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Controversial Filipino group mix business with religion on Bougainville


President Momis with the executives behind POGE at a meeting in the Philippines

POGE’s four pastoral steps to heaven

Controversial business group Program of Global Excellence (POGE) has already launched its so called programs of enriching the people of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. On the Catholic feast day of the Divine Mercy at the Our Lady of Mercy church in Arawa, the POGE contingent was allowed to perpetrate their agenda during mass. Not only were they allowed to, but the presiding celebrant Fr. Thomas made the congregation remain by not ending mass. This was almost a blackmail of the mass ritual as the priest had, allegedly with intent, conditioned the people to listen to the representatives at a time when they were contemplating on the special feast day.

Read more about Momis and the people behind POGE: Bougainville’s President Momis teams-up with Filipino execs slammed in human rights scandal

The representative of the Filipino POGE contingent without shame began promoting business success under POGE. Again this was done during mass. What was revealed to the unaware and very much ill-informed congregation was the Four Pastoral Steps they have to follow in order to achieve success which will ultimately lead them to “heaven”.

POGE Representative: “Do you want to go to heaven?”

Congregation: “Yes!”

POGE Representative: “Then you must follow the four pastoral steps so that you can go to heaven!”

The four pastoral steps include business initiatives coupled with spirituality. Somehow the mixture of God and business struck a similar resemblance to the infamous International Bank of Meekamui scam run by King Julien look alike from the movie Madagascar; King Peii II, aka Noah Musingku.

The POGE representative further went on to say that the contingent were in Bougainville to set up the ground work in order for the program to start.

What was sad about the whole situation was the fact the Catholic Church of Bougainville is now very much involved with a group that has been criticized for human rights violations in the Philippines. There is no stop to this ridiculous circus of obviously crooked deals between the church and the government of Bougainville, particularly the current ABG house.

It seems now that the local directors of the Bougainville POGE business venture, including Dr. John Momis and Michael Oni; have left the task to the Catholic Church to facilitate POGE workshops at different parishes in Central Bougainville. And this cannot be good when the bulk of the population is predominantly Catholic, hence the cash-in on influence will be great.

A sad thing though the people will be at the receiving end of the stick when it comes to following the four pastoral steps to go to heaven. The talk of Arawa town at this time is the election and POGE, in almost every corner in town, local inhabitants of Arawa and the surrounding villages are curious about this business religion mix venture.

It seems that these local Directors and shareholders, President Momis and Michael Oni, also have the mining issue to tend to, well that is if they retain their respective seats for the presidency and the Ioro constituency this election.

The affirmation by president Momis on the mining issue indicates the very threatening fear that the people of Bougainville dare not to go through again. And now with this POGE program; the kind of outcome that will transpire when people realize that achieving heaven does not take four pastoral steps is something that will unfold at its own time. The people of Bougainville are not stupid, but they can be misled by those who they trust, particularly the church and government. And this is a gamble of peoples’ trust on a scheme that has a very shady background.

  1. Vaclav Havel
    May 10, 2015 at 1:38 am

    A business representative interrupting a Catholic Mass service to make a corporate sales pitch?! Unbelievable, the lengths to which these corporations will go to solicit the support and approval of ordinary people in this country for their dubious projects! When they’re not sacrilegiously trampling all over hallowed customs and traditions, they’re seeking to co-opt the support of (and manipulate) people by feigning solidarity with their cultural traditions and beliefs. When will our politicians stop making such ”Faustian” bargains with these disreputable entities?! Are we so desperate for revenue that we overlook the integrity of the corporations we contract with in favor of the prospects (often vacuous) of great mutual profit that are often promised by them?

  1. May 15, 2015 at 7:04 am
  2. September 30, 2015 at 9:31 am

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