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Paraka again evading exposure and justice

PNG court prevents tabling of Paraka report

Source: Radio New Zealand

Papua New Guinea’s National Court has issued an order to prevent a Commission of Inquiry report into payments made to legal firms by the state, from being tabled in parliament.

The Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, announced the inquiry last year, a day after an arrest warrant was served on him in relation to his alleged involvement in illegal payments to a law firm headed by Paul Paraka.

Our correspondent, Todagia Kelola, says the report by former judge Warwick Andrews is understood to have been completed, but the Fly River Provincial Executive Council went to court to seek a judicial review, arguing unfair treatment.

“That report was given to the Prime Minister to be tabled by him on the floor of parliament. Now the Fly River Provincial Government was aggrieved by that and went to the National Court seeking a judicial review on the COI’s report.”

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Court stops lawyer payments report

Source: Samuel Raitano / Post Courier

THE National Court had prevented Prime Minister Peter O’Neill from tabling the commission of inquiry (COI) report on the payments to lawyers and law firms by the State.

The stay order was successfully sought by the Fly River provincial executive council.

The COI was carried out by judge Warwick Andrew following issues taken to court over monies paid to law firms by the State which were claimed to have been dubious in nature.

The Fly River provincial executive council, led by the governor and district administrator, had asked the court to stop the report from being tabled as they wanted a judicial review by the court of law on its findings and recommendations.

Acting Judge Leka Nablu when handing down the decision said the plaintiff had relied on four grounds and one ultimate ground.

The ruling yesterday was in the PEC’s favour because it was claimed that the plaintiff (PEC) was not informed that there would be adverse findings made against it.

Justice Nablu said it was found that there was an arguable case and if the tabling was allowed to proceed there would be irreparable damages done to the plaintiff’s reputation if the court, in its judicial review, found that the contents of the report were not that correct.

Also if the judicial review found that the matter taken before it was improper it would not affect the Prime Minister to have delayed the tabling of the report.

In order to maintain the status quo, the tabling of the report was temporarily stopped until the judicial review was settled.

  1. Nicholas. R. Leo
    May 2, 2015 at 6:29 pm

    Our country is now being ripped apart by white collar leaders , who joined the public administration and political arena of our young nation , during the period as of the 1900 till today .. it is going to be worse yet .. this already predicated that when the time comes , it is signs of the times , and no body in this country or on this planet will correct what is happening. This same corruptible values are intensively in built on the pillars of government systems and influence by the most developed and power full nations of this planet earth. ( the G7) to name one powerful influencer . there is not a single earthly authority that is able to bring back moral values to supersede immoral influence in order to realise what moral mortals are in desirously anticipating for common good will and humanly prosperous future Unfortunately , it is now a time predicted for global disorder , down fall of moral principals, and the reigning of the Devils superiority . Godly mortal & faith full will be victims, it is the beginning of the END.

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