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The Lavish Life of the President and First Lady in Cash Starved Bougainville

February 16, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

john momis

While the Autonomous Bougainville Government looks to mining and litigation to fill a significant gap in its accounts, it appears the region’s fiscal woes hasn’t put a break on the spending habits of President Momis and his wife.

Data leaked by demoralised civil servants within the ABG, reveal that the President and Bougainville’s First Lady spent, or received in total K815,298 (A$374,208) in cash advances, allowances, travel and service payments during 2014 alone. This is all in addition to the President’s actually salary.

K719,046 in allowances and advances flowed through the President’s own hands, while his wife benefited from extensive travel, in addition to payments for ‘catering services’ and ‘car hire’, amounting to approximately K136,328.

As the President warns his citizens they must sell their natural resources off to foreign investors in order to see his government through these difficult fiscal times, it remains to be seen whether the political classes will cut back on their extravagant expense accounts and wayward spending.

We won’t hold our breath.


  • K306,217.98    John Momis – Outstanding Allowance, 23-12-14, Ref No. 42768
  • K40,076.7 Airfares for President/Lady Momis/Masiu, 30-07-14 Ref No. 155782
  • K32,500 John Momis – 1st Qtr Support Grant, 31-01-14, Ref No. 154595
  • K31,088 Cash John Momis T/A, 17-12-14, Ref No. 31088
  • K25,000 John Momis Constituency Support Grant, 14-02-14, Ref No. 154665
  • K25,000 John Momis 2nd Qtr Constituency Support Grant, 31-03-14, Ref No. 155016
  • K25,000 John Momis 3rd Qtr Constituency Support Grant, 16-10-14, Ref No. 156194
  • K21,495.85, John Momis Travel Allowance, 21-02-14, Ref No. 154723
  • K20,001.39 John Momis backdated salaries, 18-12-14, Ref No.41885
  • K20,000 John Momis advance, 28-04-14, Ref No. 5969
  • K17,500 John Momis 4th quarter support grant, 18-12-14, Ref No. 41931
  • K15,280 John Momis, cash, travel allowance, 06-12-2014, Ref No.6529
  • K13,186 John Momis, cash, advance, 30-07-14, Ref No. 155783
  • K11,562 John Momis Travel Allowance, 30-07-14, Ref No. 155780
  • K11,321 Cash John Momis Additional T/Allo, 29-08-14, Ref No. 155960
  • K10,699 John Momis, Cash, Travelling Allowance, 30-09-14, Ref No.156110
  • K10,500 Cash John L Momis,  Advance, 06-12-2014, Ref No. 35152
  • K10,000 Cash John Momis, Advance, 17-04-14, Ref No. 5945
  • K10,000 Cash John Momis, Advance, 13-05-14, Ref No. 6185
  • K10,000 Cash John Momis, Assistance to Late Chris Bengo, 21-03-14, Ref No. 154960.
  • K8,300 Cash John Momis, Additional Travel Allowance, 10-09-2014, Ref No.156172
  • K7,280 Cash John Momis Advance, 24-07-14, Ref No. 155757
  • K6,808 John Momis Travel Allowance, 05-07-2014, Ref No. 6145
  • K6,808 John Momis Travel Allowance, 05-09-2014, Ref No. 6151
  • K5340  John Momis Travel Allowance. 24-09-14, Ref No. 156033
  • K5,100 Cash John Momis Advance. 16-04-14, Ref No. 33202
  • K5,000 Cash John Momis Advance 26-06-14 Ref no. 35728
  • K5,000 John Lawrence Momis Advance. 27-05-14, Ref No. 6295
  • K4,708 John Momis Cash Advance for Accommodation. 05-09-2014, Ref no. 6152
  • K4,078 John Lawrence Momis Advance,  05-07-2014, Ref No. 6145
  • K3507.6 John Momis O/S Travel Allowance, 14-03-14, Ref No. 154921
  • K2229.4 Air fare for President John Momis, 30-01-15, Ref No. 4188
  • K1,500 John Momis Sitting Allowance, 04-11-2014 Ref No. 155038
  • K1,500 John Momis Sitting Allowance, 30-06-14, Ref No. 155628
  • K1,477 John Momis, Cash, Travel Allowance.            15-10-14, Ref No. 156189
  • K1,000 John Lawrence Momis Travel Allowance. 27-05-14 Ref No. 6295
  • K800    John Momis O/S Sitting Allowance. 25-02-14, Ref No.154762
  • K721    John Momis Travel Allowance. 26-06-14, Ref No.35723
  • K721    John Momis T/Allow, 16-01-14, Ref No.154569
  • K300    John Momis Sitting Allowance, 05-09-2014, Ref No. 155127
  • K300    John Momis Sitting Allowance, 06-03-2014, Ref No. 155297
  • K140    John Momis Travel Allowance, 24-09-14, Ref No. 156043


  • K40,076.7 Airfares for President/Lady Momis/Masiu, 30-07-14 Ref No. 155782
  • K13,000 Elizabeth Momis, cash, catering services, 25-09-14, Ref No. 39048
  • K7,000 Elizabeth Momis, cash, Catering Services, 09-11-14, Ref No. 38447
  • K6907.7 Elizabeth Momis, Reimbursement of Own Monies, 26-02-14, Ref No. 154773
  • K6906.7, Elizabeth Momis, Reimbursement of Own Monies, 25-02-14, Ref No.154738
  • K5,776, Elizabeth Momis Travel Allowance, 30-07-14, Ref No. 155781
  • K5,716 Elizabeth Momis Cash Reimbursement, 08-04-2014, Ref No. 155797
  • K4,083.7 Elizabeth Momis Cash Reimbursement. 29-08-14, Ref No. 155958
  • K4,000 Elizabeth Momis Catering Invoice. 18-02-14, Ref No. 32177
  • K3,500 Elizabeth Momis Vehicle Hire Invoice, 06-12-2014, Ref No. 6524
  • K2,739.5, Elizabeth Momis, 17-12-14, Ref No. 7789
  • K2,500, Elizabeth Momis Vehicle Hire – Invoice, 15-09-14 Ref No. 156000
  • K1,800, Elizabeth Momis Cash Reimbursement, 27-06-14, Ref No.155607
  • K749.5 Elizabeth Momis, Travelling Allowance, 30-09-14, Ref.156109
  • K660.5, Elizabeth Momis Additional T/Allow, 29-08-14, Ref No. 155959    


  • K15,000, Unity Restaurant, Catering – Invoice, 22/05/14 Ref No. 34145;
  • K7,000 Unity Restaurant, Catering Services – Invoice 3162459, 25/04/14, Ref No. 5968;
  • K4,000 Unity Restaurant Catering – Invoice 367917, 06/03/2014, Ref No. 6375;
  • K3,000 Unity Restaurant, Additional Charges – Invoice 3162467. 27/06/14, Ref No. 6771;
  • K1,910 Unity Restaurant  Catering – Invoice 3162451. 26-02-14 Ref No. 154771
  1. Peter Manuka
    February 17, 2016 at 9:32 am

    Do you think a president of a country is a small boy like any of you who are publishing this article to discredit his intergrity. President momis to the world according to his integrity that some of you selfcentered arrogant people question is like a tupare (large tree) standing in the middle of the ocean.

  2. Fabian Xavier
    February 17, 2016 at 5:58 pm

    Can someone just remove this post, please. I dont like the man himself, but this is Bougainvilles President, wether you like it or not. PNG is having financial woes as well and I haven’t seen any of the Peter Oneils personal spending spree published openly as you’re doing here. Painim story o?

    • PNG Exposed
      February 19, 2016 at 3:11 am

      Fabian that is a fair point, but there is a strong public interest justification here. This goes much deeper than President Momis. There are significant levels of corruption and mismanagement within the ABG. Unless it is brought to light now, and the people demand major reforms, then the goal face is wide open for Papua New Guinea to use certain governance preconditions set out in the Bougainville Peace Agreement, to block the peoples’ choice, if it goes the way of independence.

      In fact it is very hard to respect a political class in the ABG who are involved in corruption, or allowing it to take place on such a widespread level, when they know it could disqualify Bougainville from obtaining independence in a timely manner.

      If good people keep quite now, it will explode later on down the line. The Papua New Guinea government knows very well how deep the rot is inside the ABG, and they will be content to let it prosper, knowing it can be used as an excuse to defy the peoples wishes.

      If similar information on national government spending were leaked, it would make for worse reading no doubt, but because of the peace agreement the implications for Bougainville’s future are so great, to do nothing now would be wrong.

  3. Fred
    February 18, 2016 at 12:57 am

    Pack a sandwich, instead of having long lunch over at Mrs Momis’ restaurant. It might help increase productivity. And the money saved could be invested in value added infrastructure for agricultural industries that support the majority of our people. Instead of flying to the Philippine, staying in luxury hotels, to give huge contracts to under the radar companies, jump on a PMV and ask the village people how the airfares, hotel price and white elephant contract money could be better spent on community projects. They have ideas, I’ll tell you.

  4. PNG Exposed
    February 18, 2016 at 8:00 am

    Section 10 on the Organic Law on the Duties and Responsibilities of Leadership:


    (1) Subject to Subsection (2), a person to whom this Law applies–

    (a) who; or

    (b) whose spouse or child under voting age; or

    (c) who has a controlling interest in a company and whose company,

    seeks, accepts or holds any beneficial interest in any contract of Papua New Guinea is guilty of misconduct in office.

    (2) Subsection (1) does not apply to a person who, prior to seeking, accepting or otherwise obtaining the beneficial interest in the contract, has obtained the written approval of the Ombudsman Commission to do so.

    (3) The Ombudsman Commission shall not grant an approval under Subsection (2) where it is of the opinion that–

    (a) the holding of a beneficial interest in such a contract may involve the person in significant potential conflict of interest; or

    (b) the seeking, accepting or obtaining the beneficial interest involves or involved the use by that person of his official position.’

  5. Peter Nerau
    February 19, 2016 at 9:33 pm

    I think leaders are as a matter of public policy are well guarded by the leadership code and they should all know the consequences of breaching it. Simply speaking they are accountable for their actions in the course of representing their constituencies; because ignorance of law is no excuse. The law is for everybody therefore whoever breach the laws of the land must face justice. Authorities who are legally empowered to laid complaint and arrest law breakers have the rights to carry out or discharge their duties without fear or favour as guranteed under the abg constitution.

  1. February 18, 2016 at 9:20 am
  2. August 19, 2016 at 9:03 am

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