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Operation Render Safe only skin deep

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False prophet

The Render Safe Operation is a joint operation between the Australian Defence Force, Bougainville Police Service and community police. The operation is said to be focused on removing World War 2 bombs from the West coast of Torokina District. The call for the operation was said to be from the women of Torokina (Hakalits. S, Mothers welcome operation, 27th.10.2014, Post Courier). This has, however, been denied by the community.

According to the community the call for the operation was made by the ABG’s President, John Momis, and its business partner Henry Chow and its purpose is to clear the way for the Torokina oil palm project. As well as the oil palm project are there any other motives?

Enter ABG Vice President Patrick Nisira who, under the influence of alcohol, has disclosed to this reporter his leader Momis’ interest in the Torokina plateau and the resource beneath the sea,. It is the alternative way forward to mining that repays 2010’s campaign money worth K30 million received upon a corrupt deal with Fong. As opposition to Panguna Mine gains momentum a desperate Momis gets on-board the Australian Marine force to tap into the biggest oil basin in the Southern Hemisphere.

Member for Ioro, Micheal Oni, and Minister for Mining also mentioned to this reporter that Panguna is not the only option for economy recovery. ‘The government cannot go without mining thus we are targeting Torokina oil and palm oil through the Operation Render Safe’. It was great to see him laugh after he said that.

There is a plan to build a pipeline from Torokina to Australia via Kesa in the Haku Constituency on Buka island, the oil drilling plant will have to start because the government is desperate.

On the ground people have questioned why if the operation came in for safety were they not able to remove bombs that are 5 meters beneath the ground. The interest an anonymous leader said is not on the land. People’s safety is in the sea, that is why there is much focus underwater and not on land.

Momis and his government will soon abolish the Panguna Land Owners Association. They have already sensed the area that can help to achieve their dire need, and it’s none other than Torokina. A place where our humble population is found.

Operation Render Safe and the oil palm project are the scape goats to this hidden motive that has leaked into the air. If it was not for attaining the promises made to BCL then the 2010 American Army operation should have continued. They are the ones whose base was Torokina. It is where the American 16 foot thick ammunition cellar is.

  1. Dennis Vitou
    November 27, 2014 at 3:45 pm

    We the people of Torokina suspected something fishy about the Operation Render Safe very early, even before the operation was effected. We knew it has something to do with the Oil Palm Project. More to the point. Torokina supplied the ammos and some wartime firearms during the crisis. We suspected that removing these from Torokina would then make it safe for the President and Henry Chow to pursue th OPP in Torokina. Well, we have news for them. THERE WILL BE NO OIL PALM IN TOROKINA – period.
    As for the oil in the Torokina basin, yes, we knew about it too – 20 years ago.
    We the people of Torokina, and I urge the people of Bougainville to do the same, will monitor developments on this issue and will contribute our thoughts. It’s too early to delve into it.
    But No Thanks – NO OIL PALM.

  2. November 28, 2014 at 7:44 am

    Good on you Dennis. Why the oil palm when your cocoa cannot be picked up from Torokina and sold to buyers in Buka and then suddenly the ABG is interested in palm oil. We will stand with you on your campaign for “NO PALM OIL IN TOROKINA. There is so much money flowing into Bougainville and yet the Agriculture sector especially on cocoa and coconut is being left on the back burner while some crazy thoughts on palm oil is being floated by greedy Bougainvilleans. Who is going to slave for this project. Bougainvilleans cannot work as labourers for other other Bougainvilleans. They are enterpreanuers in their own right and doing things to sustain themselves.

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