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Public Consultation on the Review of Laws Governing the Auditor General

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The Office of the Auditor General has a vital role to play in combatting the corruption that plagues our public finances. The AG’s primary function is to inspect, audit and report at least once every year on the public accounts of Papua New Guinea and the use of all public moneys and property.

But how well is the AG doing its job?

Now is your chance to have your say: Auditor General DISCUSSION PAPER August 2015 [pdf file – 2.3MB]

Executive Summary

“Auditing for impact” is a compelling statement encompassing the directive goal and vision assurance of the Auditor-General to the People of Papua New Guinea. The output of the audits of Auditor-General is more than a validation of financial statements or the effectiveness of internal controls. It extends beyond that. It is a formidable measure for the People, to ensure that Parliament can hold and call managers of the people’s resources to account for their stewardship and effective, efficient and economic management of these resources. The People of Papua New Guinea deserve the very best.

“Auditing for impact” ensures the constitutional guarantee conferred on the Auditor- General to perform the audit tasks for People is secured and the obligation on the government to be accountable to the People is imposed. “Auditing for impact” allows the Auditor-General to contribute to fostering greater public trust and confidence in all levels and institutions of government. The lives of the People will improve for the better and accountability and good governance realistically measured. You are entitled to know that the government can be held to account for the public resources entrusted to them on your behalf. The Auditor-General is that critical link in the chain of accountability. It is a key pillar of a healthy nation. Today, the focus is on achieving beneficial change. That change is now.

That being the vision, the Office of the Auditor-General mission is “to provide independent and quality assurance over the financial management of government and public entities through our audit activities.

A robust, strong and properly resourced Office of the Auditor-General is needed, in order to be credible and independent. Your participation and responses to the Discussion Paper will assist in the process of our legislative review which is aimed at strengthening the audit mandate of the Auditor-General by having in place proper structures and resources necessary to ensure that appropriate and necessary audit toolkit is in place.

Ways You Can Participate In Our Discussion Forums

In order to achieve the above objectives, the Office of the Auditor-General intends to consult broadly and widely within and external to the National Government. The nation has been notified through selected national mediums of the Consultation Timelines and forums happening in selected regions.

Given funding constraints, the Auditor-General and the Office of the Auditor-General are unable to cover all Districts and Local Level Governments (Urban and Rural). However, the invitation is open and extended to those of you there to join the discussions at the selected locations.

In responding, you may wish to highlight other potential reforms, not identified in the Paper which could improve public audit by the Auditor-General and enable the Office of the Auditor-General to perform effectively and efficiently in discharging functions, duties and powers conferred on him.

How to Participate and Have Your Say: Comments and Submissions

This Discussion Paper officially commences the Consultation process. The period begins on the 24 August, 2015 and ends on 23 November, 2015.

You are invited to make comments and submissions and provide any other relevant information in response to this Discussion Paper. Where appropriate, please provide evidence to support comments.

The closing date for providing comments on this discussion paper is 24 November, 2015.

All feedback to the issues highlighted for discussion, will form part of the Auditor-General’s evaluation in his submission to the relevant authorities.

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