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Complaints after complaints about abuse and over exploitation by the RD Tuna Cannery workers of Madang Province, and not once did the Madang Provincial Labor officer look into them.

RD markets the Diana brand in PNG

RD markets the Diana brand in PNG

This is because Peter Neimani, the Provincial Labor Officer is said to be on RD’s payroll, so his hands are quite tied up and unable to address the workers complaints. You see, Peter has been and is still being paid by these foreigners every fortnight to keep all complaints against the company under the carpet.

This highlights two things, first is that the RD Cannery had planned to mistreat, abuse and exploit its workers long before doing so, and part of its plan was to find a puppet to brush away the complaints and even cover for them, and the puppet is Peter Neimani.

Secondly, being on RD’s payroll means Peter’s getting paid fortnightly while he’s playing ‘Labor officer’ for the government, so he gets two pay packets every fortnight. Paid by the government for being lousy and paid by the company to be the puppet that they can use however they want, anytime they wish, so long as they put some money on him.

Being on RD’s payroll is not all, Peter’s children’s school fees are all paid for by this much controversial fishing company year in year out, and the vehicle he’s driving around was also bought and handed to him by the company. Peter is among the ‘top shots’ puppets in the province (Nixon Duban is another one of them), who get cartons of ‘export brand’ tinned fish delivered to their doorsteps by the company.

Most of the workers doing the hard labor work are PNG nationals. Innocent men, women and youths showing up everyday and standing all day long to honestly earn a living, but are used by the company as tools. The Philippines workers are said to be ‘supervisors’, which jobs is really to walk around and make sure the nationals are working hard non-stop, and also to keep an eye on them and report to the management at the end of everyday.

The continuous abuses and exploitation of the workers are in all forms unimaginable to anyone who’s enjoying a RD product both locally and Internationally. RD is the company that pays K80 a fortnight to every faithful worker. It is the company that pays K200 and way less for workers who resigned after working for 17 years or more. It is the company that deducts from the workers ‘already low’ pay, allowances when it issues safety gears or provide transportation.

The list of these very ill, inhumane treatments continues, and the workers say they’ve lost count of how many times they’ve turned up at Peter Neimani’s office and told him. It seems Peter is way too busy enjoying the cartons of 48 cans of export brand tinned fish, a free ride on school fees for his kids and a tinted glass vehicle to even notice his fellow countrymen and women, practically crying their hearts out to him.

  1. Lydia
    January 20, 2015 at 12:25 pm

    Such people did not know their true purpose in life.

  2. Rosab
    March 12, 2015 at 12:39 pm

    It has been an ongoing issue eversince. why are teh people not doing anyting if the government can not help? SELF HELP APPROACH is an accepted Dispute Resolution method. i find no reason to adopt it!!

  3. Vaclav Havel
    May 9, 2015 at 10:32 pm

    It sickens me, the extent to which neoliberalism has run roughshod over the interests of common people here in this country! We have to fight very, very hard to take our country back from these entrenched interests that want nothing more than to expropriate our resources and leave us in the lurch, with little to nothing to show for it in the end.

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