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Tkatchenko happy to snuggle up with tax dodging logging company

Rimbunan Hijau may be heavily embroiled in illegal logging, tax dodging and financial misreporting, the SABL land grab and human rights abuses, but none of that bothers Justin Tkatchenko (who of course has his own long history of fraud allegations)…

tkatchenko rh

Rimbunan Hijau opens newest hotel, suite

BY MIRIAM ZARRIGA in THE NATIONAL (also owned by tax dodging RH)

THE newest hotel and suite in the city is to be opened in September of this year. Stanley Hotel and suite is a massive investment by the Rimbunan Hijau Company which will see 95 per cent employment of nationals in the hotel and tourism industry. In an inspection on Friday afternoon, Minister responsible for National Events and APEC, Justin Tkatchenko visited the hotel to see for himself what has been done so far. The 18-level hotel contains 433 rooms and serviced apartment complexes, including the presidential suite. The hotel’s executive assistant manager Robert Schlenther said that the running of the hotel depends on the flexibility of its operations, in allowing visitors to be able to receive service without too much of a hassle. Mr Tkatchenko was equally impressed and said that the challenge was to maintain the hotel’s quality service and rooms for years to come. He added that the inspection reinforced the wow factor awaiting the delegates of the APEC summit and other delegates attending the FIFA World Cup this year and the World Cup next year. The standard and deluxe rooms offer all the amenities expected in a first class hotel, with the executive rooms accessible to the exclusive club lounge. The one or two bedroom apartments are the ideal place to call home with fully equipped kitchens. The hotel offers a restaurant, lounge, café, gym, pool, and spa with its ballroom able to seat from 10 to 1000 people.

Rimbunan Hijau puppets cartoon, 2003

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