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Have the police sided with David Arore and Delilah Gore?

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By The Critic PNG

It has been several days since David Arore, Deliah Gore and a gang of council presidents broke into the Haus of assembly in an act of desecration again the very people they represent.

The Arore gang, funded by Delilah Gore’s Community Development Ministry funds and logging money pissed on the constitution and the legal system and mocked the people of Oro province knowing they are too timid  to do anything against them.

So far only five people have been arrested. They include former convict premier of the Oro province, Sylvanias Siembo, (who spent  several years in jail) and former administrator, Owen Awaita.

The question that hangs over, what has now become a saga, is:

“Have  the police sided with  the Ijiviari MP, David Arore and Community Development Minister, Delilah Gore?”

Why has the Oro Province Provincial Police Commander not acted to arrest David Arore who led the mob? Have they been bought off?

The people of Oro must know that Arore and Gore have a known history of paying off police.

Gore paid for the Southern Region task force to be present when the mob broke into the assembly building. They, through their inaction, supported Arore and Gore.

Arore also has a cozy, “beer money” relationship with corrupt police from different units. Has the PPC been paid off by Arore?

These are questions everyone needs to ask.

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