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Key government Minister to benefit from bulldozing of Madang parks

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In a blatant abuse of position, MP for Madang and Minister for Petroleum, Nixon Duban, has successfully lobbied for two controversial commercial leases to be granted to a company, Dawan Investment, to which he has strong personal ties.

Nixon Duban is a member of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s People National Congress party and a former executive officer for the PM.

Nixon Duban’s sister, Debbie Duban is the treasurer and vice-chair of Dawan Investment, the beneficiary of the leases:


Dawan Investment was set up in 2013 by Nixon Duban’s electoral officer, Collins Iwap. Iwap signed the application for the registration of Dawan Investment and was initially a company Director:


Dawan Investment is 50% owned by Stanley Kaut, who works in Nixon Duban’s Ministerial office and 50% by Lamak Katit, a relative of the Minister.

Dawan Investment has its registered address at Section 33, Allotment 01, Sogeri Road, Port Moresby. An address it shares with another company, Penquin Real Estate for which Barbara Ali Duban is a director. Lamak Katit also owns 50% of Penquin Real Estate.

None of these connections were revealed by Nixon Duban when he wrote personally wrote to Lands Minister Benny Allen, urging him to grant two commercial leases over 8 hectares of Cleland Park and 2 hectares of green space opposite the Holy Spirit Cathedral and consent to the leases being transferred to Dawan Investment:


The leases were duly granted by Minister, Benny Allen on December 8th.

It is not known whether Nixon Duban ever declared his interest in Dawan Investment to the Madang District Development Authority, but it seems very strange Dawan has been entrusted by the Authority with the development of a ‘Mega Mall’, ‘office complexes’ and ‘residences’ for the APEC summit, when the company has a paid up share capital of just K2,000, has never filed an annual return and has no declared assets and no declared staff…

  1. leo
    December 23, 2016 at 1:43 pm

    Shame shame shame, Mr O’neil please stand up for your poor citizens and stop this today.
    all involved should hang your heads in shame, no one needs to be named you know who you are, hope you all choke on the money you have made by selling out your people.

  2. Tanirau
    December 23, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    The Madang Provincial Physical Planning Board had no knowledge of this until a couple of weeks ago. It appears that a meeting was held in the middle of the year at the Madang Lodge (there are witnesses) between Duban, Francis Irara, the Provincial Lands Officer, and a woman from the Lands Department. The last two have reputations for egregious corruption; Duban now appears to have joined them in that. The chairman of the Madang Provincial Physical Planning Board has sent a please explain letter to the Chief Physical Planner protesting the award of the leases to Dawan Investment and asking why his board’s function has been usurped by the national board. The Chief Physical Planner took this letter to the national board on Thursday. The silence has been deafening. We now know why.

  3. December 23, 2016 at 10:42 pm

    The rich do not care about the poor.
    They think they “own” everything because they are rich.
    Please don’t allow this mentality to rule.
    Kick them out.
    They are not helping you. They take your land. They take your resources. They tell you that “they know better, beacuse they are white”. They are capitalistic jerks who love money and don’t give a damn about your environment, your people, your children or your grandchildren. If you think that Rio Tinto and Bougainville Copper Ltd helped the people of Bougainville, you live in a dream without considering that 20,000 people on Bougainville died, you remain heartless.
    That shame continues.
    The people in the Hela Province and the Southern Highlands are now facing the troops from the PNG Defences Forces ordered by your current Prime Minister and supported by Exxon Mobil and Oil Search.
    What is more important? Life or their greed xxx

  4. Maxie Priest
    December 27, 2016 at 9:05 am

    What is happening in Madang now, not only with this land issue, but countless other concerns raise a clear and concrete picture that true leadership and concern for the welfare of Madang and it’s citizens are no longer in existence. We have been sold on a cheap plate by those in power who have forgotten their roots and have lost their pride and identity.

    It’s a total disgrace to us all for allowing this to hsppen in our very own town and province.

    • Tanirau
      December 27, 2016 at 6:16 pm

      WE are the disgrace. We vote for them. One example: Yama will stand again, people will vote for him, a thug and the father of thugs.

  5. December 28, 2016 at 12:53 pm

    Oh how I cry my beloved Madang and Papua New Guinea. For a wanton greed for quick personal riches, my “servant to be” cum indeginous political leader, mandated with the sweat from my palms has sold my birthright, my heritage and with it whatever culture and history aligned with its existence. If my indigenous leader has failed me..maybe, it is time now to vote in a non PNC and non indigenous person who maybe, maybe (fingers crossed) can outdo and out perform the achievements of my current sitting ‘asples’ MP. When is honesty and pride of being the leader of my people going to teach me to be humble and to serve my people with dignity? What am I going to do, that I will be remembered and revered by the future generations, or is blind selfishness and the evil desire to become wealthy so quickly through deceit and lies shrouded my sense of morality? I cry my beloved Madang. I cry my beloved Papua New Guinea. Sold cheaply by cheap people with no respect for themselves, (and maybe their families), the ethnic community they originate from and the district and province that they represent. Ordinary scumbags, I say!!

  6. Jeff
    December 29, 2016 at 2:12 am

    Tanirau, true. But, why? Is it a case of better vote in a capable corrupt thug, who might be able to see some of the booty land in local pockets, even if in small amounts and to a select few. Or do people buy that BS these men are hardworking businessmen, who with savvy and grit produce wealth, and share it with their people? Or is it a matter that these men know how to play the chain of command, and rig the vote through paying off local chiefs to assure votes? Or a combo of all three + more?

  7. concener
    January 3, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    its really a sad story for my beautiful home Madang. the major problem we have that leads into this mess is all because our 6 district MP are not working together with our Governor. why are we facing all these.
    the all 7 thinks they are capable in doing good in their own electrate…shame on you….
    the all 7leaders. we are the people voted for you and have you done better or more selling of lands and your self fishness wants.
    we small incomers tried our best to live life according to high increasing tax and yet you have no heart for us. i have no right in judging you but word of God has stated…pay of sin is death and i believe God has his plan in your life and dont let the devil destorys it.

  8. jordan
    January 21, 2017 at 8:16 am

    Duban, very dangerous polititan in Madanag Open, very shameful action you have done. Its time now people of Madang can realised this action of Duban.
    Brian, its time now News must be deliver to the people in the betelnut garden or where else for people can realise and choose right Leader to bring Madang back to its original image known as beautiful Madang.
    Because of you Duban, Madang sadly missed its beautification. CONGRATULATION….BRIAN KRAMMER, YOU WILL BE NEXT MP FOR MADANG OPEN.

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