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Bougainville a backward, undeveloped nation, declares President Momis

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In a press conference, President Momis has declared Bougainville a backward nation that needs to catch up with the rest of the world [see story below]. He has promised his government will help those communities who wish to ‘catch up’, by backing mega economic projects in their area, presumably with ‘help’ from foreign ‘investor’ (they put in, and take out a whole lot more!). Expect the Chinese. Expect more fly-by-night businessmen. Expect special economic zones. Expect the sell off of natural resources. There will be no imagination, no creation, no sustainability, it will be sell sell sell.

And when Bougainville catches up with the rest of the world, what prizes will it seize? Well the rest of the world holds the clues. We can expect landlessness, the destruction of soil fertility, mass environmental damage, the depletion of natural resources, the emergence of a destitute landless class, the creation of poverty, growth in inequality, food insecurity, starvation, endemic war, crimes of desperation, crimes of greed, all those wonderful things the outside world has, which Bougainville should evidently aspire to.

It is a scary ride into misery. The President wants to know are you on board?

President Momis warns and challenges Bougainvilleans to be ready for any major economical developments in their area.
Joe Elijah | New Dawn
A warning has been made for every Bougainvilleans in the three Regions of Bougainville, to be prepared and be ready to start implementing developments in their respective areas in Bougainville.
The warning was issued this morning during a media press conference organized by the office of the ABG President at his Kubu office, for the people to start thinking very seriously about bringing in major development which will improve their living standards.
President Hon Chief Momis said, Those who do not want to work with ABG will be left behind and those who are willing to work and implement ABG major economical projects, ABG will assist and help them in any way they can, even by securing partnership with other stake holders to bring and generate much needed revenue for Bougainville.
President Momis said that, we cannot hold the people at ransom, when some people are acting irresponsible, the Government cannot wait any more for them to change their mind set, attitudes and behavior.
Bougainville must open up now, because time and the world is changing, President Momis wants to see Bougainville to change with today’s new technology and its knowledge.
President Hon Chief Momis added that once documentations are finalized, he will announce the ABG economical projects that will help and assist the people of Bougainville rebuild and improve their living standards.

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