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Who is the ‘primitive’ one Mr Tkatchenko?


Sports Minister, Justin Tkatchenko has referred to a national rugby official as ‘primitive’, following a melee at Saturday’s Digicel semi-final.

No one would defend a brawling team official, but this racist, demeaning language from a Minister no less has no excuse.

This is how the neo-colonialists oppress us. They demean our culture, history and character, through labels such as primitive. They make us feel small and backward.  

They then offer to help us ‘develop’, for a price, of course. Our minerals, land, and trees are all the price for entering their ‘modernity’.

But what exactly have these modern day foreign missionaries taught us? 

Here is the example set by the ‘highly educated’ Mr Tkatchenko:   


Corruption, theft and cronyism. 

Sadly Justin Tkatchenko’s statement only says, what a lot of expatriates think. Many were town fools back in Australia, but they come here and assume thrones, commanding business, government and the media.

They have dipped their hands in bribery, corruption and theft, arguably better than any national, but then piously lecture us on good governance.

Then when our politicians get involved in grease and theft, the foreign academics claim this is a result of Westminster democracy being poisoned by Melanesian ways. 

No sirs, it is you who introduced corruption and theft. Our politicians are not corrupt because they are Melanesians, they are corrupt because they have mastered the dark arts of dispossession that the white colonialists brought to Papua New Guinea, so they could pillage our land and resources.   

    August 29, 2016 at 9:48 am

    F#$k off mate! I am a pure Papua New Guinean and I agree that these *** are primitive.
    You’d think we’d learn our lesson by now.
    Look for better things to whinge about please. Don’t be small minded..

  2. Induson Indu
    August 29, 2016 at 9:49 am

    What do you expect the National Sports Minister to say?? This guy is a primitive, albeit he is a trainer and knows very well the rules of the game. I am in support of the Ministers!

  3. August 29, 2016 at 10:35 am

    I am 100% PNG national and agree with the Minister’s comments about the team’s official being “primitive”. I don’t see any racist connotations stemming from that…until now via this article.
    I fully agree with his comments because the so-called officials, in their capacity, did not professionaly accept defeat in a good sportsmanship way. There should be a more severe punishment in addition to the life-ban. This reaction has risen up to the criminal level.

  4. F Anu
    August 30, 2016 at 3:01 am

    I dunno. If the same brawl had broken out at a Broncos game in Brisbane, between some drunk white blokes, do you think Tkatchenko would label them ‘primitive’.

    Thugs maybe, idiots possibly. Primitive is not a neutral word, it is a term associated with shamed scientific theories that described non-European people as a throwback. And it was used to justify slavery and genocide. Its used all the time to describe us. Tour companies offer special deals to see the most backward people in the world: http://www.papuatrekking.com/first_contact_expedition.html

    Politicians should not be indulging these ignorant views. Observer is right, punishment need to be given out to those involved. But two wrongs dont make a right.

  5. Tokaut Tokstret
    August 30, 2016 at 3:05 am

    Come to think of it, Saturday’s actions are far from “primitive”. But were simply a reflection of modern-day imbecility. Just look at soccer violence in these modern European countries with civilisations far older than ours. EURO 2016 we saw the latest. Hooliganism it’s called.

    No. Primitive tribal wars were never based on sport or trivial offences. They were based on hard-core agendas; insults and offences against deeply held values.

    We have come of age. We have become children.

    Our ancestors, the “primitives”, were a hundred times more mature than our modern selves.


    #perspective #tokauttokstret #PNGRL #EaglesVGurias

  6. William ROBINSON
    September 1, 2016 at 3:33 pm

    The word primitive does not relate to any race.

    relating to, denoting, or preserving the character of an early stage in the evolutionary or historical development of something.
    “primitive mammals”
    synonyms: ancient, earliest, first, prehistoric, antediluvian, antique, primordial, primeval, primal, primary, lower, original, proto-, ur-; More
    very basic or unsophisticated in terms of comfort, convenience, or efficiency.
    “the accommodation at the camp was a bit primitive”
    synonyms: crude, simple, rough, basic, elementary, rough-hewn, rudimentary, undeveloped, unrefined, unsophisticated, rude, rough and ready, makeshift;

    The behavior at the Digicel semi final was primitive, as it would be anywhere in the world, regardless of race.

    You sound like a very bitter Papua New Guinean. Surprised you use a computer – one of those nasty inventions of the nasty white man.

    Grow up !!

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