on development induced evictions and deserves to be condemned as such’.

Dr Lasslett also notes:

‘on the 2nd of July Paga Hill residents won their appeal in the Supreme Court, declaring they were exempt from an eviction order obtained by the Paga Hill Development Company. At the moment it is entirely unclear what legal authority the NCDC were acting under and whether it is in contravention of the Supreme Court order – but what we do know is that residents took every step to alert the NCDC and police to the Supreme Court order’.

Dr Lasslett continues:

‘at the very minimum the community would require 45 days notice, and a relocation strategy that clearly meets a number of basic human rights standards. And, of course, then there is the issue of the sacred cultural site and historical artefacts, which were destroyed during Tuesday’s demolition exercise’.

Dr Lasslett adds:

‘it shouldn’t be forgotten that the NCDC has conducted this demolition only after the community’s leader, Joe Moses, was forced into hiding when NCD police launched a man hunt against him, under what appears to be spurious charges’.

In response to the demolition, the International State Crime Initiative has produced an open letter signed by leading global human rights scholars, and PNG NGOs, calling on the national government to launch an independent inquiry into the Paga Hill episode.

The letter also raises questions over the current luxury real estate project being developed by the Paga Hill Development Company (PHDC). It notes:

‘PHDC’s CEO, Gudmundur Fridriksson, has run companies censured in four major government investigations in Papua New Guinea, which are catalogued in two Auditor General’s Office reports and four Public Accounts Committee reports. Allegations include obtaining illegal consultancy contracts, corruption, the wrongful certifying of government payments, unaccounted funds, and excessive fees, which have evidently netted the companies concerned many millions of Kina’.

According to Dr Lasslett, ‘the case of Paga Hill is emblematic of a broader trend, where local communities are facing forced evictions, implemented through violence, by actors whom have often obtained the land through land transactions with a question mark over them’.

Parkop Hands Over K300m to Chinese Multinational Slammed by World Bank for “Fraudulent Practices”

June 17, 2013 8 comments

Last Friday EMTV beamed images of NCD Governor signing a K318 contract with China Harbour Engineering Company to upgrade roads in the nation’s capital.*

What they failed to report is that China Harbour Engineering has been blacklisted by the World Bank!

PNG Exposed reported this in April – no one in the hopelessly muzzled news media bothered to follow up on our lead.

But just in case people need reminding, here is a ‘greatest hits’ list that highlights the company’s disconcerting past:

  • China Harbour Engineering Company’s parent company, and all its subsidiaries (including its PNG subsidiaries), have been blacklisted until 12/1/2017 by the World Bank for all contracts related to roads and bridges, owing to “fraudulent practices” (Source: World Bank 2011).
  • The courts in Bangladesh found that China Harbour Engineering Company paid bribes to the son of the Bangladeshi Prime Minister, who was then sentenced to six years in prison. (Source: The Hindu 2011)
  • In 2012 an Audit was conducted by the Jamaican government into two major infrastructure projects, one of which was awarded to China Harbour Engineering Company. The Minister for Transport, Works and Housing claimed,

“The report from the forensic auditor has unearthed wanton disregard for the conventions and procedures established by the Government of Jamaica for project implementation, administration and management. These breaches of existing procurement guidelines have drained precious budgetary resources and undermined the very foundation of public institutional integrity” (Source: Caribbean Analysis 2012).

  • China Habour Engineering Company negotiated with the Cayman Islands Premier to build and run a major port facility. This deal was stopped, when the UK government blew the whistle over the procurement arrangements. Later it was revealed the process had been fast tracked by the Premier, in violation of legal process (Source: CayCompass 2013).

So it would appear when international firms are exposed by the World Bank and authorities in a diverse range of countries, ranging from Bangladesh through to Britain, they can still earn a fortune in PNG.

Thanks Mr Parkop another job well done.

* See

Tkatchenko denials full of admissions

September 2, 2011 2 comments

In another piece of tortured reporting, The National has presented Justin Tkatchenko’s defence of allegations about his relationship with NCDC governor Powes Parkop.

“Tkatchenko denies receiving funds from NCDC” was the headline in The National but in the report that follows (see below) Tkatchenko clearly admits he has received millions of kina through his companies from the NCDC.

Despite a day-long media conference attended by both Parkop and Tkatchenko, its seems no one from The National asked the two men about their political relationship and Tkatchenko’s role as fundraiser for Parkop’s political party.

The National also failed to ask whether any of the works completed by Tkatchenko companies for the NCDC were publicly tendered or even quoted for in advance to ensure value for money.

These are the issues at the heart of the questions about the relationship between the two men but it seems they, and the mainstream media, are ignoring them.

Tkatchecko denies receiving funds from NCDC
PNG Gardener Justin Tkatchenko has denied allegations that he has received millions of kina from the National Capital District Commission through his association with NCD Governor Powes Parkop, The National reports.
The alleged financial benefits were contained in a purported internal audit report circulated on the internet via the blog.
Tkatchenko told a day-long media conference, organised by NCDC at the Bluff Inn Hotel outside Port Moresby on Wednesday, that the K3 million he was paid last year were “for projects that were carried out through cooperation between the public and private sectors”.
“The projects were not to create revenue but a service to the people,” Tkatchenko said in the presence of Parkop and other senior City Hall officials.
He also gave a power-point presentation on the NCDC mini parks and courts, water fountain, water slide and zoo and animal farm projects that the internet report had cited in its alleged audit report.
According to the internet audit report, no quotation was provided for any of the projects and there was no tender advertised or accepted.
It claimed all the payments were made out to Kitoro No.33 Ltd and PNG Gardener.
A company search listed the directors of Kitoro No.33 as Justin Wayne Tkatchenko and Catherine Jane Tkatchenko.
Its sole shareholder was Catherine Jane Tkatchenko, who was also listed as the secretary.
Both companies share the same office space on the fifth floor of Defens Haus in downtown Port Moresby.
However, Tkatchenko denied receiving the K3 million as claimed.
Parkop, on the other hand, said he had no common interest with Tkatchenko and his companies.
He said he only knew the PNG Gardener when Tkatchenko won the parks and garden outsourcing contract.
“Neither of my immediate family is interested in Tkatchenko’s family and his businesses.”

Parkop: The questions remain

September 1, 2011 5 comments

NCDC Governor, Powes Parkop, has been defending himself against allegations of financial misdealings in his relationship with PNG Gardiner, Justin Tkatchenko. But for all the fine words from the governor about his humble lifestyle and the conspiracies of his political rivals, the questions remain about the NCDC’s dealings with Tkatchencko.

  • Is Tkatchencko a fundraiser for Parkop’s Peoples Social Democratic Front party?
  • Were Tkatchencko companies paid over K3 million in 2010 by the NCDC?
  • Has Parkop openly declared any conflict of interest in any financial dealings between the NCDC and Tkatchencko’s companies?
  • Has Parkop ensured he remains at arms length from those financial dealings?
  • Were the works done by Tkatchencko’s companies publicly tendered?
  • Did Tkatchencko even provide written quotations for the works?
  • How has the NCDC Audit Committee ensured the people of Port Moresby have paid a competitive price for the works done by Tkatchencko?
When we have the facts in response to these questions then we will be closer to knowing whether Parkop is indeed the victim of a political conspiracy as he claims.

Parkop responds to the allegations against him

September 1, 2011 5 comments

Powes Parkop, NCDC Governor

The so called Audit Report that was circulated by people with vested political interest, especially known agents of intending candidates for NCD Regional is a fake report. What they did was use the front cover of the Audit Committee Report and put it against selective documents they stole or manage to bribe staff of the Commission to release so as to create an impression that it was an authentic audit report. The NCDC Audit Committee is an Independent Committee. It regularly audits NCDC Accounts and expenses and its finding is presented to the management of NCDC before it is submitted to the Auditor General in accordance with the Public Finance Management Act and the Auditor Generals Act. Neither I nor NCDC Management have anything to hide. We run a transparent regime and we try as much as possible to follow the law and procedures. As far as I am concern, all expenditure expedited under my Chairmanship be it to PNG Gardner or who ever are all in accordance with the law and procedure and the records are available to the Independent Audit Committee , our own Internal Auditors and the Office of the Auditor General.

Those who are genuine and have no ulterior motive, especially with a political agenda like Jonathan Oata should go and get a copy of the periodic report from the Independent Audit Committee Chaired by Mr. David Conn of the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

With the forthcoming national election looming, candidate of whatever stripes of form are coming out of the woodwork to justify their candidacy. Those of you who read and contribute to blogs, websites or whatever should be fully aware of such intention and not allowed yourself to be gullible and swallow rubbish and nonsense calculated to score political points. Grooming and maintaining good political leadership is not an easy task. My record speaks for itself. I have expedited public money all for public purpose and good and the result are all out there to see. Even any money expedited through PNG Gardner through his Company Kitoro No. 33 Ltd has been used for the intended purpose and all the result are out there for all to see. Money is paid to Kitoro No. 33 Ltd because PNG Gardner is only a trading name.

The Water Slide is at 14 mile and the public uses it every weekend. One will be erected at Ela Beach and I hope the public cares for it and ensure it lasts. The money for the Sports Parks are all out there being enjoyed by the communities. You only have to see the one at 9 mile near the Cemetery to appreciate its impact. We have to date build over 18 and by the end of the year we would have build 23 and they are all over the communities including Gerehu, Vabukori Village, 9 mile, 8 mile, Taikone village, Kirakira village, Tatana Island, Hunabada (6 courts), Taurama Barracks, Korobosea Village, and so on. Most courts costed less than K80,000 so there was no need for tender.

PNG Gardner did not do the water fountain. That was constructed by another company and the records are there for all to see if one is truly interested in accountability.

I have been accused of having overseas accounts and I am deeply insulted by this allegation. I have so much loans and debts to meet my personal needs and demands by the community, my salary is only K500 per fortnight as I have received many of my allowance in advances. My accounts details are all provided to the Ombudsman and it is there for public scrutiny. Thos who make such allegation should give their real names so this allegation can be tested in a Court of law because its most insulting allegation I have had to had. Jonathan Oata will see his day in Court as I have already instructed Lawyers to commence defamation action against him.

I accept public scrutiny but it should be honest and objective. Those who have a political intention should explain to the people how they intend to manage affairs and funds of the public better and deliver better instead of resorting to out right lies and falsehood to justify why they are trying to contest the election.

Jonathan Oata by the way has no record of good management of public or other accounts and has absolutely no record of serving the public or doing any community service so he should not challenge my record or pretend to be an advocate for public good.

Thank You,

Governor Parkop