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Landowners oppose Momis plan to bring Asians to log Buin forests

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John Momis at the signing ceremony with PME in Manilla

John Momis is bringing a combination of Korean and Malaysian companies in to log Buin forests

New Dawn radio is reporting that landowners from the Tonolei Timber Rights area in Buin are opposed to President Momis’ move to bring Asian companies in to log their forests.

The landowners have disassociated themselves from dealing with any outsiders and want to work with locally owned Bougainville businesses. At the same time other prominent Bougainvilleans are expressing their concern more generally at the influx of Chinese and Asian business into Bougainville.

As was revealed last week ABG President John Momis signed a contract with a Korean company, PME International in 2013, allowing them to conduct logging, mining and tuna fishing operations on Bougainville. PME subsidiary company, PME Niugini now holds the logging rights to 60,000 hectares of forest including the Tonolei Forest Area in the Buin district. PME Niugini has signed a contract with a Malaysian company, Priceworth International, do carry out the logging and forest clearance operations.

Spokesman and titleholder of one of the Tonolei forest blocks, Francis Mona told New Dawn FM that Bougainville some time back resolved not to allow logging throughout the island and questioned who was behind this move to get Asians into Tonolei. He also questioned why certain leaders are making these decisions against ABG ‘s own policies.

Mr Mona says that landowners have sawmills that can be contracted to provide Sawn timber to whoever is interested in Bougainville timber.

Other Bougainvilleans are also concerned that Chinese and Asians coming into the region will spoil Bougainville’s economy. Isaac Thompson has told New Dawn that these Asians are not complying with the ABG’s economic policy and are not following proper procedures.

Mr Thompson says he wants the general public and citizens of Bougainville to be reminded that they must be firm because if we are not careful in stopping and controlling these Asians they can destroy the Bougianville economy. He says there is a big problem emerging and he is urging Bougianville leaders, even in the ABG to try and continue to pressure the President to take some measures to control the situation.

    March 21, 2016 at 8:03 am

    Since,png got its inderpendance and bougainville got autonomous goverment,,we the people of tounolei n lavellai need road access to our area,,a road that is sustain all year around,,,,,can u mr fransice mona n mr thompson give us that road? Ofcourse no,
    U tok about sawmills ,,how on earth can u get a saw mill into the tounolei area which don`t have road access.how will u get the sawn timbers out of a forest that is more than 8,000hctres and far from the main buin high way,
    We have been using sea transport as that is the only means available,,,we risk our lives by travelling the rough sea`s to get basic health care from hospitals,,
    So,with all these in mind,,we the land owners have firstly signed agreements with pme niu guinea before approaching ABG with our intention, to harvest our forest and plant oil palm,thus we Will have a road that is mantain all year around,,not like other roads in bougainville that only awaiits funding from aid donors to repair,,
    Maybe u have a better approach to our needs
    This project was not shove down to us by president momis…we the landowners have ourselves approach pme niu guinea for this project,,,and it took us 7years ,,to get this project done,,,so please mind your own business and concentrate on your land,

  2. silate,matuala sakala
    March 21, 2016 at 9:02 am

    President John momis didnt bring this company to us (tounolei landowners),we need road access ,we are not stupid,,no logs will be shipped out,,but all logs will be process in the area by a processing plant to be built by pme,,,so that we can have cheaper timber and ply wood,,,we need road access that is mantain all year round,,so for that comes oilpalm plantation,,,
    Oil palm consumes more co2 n gives out more oxygen than the natural rain forest,,so come pme and lets work togather,,but be warned if u do not comply with our signed agreements ,than u will pack up and go,,

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