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The bogus land deals

June 13, 2010 3 comments

Here is the whole of the Commission of Inquiry report into bogus land deals – INVESTIGATION REPORTS- A. LAND

Warning: The file is 4.4mb so please check your internet connection is capable of handling a file of this size before you start downloading

MP Andrew Mald stole over K5 million from the people of PNG

May 25, 2010 17 comments

Port Moresby MP, Andrew Mald, is identified in the Finance Department Commission of Inquiry report as having stolen K5,193,538 from the people of PNG

The MP, former Solicitor General Zacchary Gelu, former Attorney General Francis Damem and private lawyers Peter Pena and Jeffrey Abone are been recommended for prosecution over the unlawful payment to Mr Mald.

The Commission of Inquiry uncovered how MP Mald submitted a fraudulent claim against the State, which, despite numerous flaws, was approved for payment by Gelu and Damem.

Mald’s claim was in respect of a piece of land in Port Moresby, for which he claimed to have a valid lease. However the Commission of Inquiry found that Mald’s lease was unlawful and had been fraudulently obtained. That fraud included an illegal meeting of the Lands Board, falsification of the meeting minutes and a failure to gazette the lease.

Not only was Mald’s lease totally illegal, his claim for damages was similarly flawed. The claim did not satisfy the mandatory notice requirement under the Claims Against the State Act; the deed of settlement was not given the required Ministerial approval; and the damages claimed were hugely overstated.

Despite the fact that Mald did not have a legal lease and his claim was procedurally flawed, Solicitor General Zacchary Gelu approved the claim WITHOUT even seeking the advice of Secretary of Lands or his Department or the Register of Titles or the Attorney General. Gelu also accepted Mald’s gross inflated assessment of damages at K4.1 million.

This unprofessional conduct was then compounded by the Attorney General, Damem, who approved an overpayment of K520,571 in interest on the claim.

The Commission has recommended the Public Prosecutor seek to recover the K5,193,538 paid to Andrew Mald and K200,000 from Peter Pena under the Proceeds of Crime Act

As well as criminal prosecutions, the Commission has recommended all four lawyers, Gelu, Damem, Pena and Abone be referred to the lawyers’ statutory body for “dishonourable, improper and unprofessional behaviour”.