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Criminals running logging firms in PNG

gary juffa

ANDREW ALPHONSE in the Post Courier

LOGGING companies in this country are run and owned by ‘foreign criminals Mafias’ who have no regard for the laws of this sovereign nation.

Oro Governor Garry Juffa said this during a press conference early Wednesday morning. He later raised the same during Question Time in Parliament.

Governor Juffa said foreign logging companies are hell-bent to exploit our virgin forests without any compliance to the rules and laws governing timber operations in the country.

He said with their no-care attitude, they also use our very own police force against fellow citizens of this country. Governor Juffa said this after policemen engaged by a Malaysian logging company in Oro last week assaulted, arrested and locked up 17 local landowners who protested over illegal logging of their customary forest.

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Governor Juffa said the particular logging firm is illegal conducting logging at the Yamagapa area bordering Morobe and Oro which is not in their licensed area of logging as permitted by the National Forest Authority (NFA).

He said several times when landowners protested over these illegal logging in their area, the company uses police who employ heavy- handed tactics like beating and locking them up including dishing out inhuman treatments. Governor Juffa said policemen, state agencies in Oro like FNA officers and other line agencies are turning a blind -eye to the situation and as frustration is building up, the worst is imminent as landowners are already fed- up and willing to take law into their own lands.

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Governor Juffa demanded the NFA to immediately revoke the license of this company and have them deported adding that logging has being in operation in Oro for nearly 20 years but there is no economic return for the landowners and the provincial governments. He said all that is left is over 100 hectares of barren land not even reforested.

“I say even is enough and under my watch and leadership, I will stop all illegal logging in Oro,” Governor Juffa said.

In Parliament on Wednesday, Forest Minister Douglas Tomuresia said that he is aware of the logging incident and has advised his office to give the company a show- cause notice to explain.

He said officers have also being sent to investigate the allegations and a report of their findings would be made available to Governor Juffa soon.

  1. Rex Dagi
    July 24, 2015 at 8:13 pm

    In support of Oro Governor G. Juffa, Forestry Act should be deregulated and ban all Foreign logging operations, relinquish all licences to the customary landowners and regulate for exclusive rights only for customary landowners in the forest industry.

  2. Neki Kum
    July 24, 2015 at 8:17 pm

    Governor Juffa, You and Sam Basil are the true champion MPs and leaders PNG now rely on to fight for us on corruption and pressing issues. Please keep up the good work you are doing for us. We will one day see one of you become the PM and direct this sinking MV PNG. Thanks also and I admire both of you..if I were to stand for election I’ll definitely be in your camp with like minded leaders.

  3. Falaniko
    July 27, 2015 at 1:03 pm

    Governor Juffa in his continued stance against illegal logging must be applauded by all in the country. The forest minister Tomuriesa is nothing more than another clown and stooge who will be easily bought out by RH. Why we continue to elect idiots and clowns like Tomuriesa will always baffle me. Wake up people !

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