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Illegal logging undermining Australian aid says new report

November 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Wari Iamo heads the Department of Environment and Office of Climate Change, but has been implicated in many illegal logging deals in PNG

A major new report suggests illegal logging in Papua New Guinea is more extensive than is generally understood and is ‘a serious impediment’ to Australian aid programs.

The report, Rough Trade, from The Australian Institute in Canberra, says:

Illegal logging is a major cause of deforestation and environmental destruction; it undermines nations’ efforts to manage forest resources for a sustainable industry, destroys the livelihood of forest-dwellers and costs governments large sums in lost revenue. It fosters corruption and is associated with organised crime and violence.
Crucially, the report reiterates why the Papua New Guinea government and its foreign carbon envoys cannot be taken seriously in international negotiations on deforestation and carbon trading

Continued illegal logging demonstrates that governments cannot protect their forest resources and it undermines their credibility for participation in the REDD mechanism.