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Australia’s boomerang aid will not assist governance in PNG

February 12, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

Australia its pouring millions of dollars into its own Universities to teach PNG public servants not to steal while ignoring the real corruption that deprives ordinary people in PNG of access to basic services.

PNG politicians and bureaucrats already know the difference between right and wrong and don’t need patronizing Australian university courses to explain it to them.

What Australia should be doing is stopping the syphoning of billions of dollars in stolen PNG taxpayers money through Australian banks and into real estate schemes in Brisbane and Cairns, posh Australian public schools, its glitzy casinos and expensive private hospitals.

But Australia has no interest in stopping the huge economic boost it receives from corruption in PNG so instead it will just keep pretending to support ‘good governance’ through its pathetic boomerang aid schemes…

Australian scheme to boost governance in Papua New Guinea

Rowan Callick | The Australian

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott had no interest in asking PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill about the SABL land grab and illegal logging when the pair met in Jakarta. Source: Supplied

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott had no interest in asking PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill about the SABL land grab and illegal logging when the pair met in Jakarta. Source: Supplied

THE first stage has been completed of an Australian program to improve governance in Papua New Guinea.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop signed a memorandum two months ago to establish a Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct in Port Moresby’s public service and university hub of Waigani valley. The program also aims to help build partnerships between Australian and PNG institutions.

As an initial step, 27 senior PNG public servants partici­pated in an executive course run by the universities of Queensland and PNG. The Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Australia and New Zealand School of Government, the Australian Public Service Commission, Canberra Institute of Technology Solutions and the Australian National University are also involved, planning leadership courses and developing university, certificate and diploma-level qualifications.

The new precinct in Waigani will include a School of Business and Public Policy at the University of PNG and the adjacent Institute of Public Administration.

Ms Bishop said yesterday: “As a friend and partner of PNG, Australia recognises that an ­effective and ethical public sector is vital for PNG’s stability and prosperity.”

The launch of the program coincides with an intensification of government control of key institutions in PNG, as the country enters the second half of its five-year parliament, when the ruling coalition becomes theoretically vulnerable to votes of no-­confidence.

But the government of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has kept consolidating its power rather than seeing it erode, as has tended to happen with previous PNG administrations.

  1. Ingolop
    February 12, 2015 at 9:45 pm

    The true Papua New Guinean is dying while the so-called Papua New Guinean live and travel in luxury. OUR PEOPLE ARE DYING! MY RELATIVES ARE DYING! EVERYONE ELSE’S FAMILY ARE DYING! How loud do we have to shout before we are heard?

    Somebody, someone or something…PLEASE!

    We need people that are not GREEDY, CORRUPT and SELFISH to run this country. Someone that knows that Nation Building Starts From Home.

    Maybe it is high time now for the United Nations to intervene and the whole world must see why a country rich in mineral and marine resources cannot look after its sick and vulnerable.

    Come on people. Let’s stop hiding behind the shield of Sovereignty and admit that we haven’t got the skills to govern our country.

    Something must be done NOW!. Not later.

  2. Ryan
    February 13, 2015 at 9:24 am

    Politicians will simply use non Australian banks & invest the money in another country, problem wont be solved.

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