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Malum Nalu: Doing the devil’s work

June 22, 2014 3 comments

RH boycott sticker, 2003

Malum Nalu is back on his blog where he loves to entertain us with stories about how bad things are in PNG – and how we alone are to blame. According to Malum our streets are dirty, the rubbish is not collected, our buses are a disgrace, our markets pigsties, our roads a joke and we live like animals among the filth – and it is ALL just our fault. Malum laments how the whole country has gone backwards since independence in 1975 because we won’t take ownership of anything.

But nowhere does Malum ever mention the role of his paymaster, the Malaysian logging giant, Rimbunan Hijau in the destruction of our environment, the destruction of our culture, the stealing of our lands and forests and most of all its role in breeding the cancer of corruption in PNG.

Rimbunan Hijau puppets cartoon, 2003Numerous independent reports by researchers and academics from all four corners of the globe have pointed out the role of Rimbunan Hijau in illegal logging, human rights abuses and land grabbing.

This is what the latest SABL Commission of Inquiry had to say about Malum Nalu’s bosses:

With corrupt government officials from implementing agencies riding shotgun for them, opportunistic loggers masquerading as agro-forestry developers are prowling our countryside, scoping opportunities to take advantage of gullible landowners and desperate for cash clan leaders’

A preponderance of the evidence before us indicate that logging companies are the biggest beneficiaries of the SABL schemeOur investigations reveal that over 50% of the so-called developers’ currently holding subleases on SABLs are connected in one way or another to Rimbunan Hijau (RH) Limited, which by far is the biggest logging operator in PNG.

Yet none of this ever appears in Malum’s posts on his blog, it is carefully hidden away as if it does not exist while Malum lecturers us on our terrible laziness.

But of course Malum has a long history of hiding his associations with Rimbuan Hijau  and of writing propaganda exonerating them for their crimes

Come on Malum, do the right thing and point your figure at the real evil guys here. The ones responsible for breeding corruption, stealing our land and raping our forests – your paymaster, the devil himself, RIMBUNAN HIJAU!


A Tale of Two Fly Rivers – A Tale of Two Journalists

January 4, 2013 3 comments

By Sharon Isafe

In a recent article published in the Global Mail, freelance journalist Jo Chandler discovers the secret behind a spate of deaths along the Fly River. Its no mystery she writes, sadly the disturbing mortality rate is a product of an absence in basic health services, combined with severe social dislocation caused by the Ok Tedi mine.

Citing evidence from a World Health Organisation briefing Chandler writes:

Their examinations identify sickness and disease emerging from years of accumulated neglect, compounded by dirty water, poor nutrition, crowded living conditions, too many babies, lack of roads and power, decaying or abandoned health facilities and hardscrabble lives made harder by shifting tides and islands of sediment, soil erosion and vegetation dieback, and the loss of fish catches and crops.

She continues several paragraphs later:

Ok Tedi’s operations over a generation have provided critical infrastructure, opportunity and services to some of the world’s most isolated and challenged communities, plus 2,000 direct jobs (95 per cent of them going to local people) and as many again spun off through local businesses and subcontractors. But in the South Fly villages I visit the only evidence of substantial trickle down from its USD1.45 billion annual revenue is the sediment. It raises the riverbed and spills water onto the land, wiping out food gardens and spoiling drinking water, even exposing old graves. Such issues are serious enough to prompt the mining company to consider relocating severely impacted communities.

One senses something calamitous when one of the most profitable mines in the world is surrounded by some of the worst displays of ‘development’-based rural impoverishment.

Yet not all journalists see things this way. With their friends smarting inside the Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF)  – the ones charged with maladministering community compensation payments from Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) –  some in the media fraternity have taken it upon themselves to find some good news stories, its Christmas after all. Cue Malum Nalu.

On his celebrated blog, The National’s business Editor trumpets the arrival of a Twin Otter aircraft, purchased by the OTDF. We are told “the aircraft was bought at a total cost of US$7.4 million with the funding for purchasing the aircraft coming from the CMCA Trust Investment Funds.”

Given that women along the south Fly die needlessly from cervical cancer, one would imagine that investment in rural health services may be more defensible.

Not so argues Western Province Governor, Ati Wobiro. He is quoted by Nalu as saying, “our people in Western province are very fortunate that we have money from Ok Tedi and we have very good managers like Mr Middleton and his OTDF team who can turn this money into something tangible”.

Tangible? Western Province may have an aeroplane, but some children would prefer tangible mothers.

Nevertheless, Malum Nalu reports:

“Middleton said this new aircraft including the first one which arrived in October this year, would be leased to OTML for 15 years”. OTDF’s Middleton explains, “on behalf of the CMCA communities OTDF has secured a 15-year master lease agreement with OTML with a guaranteed 8% return per annum for the aircraft with the Ok Tedi mine life extended”.

But, can this 8% return replace the lost productivity produced by the Fly River’s desecration? Nalu never asks. And what about investing in rural health services, what sort of return might this yield? Another question that is left off the agenda.

Instead, Nalu insists on reporting verbatim the carefully choreographed remarks of the mine’s corporate and political patrons, without a modicum of critical scrutiny.

It would appear Nalu reserves his criticisms for PNG’s civil society organisations.

Malum Nalu 1


If only he approached his journalism with the same enthusiasm for critique. But then he would not be the recipient of corporate largesse, would he.


Sadly, the people along the Fly River now return to dying in silence, until another journalist, with the tenacity to ask hard questions find their way to this neglected region. In the mean time, expect more corporate spin in PNG’s dailies.

We are all impoverished as a result.

Award winning journalist exposed as corporate stooge – again!

March 2, 2012 4 comments

Not content with filing propaganda for Rimbunan Hijau and pretending it is news – Journalist embroiled in loggers shit – Malum Nalu has been caught doing the same for Exxon-Mobil….

From LNG Watch

Over the past month LNG Watch has witnessed first hand the power ExxonMobil wields in the national and international media. Reporting on one of the worst disasters (Tumbi landslide) in PNG’s history has been minimal and desperately lacking in critical edge, with a number of honourable exceptions. Indeed, how many stories have we seen from ground zero, relating victim’s stories or the humanitarian situation? A part of the problem is ExxonMobil enjoys close and collegial relationships with major media outlets, so close in fact that newspapers such as The National and The Post-Courier publish ExxonMobil’s press releases as news.Sadly, it now appears one of PNG’s most prolific bloggers, Malum Nalu – the winner of the 2011 UNESCO/Divine World University Award for Communication and Development – is replicating the mass-media’s bad practice by posting press releases from ExxonMobil on his popular blog, without any clear indication of its origins*. As a result, readers could at best believe this is an independently written news story, or at worst a personal endorsement from Malum Nalu himself. Of course, we wait with bated breath to see how long it takes for this same press release to be published in The National and/or The Post-Courier, without acknowledgement that it is an ExxonMobil press release.

* The Exxon statement was posted by Malum Nalu within 24 hours of its release – we wonder was a friendly phone call made or email sent by Rebecca Arnold, ExxonMobil’s Media and Communications adviser?

Cross-examining Nalu and The Daily Log

December 13, 2011 Leave a comment

By a lowly coconut crab west of Milchen Aben – The Edebamona blog

Malum Nalu reporter for the RH owned Daily Log newspaper, who just last month came under attack for obeying his RH masters and going to Pomio to try to spin the story in RH’s favor (he failed) and then came under instense attack on blog sites and FB today showed that he has bought in hook, line and sinker RH.

Look what he put on his FB page – we are not making this up and we did not edit – have a look:

“The National has grown strongly over the years and are now selling a whole lot more than the Post Courier. It should not surprise any of us that Post-Courier, dried up of ideas, has been trying to discredit us. Let them blow their trumpets about “scoops”, so-called “journalist of the year” and etc. The PNG Media Awards no longer hold any credibility except for those who have their own agenda. The Media Council has also lost sight of its objectives and is more preoccupied with “bonding nights”.

And as you see he then goes after the PNG Media Council because they have the audacity to slight the Daily Log on their awards. Poor ole Malum, Ya got to love this line “The PNG Media Awards no longer hold any credibility except for those who have their own agenda.” Well you’ve been whoring for those who definately have their agenda Malum – and everyone knows that.

Attacking the Post Courier he says they are trying to discredit US (yep – the bosses will give you a raise for that Malum – you are one with them just by putting “us” But Malum you don’t need the Post Courier to discredit you all at RH. You do that yourselves – everyday with the propaganda you put out pushing the RH agenda. The problem is now – there’s a new generation of PNGeans who see through this nonsense and are calling them and you out. Can’t fool people all the time Malum. There’s a new generation – who actually love this country and aren’t afraid to speak out.


Somare spin doctor Brian Gomez now works for The Daily Log

Now coincidently Malum also put on his blog an article about Arthur Somare calling PM O’Neill a liar and saying the rumors of him meeting the Chief Justice and others are not true. Malum went on to say (please go to his blog and enjoy this) that the Daily Log went to the Ela Beach Hotel to check the times of operation – how about that for investigative reporting!!!!

Malum’s point being see they couldn’t have been meeting and thus the rumours and O’Neill are indeed liars.

Now any sane person- and there are scores of you talking about this now – would question – hmmmmm wonder why the Daily Log and ole Malum are doing that at a time when the Daily Log has been accused of bringing up Brian Gomez to run anything at all negative about the O’Neill government. Could there be a connection? Does Malum want to show the bosses he can do it too? We leave it for you all to decide. Sweet dreams Malum.

Namorong enrages Nalu with story on Rimbunan Hijau

October 31, 2011 2 comments

By Peter Rongotha

Martyn Namorong, whose blog is called the Namorong Report and who is a recent Crocodile Prize Winner, has upset long time PNG journalist Malum Nalu with his article on Rimbunan Hijau (RH) and Nalu’s role in the continuing story in Pomio, East New Britain Province. Nalu is employed by the National newspaper which is owned by RH.

The Namorong Report called Nalu out on his trip to Pomio, the whole sad saga of RH’s behavior and Nalu’s pitiful response to the PNGexposed Blog. What has caused me to take fingers to keyboard on this issue is something quite striking. And that is the response by Nalu and his supporters – several working for large-scale extractive industries of course and how that contrasts greatly with those who support Namorong.

Martyn Namorong sells buai in Port Moresby. Anyone that reads his blogs sees that is a bit strange when you read his analysis of major issues in PNG. He is an exceptional thinker and his blogs have constantly gotten me to think and think critically of our country and issues we face. I have never met Mr. Namorong but would like to one day.

His blog on the ongoing crisis in Pomio where RH’s behavior has been terrible against our own citiziens, where RH has lied about Greenpeace breaking custom laws and where they are trying to make out that everyone loves logging in the area is typical for RH. Remember local landowners in Pomio did the right thing. Instead of resorting to violence like RH – they went to the Commission of Inquiry (COI) on Special Agricultural Business Leases (SABL) testified on their own behalf and returned home. And when they got there RH sent in the thugs, dressed as police. It’s not the first time RH has done this, but this time, thanks to the social media – which Mr. Namorong pointed out, people are not remaining quiet.

Nalu’s pitiful report made serious allegations that Greenpeace had broken PNG Customs regulations by entering Pomio District. He also claimed Greenpeace had caused friction in the Pomio community when in fact the friction between landowners had been incited by RH and its landowner company “Directors” who, in fact, arranged for supportive landowners to act a logging company security due to the confrontations between Gilford’s (an RH subsidiary) Malaysian staff and landowners opposing the logging.

Besides the obvious in regards to Nalu and what he “reported” and why is the response from him and his supporters and those of the people supporting Namorong. Nalu, who began his sorry defense by trying to make himself a hero saying he risked his life by going out to Pomio, tried – and failed – to make fun of Namorong. He responded by pretending to laugh – a sure sign Namorong got to him with his analysis. He said Namorong was a buai seller turned blogger and suggested he go back to selling buai. In other words Mr. Namorong you nailed him and upset him. Now Nalu supporters jumped on the bandwagon calling him low-life, scum, questioning his sexual preference and laughing amongst themselves.

However those that were supporting Namorong’s right to report or supporting what Namorong had to say never got to that low level of name calling and trying to down Nalu. They stuck to the issue at hand. As I was watching this I then realised there is a change going on in PNG – and its a big one – and it is reflected in the response of Nalu and friends to Namorong. There is a new generation of Papua New Guineans and they are thinkers – they are not small boys with egos like Nalu displayed in his defense nor are they like those that supported Nalu by name calling. The new breed think, analyse and try to engage in constructive dialogue. They give a damn about PNG and they want to do something about it and they will. And when they see what happened in Pomio when, once again, RH comes in plays the bully its always been – they are not going to shut up. They are seeing it, calling it out and they are moving towards action.

While the name calling egotists ramble on the new generation isn’t going to put up with it any more. Things are going to change. At a price for sure, but its coming. Thanks Martyn – your blog analysis of the situation in Pomio has brought it all home. And I am feeling good about my country again,

Rimbunan Hijau stumbling all the way through Pomio

October 30, 2011 Leave a comment

You could almost feel sorry for Rimbunan Hijau (RH) if it weren’t for the fact they ARE Rimbunan Hijau. Since they sent the thugs over to Pomio to intimidate the landowners (who btw respected the law and attended the SABL Commission of Inquiry instead of getting violent LIKE RH) to their ridiculous attempt to put a negative spin on Greenpeace (Alan Oxley has had his influence -again to no avail) to their latest attempt to have Malum Nalu tell the story for them – they have failed miserably.

The most encouraging thing besides the landowners still being strong has been the most incredible analysis on the numerous blogs about the situation in Pomio. It is clear that RH has is bumbling its way along. Damn bribes and force – are being seen for what they are RH. In addition the failure of Malum Nalu (partly his own by trying to make himself a hero by even going into the area) to convince anyone who wasn’t already working for RH or other large scale extractive industries – that RH were good guys in all this – has been most impressive. Mr. Nalum who is a fine writer has been under attack – and rightfully so – as his defense has been weak. But the extent of the analysis by his detractors has been impressive as have the fact that fewer and fewer people – buy the RH line is most encouraging.

Things seem to be changing in PNG and change begins with the mindset of the people from the village to the top. Despite a company like RH who has the money – uses the money – uses thugs and buys politicians – still people are resisting. That includes their hilarious attempt to use locals to bring a case against their rival newspaper The Post Courier with the PNG Media Council. No one buys it.

So good on the people of Pomio, the bloggers who write about it and the people who are speaking out. Keep it up. We can still make the companies more responsible – you are proving it. And remember if you call them out you are simply anti-development. They don’t get it al all do they?

Journalist embroiled in logger’s shit

October 29, 2011 5 comments

By Martyn Namorong*

One of Papua New Guineas prominent journalists is now embroiled in a conflict of interest saga in the blogosphere. PNGexposed BLOG recently highlighted that Mr. Nalu was flown to Pomio by notorious Malaysian loggers -Rimbunan Hijau- to file stories for The National Newspaper, which is also owned by the loggers.

PNGexposed Blog simply wanted Mr. Nalu to declare his conflict of interest regarding the stories filed from Pomio. It stated:

Surely a previously respected, talented and awarded journalist like Malum Nalu knows that if the subject of his story, in this case notorious illegal logger and human rights abuser, Rimbunan Hijau is paying him to write a story then that should be declared openly and upfront?

But in the story below penned by Malum Nalu and published today (25th October) in The National, he totally forgets to tell his readers that RH paid him to file the story.

What is even worse in this case is that Nalu was not only paid by RH to write the story he was flown into the Pomio area on an RH aircraft with the specific mission to file stories on behalf of RH which are then published in RH’s own newspaper – The National.

For the benefit of readers who aren’t aware of the Pomio story, what happened was that RH hired thugs dressed in Police uniform and flew them to Pomio specifically to bash up landowners who had fronted at a Commission of Inquiry to testify against the theft of their land for logging and oil palm.

Had it not been for social media such as Facebook, RH would have gotten away with it little misadventure. However, word got out about RH’s bullying of local landowners and the company went into damage control.

First RH denied that it had flown in the thugs dressed in Police uniform. However, the Police hierarchy later confirmed that their men were indeed flown into Pomio by RH.

Then RH changed tact and changed the story. This time The National  reported that the villagers had requested (sic) for the police to go and do alcohol awareness.

No one was buying that either so RH sent in the Big Gun – Mr. Malum Nalu, to clean up the Malaysian loggers’ shit.

The fundamental issue here is that Mr. Malum’s fellow Papua New Guineans were harassed and bashed up by thugs flown in by Malaysian Loggers (RH). Instead of focusing on this gross Human Rights abuse, Mr. Malum writes pieces for RH’s The National newspaper, attempting to discredit Green peace’s protest against RH’s activities in Pomio.

Mr. Nalu has since been roasted on the internet by many concerned Papua New Guineans who have also questioned his integrity as a Journalist. Once again RH’s Public Relations attempt has been a monumental failure that has claimed the scalp of a prominent journalist.

Mr. Nalu has been forced to come out and defend himself. Writing in response to his critics, he stated on PNGexposed BLOG:

To all those who have said such nasty things about me, just because I went to Pomio, a place that time has forgotten, I challenge you to risk your life on a small plane like me, fly to Palmalmal, walk up the mountains and talk to the people of Mamusi, who still live as their ancestors did!

Mr. Nalu’s response has been nothing short of pathetic. In the article that was featured on PNGexposed BLOG, he DOESN’T quote one single villager from Mamusi. The only person quoted in Mr. Nalu’s article is the Pomio District Administrator, Mr. Tomaleu Langisan.

* Follow Martyn on his blog The Namorong Report