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PNG corruption fighter the toast of major film festival

paga hill

The Opposition has premiered at the prestigious Hot Docs festival in Canada. It tells the story of a fearless PNG anti-corruption fighter Joe Moses, and the inspiring residents of Paga Hill.

They squared up to the Paga Hill Development Company, a company whose CEO, Gudmundur Fridriksson, has featured in no less than seven anti-corruption inquiries.

The documentary premiered despite efforts by Dame Carol Kidu to silence the film in the Australian courts, an action that was bankrolled by the Paga Hill Development company, who also contracted Kidu’s consultancy firm CK Consultancy Limited.

Reviewers are giving the film 5 stars!! The rolling coverage can be read here:





five star

  1. May 4, 2017 at 9:12 am

    I hope that this documentary becomes part of the awakening of mainstream Australians and that eventually the people of Papua and West Papua become as important to Australians as their own individual families. Perhaps then we will see a depth of support that should be anchored in the traditional bond of Papuan people. Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal people that goes back to time immemorial

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