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Another twist to the SABL scandal: hundreds of illegal foreign workers

Not only have foreign logging companies gained access to millions of hecatres of forest using fraudulent agriculture leases, they have imported hundreds of foreign workers to clearfell the forests

150 illegal workers have been deported from just one SABL area…


Papua New Guinea has deported 130 Indonesians for lacking necessary permits to work at several timber companies. (Reuters Photo/Tarmizy Harva)

Papua New Guinea deports 150 illegal migrants to Indonesia

From the Big News Network (IANS)

Nearly 150 illegal migrants have been deported from Papua New Guinea to Indonesia, sources said on Friday.

An official told the state-run daily Post Courier that the migrants in West Sepik Province were working for a palm-oil company without proper permits for up to two years.

Customs officials confirmed the report but did not disclose any further details, Xinhua news agency reported.

“Most Asians have been entering the country as tourists and are often found to be illegal immigrants brought into PNG to perform jobs which nationals are capable of doing,” the official said.

In May, the PNG Attorney General Ano Pala sought ratification of an extradition treaty between PNG and Indonesia to help prosecute cross-boarder crimes.


PNG Deports 130 Indonesian Migrant Workers

By Roberth I Vanwi in the Jakarta Globe

An Indonesian official in Vanimo, Papua New Guinea revealed on Friday that 130 nationals working for several timber companies have been deported back to Indonesia via the Skow-Wurung region in Papua due to immigration violations, including incomplete work permits.

“At this time they are already in Indonesia. Most of those deported come from Indonesia, but there are also many workers from Malaysia and the Philippines,” Elmar Lubis said.

He added that although the migrant workers have been deported by the PNG government, the companies involved would bear all costs for repatriation, including salaries and transportation.

Based on information received, the Indonesians had violated immigration rules by using business visas while working for timber companies in Vanimo, PNG.


Islands in focus: PNG deports 136 Indonesians 

Source: The Jakarta Post

The Papua New Guinea (PNG) government has deported 136 Indonesian citizens for misusing their visas, alleging that the Indonesians entered the country on business visas but were working for timber companies.

The Indonesian Consul in Vanimo, Elmar Lubis, said that all of the deported Indonesian citizens had been working at lumber companies owned by a Malaysian businessman in Sandaun province.

“All the deportation costs were charged to the company. [The deportees] are currently in Jayapura and are set to be sent to their respective hometowns,” Elmar said in Jayapura on Friday.

Staff from the Indonesian Consulate in Vanimo, Elmar added, accompanied the deportees when they were sent home on Thursday.

“They weren’t deported for any wrongdoing, but for administrative issues. The company that hired them was slow to arrange licenses,” he said.


Illegals out

logging workers

Indonesians kicked out in border ops


ABOUT 150 illegal immigrants have been deported out of Wutung border post in West Sepik Province to Indonesia.

This was done yesterday through a successful joint operation by PNG Customs Service, Foreign Affairs and Immigration, and Labour and Industrial Relations departments with the support of police and Papua New Guinea Defence Force soldiers.

Customs confirmed the report but could not give further details.

Wutung village councillor Raphael Tungla told the Post-Courier that the operation along the border has resulted in the repatriation of 150 illegal immigrants, 12 of them women.

“These illegal immigrants have been working without proper working permits for an oil palm company in the province at the time of their deportation,” the councilor said.

Mr Tungla said these people were employed by the company at different times with the longest serving term of more than two years.

“Most Asians have been entering the country as tourists are often found to be illegal immigrants brought into PNG to perform jobs which nationals are capable of doing” he said.

Mr Tungla said as the leader of the community, he sees that more attention needs to given on border issues.

The people want effective and proper security measures taken to minimise all illegal smuggling of goods, firearms and human beings into the border.

This exercise is the first of its kind in the province and all credit goes back to each of the agencies involved for taking the lead to address the illegal activities happening along the border.

Mr Tungla said such illegal activity is not only happening in Vanimo but also in other parts of the country.

Mr Tungla commended all the agencies for efforts in delivering a successful operation that has seen the repatriating of these immigrants back to Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia.

It is not known if they have been deported already.

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