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More on Belden Namah, Bewani and the SABL land grab


Namah is no saint


The truth has been coming out for years but this latest Namah con game is what finally wakes us up to what Belden Namah has been doing right under our noses for years and even reported on the social media. He has been involved in one con game after another since at least 2008 when he was Forest Minister and at this point, only a fool wouldn’t have figured out the real pasin blo Belden. Want a summary of Namah’s Bewani scam? Here it is:

Belden Namah and Jimmy Tse partnered some years back to scam ‘investors’ out of their money. Bewani SABL was the perfect bait, being an incredibly large and rich source of valuable hardwood timber, all of which could be legally taken for free under the provisions of the resource grabbing SABL 99 year lease (PNG government receives not 1 toea in royalties from timber cut on SABLs). Namah and Tse reckoned that gave them the freedom to charge the “developers” for the timber themselves. There had already been so many SABLs where loggers had escaped their responsibility of planting cash crops as soon as they finished their logging, that is seems Namah and Tse weren’t all that concerned if this happened to Bewani.

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Serial logger, Belden Namah, cries foul over SABL land grab

It appears that Namah’s 2012 campaign money came at least partly from Jimmy Tse’s purchase of 100% of the Bewani SABL from Namah only 1 month after Namah got it registered. We also know that when Namah was Forestry minister, they attracted (probably equally unscrupulous) Malaysian investor Andrew Lim to deposit at least US $10 million into bank accounts scattered from Fiji to Hongkong, From 2007-2009, Lim deposited another nearly US $500,000 into accounts of Tse and Namah, again scatttered across the Pacific. What Lim didn’t know was that Tse had secretly brought in 2 Malaysian loggers, Tee and Tee, to Bewani. Namah’s partner, Jimmy Tse, then issued a bunch of new shares in the development which reduced Lim’s interest in Bewani from majority shareholder to only owning a tiny fraction of the development. The scam was finished, the money was made.

As long as Namah had his pockets filled with money, he wasn’t too concerned about either his people or what was going on back home with the logging. But there are enough reports to confirm Namah’s addiction to gambling and overall he seems to have the same ability to handle money as someone straight out of the stone age. he past few months, it became apparent that Namah was running out of money fast. His own people were getting angrier and angrier that no oil palm was being planted, something that Namah knew about all along, but which he neatly avoided by doing what most politicians do – he stayed well away from his people.

As his money reserves headed for empty, for some reason he wasn’t able to milk Malaysians Tee and Tee out of enough money to satisfy his needs. They obviously weren’t interested in cutting their own profits to put money into Namah’s pockets. Increasingly desperate, Namah, hatched a scheme to pull another “Andrew :Lim scam”, but this time becoming Sandaun governor so that he could kick Tee and Tee off Bewani land and bring in another developer, this time a businessman from India.

Presumably the Indian promised to plant oil palm after shipping out all the valuable hardwoods, but Namah shouldn’t count on that. Scumbags tend to attract other scumbags, and the end game is little more than a game of who can con the other out of their money, no holds barred. After all, the money they’re playing with isn’t theirs. They’ve conned it out of someone else prior to the challenge!

  1. pngecho
    May 21, 2015 at 10:17 am

    He’s despicable.

  2. Ingolop
    May 23, 2015 at 1:26 pm

    In the meantime time the people of Papua New Guinea suffer? Is something being done about it and all other corrupt dealings happening or does PNG give up its Independence as at seems not one person that goes into Government knows how to manage let alone govern the country. The rest of the world should know that it seems the PNG Government is not capable of looking after its sick and vulnerable citizens. What a shame.

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