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EM TV news edited to remove corruption story embarrassing to the government

Last Thursday, the 5th of March, EM TV featured on its primetime 6pm television news bulletin a story about the massive K780 million Finance Department fraud.

Thursday was the fifth anniversary of the tabling of a Commission of Inquiry report into the fraud.

The EMTV’s news bulletin highlighted the fact the Commission recommendations have never been acted on: none of the 58 people identified for prosecution have ever been arrested, charged or appeared in court; and none of the K780 million in public funds has ever been recovered. All of which is very embarrassing for a Prime Minister who, when he took power, promised us his government would be tough on corruption.

But very strangely when the EM TV news show was posted on-line on Friday, the Finance Department fraud story had been completely edited out!

The fact the on-line version of program has been edited is confirmed by the video’s running time. The EM TV evening news program is aired from 6pm to 7pm every night. Once the commercials have been removed, the actual bulletin runs for 45 or 46 minutes.

The online news bulletin’s for the 2nd of March, 3rd of March and 5th of March are all between 44 and 48 minutes in length. But, as can be seen below, the online bulletin for the 5th is just 17 minutes long!

What is going on at EM TV?

We all know that in February the government took control of EM TV with State-owned enterprise Telikom PNG buying Media Niugini from its previous Fijian owners, Fiji TV. Telikom also owns the FM100 radio station.

Is the government influincing our number one media broadcaster?

EM TV please explain!


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