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PNG NGO holds birthday bash over massive fraud case

Birthday bash message

Dateline Pacific – Radio New Zealand

A Papua New Guinea anti-corruption NGO has hosted a so-called “Birthday Bash” to mark the anniversary of non-action over a report into a series of major fraud cases.

It’s five years today since the tabling in parliament of a Commission of Inquiry Report into of illegal transactions involving PNG’s Finance Department which date back about a decade.

287 million US dollars of public money was misappropriated by a network of politicians, law firms and senior bureaucrats.

Johnny Blades has more:

A long-running and massive fraud seems hardly a cause for celebration but PNG’s anti-corruption NGO Act Now is in a creative mood about raising awareness. Act Now’s Effrey Dademo says no one implicated in the Finance Department Commission of Inquiry report has been prosecuted since 2010.

EFFREY DADEMO:  And since then there has really nothing been done on its recommendations.  Successive governments have not moved on implementing the recommendations which basically are to prosecute those people implicated and also to make ways into recovering the amount of money that has been stolen by each of those individuals.

The director of the PNG police Fraud and Anti-Corruption unit confirms they are not currently probing cases stemming from the Finance Department inquiry report. Mathew Damaru says this is partly because they are focussed on so many other cases, including ones related to around a dozen MPs. He admits that action on the report stalled after some of those implicated forced a court stay order on proceedings.

MATTHEW DAMARU: We are not working on it because there was a court order stopping everybody from dealing with the report. It goes back some years back so I can’t even remember what it was but at the moment nobody has been charged yet.

Transparency International PNG’s Lawrence Stephens says the inquiry into the Finance Department is yet another example of a Commission of Inquiry set up by the country’s leaders which simply ends up gathering dust.

LAWRENCE STEPHENS:  We have a long list of inquiries that don’t appear to have come up with satisfactory outcomes as far as the people are concerned.  It’s almost as if at times the inquiry is a way of calming us down, everybody has their opportunity to present information and then the information is not acted upon.

Effrey Dademo says the report is still available to be actioned.

EFFREY DADEMO:  Basically no one wants to move on it for various reasons but otherwise it’s been an inquiry, a public inquiry, using taxpayers money to stage it and complete it so it’s just like any inquiry tabled in parliament.  It should be actioned for the good of the nation.

Effrey Dademo says the government must start implementing the report’s well-detailed recommendations. She says the fraud involved a huge amount of public funds that could have better been used to pay 5,000 nurses salaries for 10 years or to build 370 new classrooms or provide 6,200 new rural aid posts. But instead the money disappeared into the hands of a few corrupt lawyers, politicians and public servants.


  1. March 6, 2015 at 3:00 pm

    Everyone in this country is covered by the same Laws and Constitutions of our country, regardless of who’s involved in theft of these millions of Kinas, PLEASE bring those involved to justice and apply the punishment terms accordingly and appropriately with no delays.

    If NO prompt actions are taken against those involved, then we have no respect to rule PNG as a country of its own, no respect to protect its Laws and Constitutions and no respect to our people of this country.

    Concern PNG

  2. Trigger Slone
    March 7, 2015 at 12:58 pm

    If we want to bring those thieves to face prosecution, we need to dispose or drop about 80% of the current members in parliment during 2017 general election and this is fact. Let us forget about bribery during next election and get the right people to save this beautiful country.

    • March 7, 2015 at 2:29 pm

      That’s absolutely correct Trigger, in order to bring the right people into parliament to run this country free of such corruption practices, the following steps need to be in-placed;

      1. Stop or refrain those politicians and parliamentarians from going for next elections, this includes any public servants reported to be involved in misappropriations of public funds, misappropriations in office, those found or reported of any corrupt and bribery deals etc.

      2. Make a very strong awareness in all Provinces/Districts/villages instructing all people not to favour and vote for those candidates bringing briberies during election times, put a strong warning by encouraging all people that if any person is found voting in favour of bribery then that person would be prosecuted straight away.

      3. This point is very IMPORTANT, this is the only way all our good elected contestants seem to be losing all the times and wrong people end up in parliament every election seasons.


      After election, counting takes place; During the counting process in any elections, All counting officials in the counting rooms become the worse corrupted people, they make thousands and thousands of kinas through demanding briberies from contestants. Therefore, PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT, during any manual election periods and counting in any areas, the Electoral Commission and the Government MUST engage the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and some selected team from the Transparency International PNG to supervise, double check and reconfirm all ballot papers and votes based on which elected member/contestant can be finally declared as the winner of that particular election.

      We must start actioning this process now and stop corrupted people into parliament, make PNG a corruption- free country in the Pacific and the world.


      Concern Papua New Guinea.

  3. Will self
    March 8, 2015 at 4:06 pm

    The usual windbags again. To start with, the amount stolen is much, much more than the COI found. From one Trust Account alone over K 1.5 billion disappeared in two years, and there are at least 350 such accounts.. Read the Auditors reports. Read the PAC reports. I guess that approximately 60 % of the development Budget and recurrent budgets are misappropriated every year and now , courtesy of the 2014 Supplementary Budget passed in December 2014, almost half a billion was stolen from Trust Accounts set up for service and development delivery – that is roads, schools, health and other vital services to pay for – you guessed it – the South Pacific Games and roads and bridges to nowhere.

    No plan to pay this back. Not dealt with at all in the 2015 Budget. That money is gone – as is all the money identified by the COI. No action will be taken and the theft will never stop – so turn your attention to achievable matters, not fantasies.

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