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Post Courier wrong: Sakora NOT acquitted

sakora NOT acquitted

The front page headline and story in the Post Courier today is completely misleading and untrue but, sadly, not untypical of the poor standard of media reporting in Papua New Guinea.

Justice Bernard Sakora has NOT been acquitted.

He is accused of corruptly receiving K100,000 from notorious lawyer Paul Paraka in return for issuing a highly unusual and completely questionable blanket injunction preventing implementation of the findings of the Commission of Inquiry into the Department of Finance or any media reporting.

sakora paraka order

Part of the order Sakora gave to Paul Paraka

The Commission of Inquiry exposed the theft of K780 million by corrupt lawyers and public officials. Paraka was identified as a major participant in the fraud and primary beneficiary.

Yesterday a magistrate throw out the charge against Sakora because of an alleged procedural error by the police.

The magistrate did NOT acquit Sakora.

To acquit someone means to free them from a criminal charge by a verdict of not guilty. It means the accused is absolved, cleared, exonerated, declared innocent or pronounced not guilty.

None of those terms can be applied to Bernard Sakora and his receipt of the K100,000 (which he does not deny).

The charge against Sakora has NOT been tested in court. He has NOT been found NOT GUILTY. He has NOT been acquitted.

Justice Sakora still needs to answer the questions of why did he received K100,000 from Paul Paraka and why did he grant such an unusual injunction?

The Post Courier should apologise to the people of Papua New Guinea!


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