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National Housing Corporation – Another property sold off under irregular circumstances

Late last year, residents of the Tokara NHC Hostel lost their court action against the National Housing Corporation (NHC), and Aees Real Estate Limited. Evicted residents claimed they had been wrongfully removed from the property. It was also claimed that the sale to Aees Real Estate was illegal. 

Justice Hartshorn, a judge known for being unsympathetic to the ‘little’ people, dismissed the proceedings with costs. He argued residents had failed to pursue the case through correct legal procedure.

The short judgement does not disclose the sale price of the NHC property to Aees Real Estate Limited.

However, this sale needs urgent review.

It can be revealed Aees Real Estate Limited’s largest shareholder and Director is Anthony Waira.

Up until the 2007, Waira was the principal legal officer at the National Housing Corporation.

Given that the Public Accounts Committee has found that many NHC properties are being sold off, under value, to private developers, with the proceeds being laundered and stolen – there is a need for vigilance with all NHC transactions.

This is especially the case when the purchaser is the former legal counsel for the NHC.

  1. April 23, 2017 at 6:21 pm

    Thank you for bringing this situation out to our notice.

    Please provide this information to the PNG Law Society for its investigations into the conduct of this lawyer, for possible referral and action by the Statutory Committee of the Law Society.

    I suggest too that those tenants who were evicted lay a complaint with the Ombudsman Commission, which has the power/duty to investigate and make appropriate recommendations to relevant authorities for legal actions.

  2. W.self
    April 24, 2017 at 8:35 am

    What everyone forgets is the 11,000, yes that’s right, 11,000 properties purchased under Government home ownership schemes dating from Independence which were paid for but never transferred to the honest hard working owners who honoured their obligations only to be betrayed by the NHC which evicted, stole and sold off thousands of these properties. Thousands more owners have died with no title and their children have been evicted. A national shame. All this was reported by the PAC – read the report to see how morally bankrupt the officers of NHC are – and how bankrupt the NHC was and is.

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