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Preparing for War… A CALL TO ARMS

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Gary Juffa

Today we are besieged. The so called elites in power who do the bidding of the pirates that control our resources are fast selling PNG off, neither protecting nor promoting PNG interests.

Just walk into any business and ask yourself how is PNG protected here? A few genuine businesses and investors struggle while a many are merely here as vultures to take what they can while they can.

Just reflect on all decisions made regarding resource development and ask yourself, how has PNG being protected or promoted here? Not a single decision has been made with the people of PNGs interests at heart. Zero, zilch, none.

Go to the nearest Police and Army barracks. These are our badges of sovereignty, they lie in shambles, rotting, dilapidated and sad. They tell our story of National Security.

The public service is no longer a machine that delivers goods and services for PNG, many a good public servant has been shut out, removed and even attacked. The civil service is now an evil service and public servants are fast being replaced by public serpents.

Justice is now only affordable to those who can pay for it. Law is for those who can take it into their own hands.

That is our reality.

Next year on, our efforts to fight for a PNG worth saving must not be confined to social media chats, discussions at buai markets or during coffee and tea sessions, they must actually culminate in physical action.

I myself have prepared for this, I hope other Papua New Guineans who care about their country and its future will do the same.

I am hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. Time and time again, I have found that in PNG during times when we need to rise up and fight, sadly, courage is very much lacking and overshadowed by apathy.

By our very inaction, we are allowing ourselves as a people to be led to the slaughter. A terrible and sad situation we find ourselves in today as we stare into a bleak future where we are marginalized and no longer own our land, are no longer in control of our resources and are but spectators in a future designed for others by others.

This is NOT the PNG I want for my children. I am sure it is NOT the PNG you want for your children either.

Today, it is a PNG where elected leaders and a public service machinery work against their people, instead of protecting our interests they are busy selling of our resources to hostile forces for 30 pieces of silver.

How did we arrive here?

How is it that just about every State organ created and designed for the very reason to protect and promote PNG interests have turned against its people? Brutalizing our people, selling off our land and doing so with careless abandon and an almost arrogant impunity?

How is it that a PNG with so much hope and promise has instead became a land of lawlessness and lost opportunities?

How is it that our systems of education and health have deteriorated so bad that we have come to accept that we are now intentionally managed to be a population of weak, unhealthy, unintelligent and pacified zombies allowing ourselves to be herded and moved here and there by ruthless pirates and their puppet MPs?

Today, our resources, our jobs and our opportunities are not guaranteed.Our voices of dissent and protest and concern are brushed aside and we are instead told to be happy, we are encouraged to sing praises as infrastructure, often low quality at inflated prices are built with monies borrowed at outrageous interest rates that we and our future generations are expected to pay back.

Many of our people have fallen, mesmerized by the bright lights of false promises, and raise their voices and sing praises without realizing the bitter price our future generations will be paying.

Even what is wrong and unethical and immoral we have come to accept and expect and now are promoting but telling ourselves “as long as there is something being done”. What is being done is your country and your people are being sold lock, stock and barrel to powerful forces that do not care about you and your children and want only your resources and the profits they can make at your expense.

Yes, whenever we raise concern about the state of PNG, we are labelled doom and gloom prophets. But these are NOT prophesies, these are but realities.

Meanwhile, those in power move to shut voices of dissent, manipulate the media to churn out propaganda to divert the attention of masses, rule and divide with money and weaken systems of good governance and render them useless.

2017 is WAR. It is NOW or NEVER. RISE or FALL.

It is a war you and I must fight to SAVE PNG. No one else will do this for us. Our so called friends and neighbors are busy with their own problems and besides their vision of what we must be is NOT what we should accept as it is but a mere fraction of what we can be.

I see all the usual political gimmicks moving again. Its the time for politics. “Its just a game” say the usual conmen, middlemen and puppets and muppets.

A game where people die…our people.

So scan all the political parties you admire, subscribe to and enthusiastically embrace and promote and sing for and drink beer for and tell your inlaws about proudly…and in quiet moments….in the still of a PNG night when you can only hear is TRUTH…ask yourselves…ARE THEY FIGHTING FOR PNG? Most are merely pandering the same old mediocre statements that have kept them in power either contributing directly or indirectly to where PNG is now…

I may fight this battle alone, I don’t have the riches and backing of powerful financial pirates that they do, but I believe in a PNG owned by Papua New Guineans…I have a few loyal friends and family…they love this country too

Choose your leaders carefully, ask yourself, since we are at war, are they the person you want by your side fighting for you, will they be at the forefront of our battle fighting with energy and patriotic passion to save our people, our land and our future or will they be whisked away by the pirates that control our resources and are sucking the very life out of our nation while we sit and watch silently?

Yes, many are NOT your leaders, they are THEIR leaders….fighting NOT for you and what is yours but for what their MASTERS have paid for.

So rise up and fight for PNG if you believe that it is a PNG worth saving. Just saying that this is true and liking this page is NOT enough, live every moment as if it is your last and remember the faces of your children and ask yourself, WHERE WILL THEY BE TOMORROW IF I FAIL THEM TODAY?


If we don’t, we have firmly helped the boot of the oppressor be placed on the neck of our children and we have folded our arms and shut our mouths and blindfolded our eyes and crossed our legs and sold out…

I am preparing for war. I will fight every which way to save my people, our land and our future, I believe you can choose that too…I may go down alone but I go down knowing I did not merely give up or watch like a coward, I fought.

  1. Eddie
    December 26, 2015 at 2:46 pm

    I’m in.

  2. Bruce Grady
    December 26, 2015 at 5:20 pm


  3. Peter WARWICK
    December 26, 2015 at 5:32 pm

    Governor Juffa, you are an inspiration to both PNGeans and outsiders like me. Fight the good fight, and God speed !!

  4. Henrick Moro
    December 26, 2015 at 6:50 pm

    You are one and only concerned Papua New Guinean speaking but you have six million like minded out there with you my Governor. Nature speaks volumes to correct the speed and destinee of where our PNG is heading and nature will correct it and soon it will be in the hands of God fearing people.
    You are supported out there with pain and suffering by ordinary unsuspecting citizens
    Continue the path of having the good vision you have for this nation

  5. Natta Shaa
    February 22, 2016 at 9:08 am

    I’m in……………..head and shoulders!!

  6. Emilio Vele
    October 4, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    One of the PNG finest brains ever. The man

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