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Malaysian company to log forests on Bougainville

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According to a Malaysian media report a Sabah-based company called Priceworth International has signed a contract to log and clear forests in the Buin district on Bougainville: Priceworth inks logging services deal in PNG


The Malaysian logging industry has a very poor record of environmental damage, human rights abuses and corruption in PNG.

The report says Priceworth International has entered into the agreement with PME Niugini Ltd and will provide services for logging and clearing in the Tonolei Block One Forest Area.

Priceworth International claims to have signed both a Memorandum of Understanding and Memorandum of Agreement with PME, a company incorporated in PNG. PME claims it has a Forest Clearance Authority which gives it the rights to clear the forest.

  1. November 17, 2014 at 6:23 pm

    This is the all-stock-and-barrel attitude of Malaysian loggers that have accessed rights to logging to almost the entire log-gable forest area in PNG. And lo and behold, Bougainville is now about to be added to the list of susceptible victims to become another foolish minion in search of small change from the millions that this company is determined to go in and make from cutting down our remaining old growth rainforest on the Island. One can’t help thinking what must be going through Priceworth International as they prepare to see Bougainville become another easy prey to the unscrupulous logging menace that Malaysian loggers are renown for.

    Who is PME Niugini Ltd?

    It is probably not hard to imagine what might be going through the minds of the owners of Priceworth International. this is what they are probably thinking and saying and this is a portrayal of the attitude that we might expect to hear coming out of the CEO’s mouth.

    “Good bye Bougainville Peace Agreement. Give way ABG. Don’t bother President Momis. Referendum is none of our business. You can’t hold us responsible for the crisis and all the lives lost.

    WE have a proper, legitimate, legal Agreement signed with the landowners to come in and harvest your logs, ship them away and pay you what we think the trees are worth. The trees weren’t worth anything just standing there. They were going to die of old age until we come and put a price and pay you to take them away. Mind you, there is no reason why you cannot buy them back from us for a processed, value added price if you need them for the reconstruction of Bougainville. We are a PNG registered company and IPA approved. This is sufficient for us to do business in Tonolei as at the moment Bougainville is still a Province of PNG. We have not heard, seen or been told of any opposition to this logging project.

    Every indication from the locals from the area that we are involved with is that all the landowners support the project. We have been told that for a lot of the landowning families the cash from log exports is the only opportunity for them to earn, see and smell real money. You can’t stop development. Logging in this country is synonymous with progress and modernity. Who does not want progress and live a modern life?

    We are legal, we have a task, we have obligations to fulfill with our local partners and we have deadlines. It is absolutely possible that if all goes the FCA with our partners may allow us to clear more areas, vast areas we hope, in Tonolei.

    There is a very beautiful, deep natural harbor which is perfect for loading lots of logs without traveling long distances from the logging sites to where the ships will be anchored. We have looked at environmental impact carefully and we can assure you there will be minimal disturbance and destruction of the natural forest. Your rivers and streams are safe and your fish stock that swim up into the harbor will not be affected. WE have a proud record when it comes to avoiding and minimizing any adverse environmental impact that some people might be quite concerned about.

    Now, all there is to be done now is get all the equipment we will ever need to Tonolei without any further delay. We must pay back the trust of the local land owners and our partners who have invited us to start clearing without any unnecessary and unwarranted delay. Time lost is money lost. And money lost in Bougainville is hard to fathom when you have resources for the picking by companies like ours that are willing and ready to pay and leave you at peace.

    Oh, just one more thing. Priceworth International has no intention of consulting the ABG on this venture. We do not see the need to. Why should we when an NGO like Jubilee Australia shunned the ABG and got away with it.

    Now, we have business to attend to with our local partners.”

    Priceworth International

    • silate,matuala sakala
      March 21, 2016 at 8:15 am

      We the tonolei land owners have a agreement with pme niu guinea that all trees cut for the clearance to plant oilpalm,,all trees will not be taken or shipped out,,but pme will build a timber n ply wood processing plant, that will process EVERY tree cut in the tounolei area,

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