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Serious breach of contract by foreign company, Poge Ltd, on Bougainville

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A senior Bougainville Statesman and Paramount Chief from West Coast of Bougainville and also former Politician, Mr Gerald Sinato, has questioned the Autonomous Bougainville Government about the failure to construct bridges in Hahon since 2014.

He has singled out the contractor that was awarded the Contract in May 2014 and questioned why they have remained silent without any explanation to the people of West Coast of Bougainville.

Mr Sinato questioned the procurement process of awarding the contract as it was not done through a proper channel to be awarded by the Bougainville Supply and Tenders Board . The project was awarded upon political direction and so breached all the necessary process in awarding the contract.

Mr Sinato speaking to NBC last week , said that POGE LTD has failed to complete all three projects by August 11 2014 as the completion date of the project which is four months after the date of commencement.

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POGE non compliance issues has raised serious concerns on how projects are being awarded to foriegn companies in Bougainville also upon political direction .

Poge has failed to complete all three projects by August 11 2014 as per the contract, they have failed to submit a Performance Security of 10% of the contract price in a form of Bank Guarantee, also non-compliance with the requirement to provide an advanced payment guarantee as requested by a letter from ABG.

No design documentation for all three bridges was received by ABG for approval before procurement of meterials. It was revealed that no engineering design documentation has been received by ABG except for standard drawings with the tender which are not detailed enough for construction.

Mr Sinato has warned ABG that such contractual approaches only sends a wrong message about good governance to all the Stakeholders of the Bougainville Peace Agreement.

According to the POGE website, the President of POGE Ltd Professor Dominador S Tupaz Jnr is the economic advisor to ABG.

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