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Deputy PM backs Juffa as legitimate Governor of Oro

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Grand Chief Hon. Leo Dion, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Inter Government Relations

As the Minister responsible for Provincial Governments and Local-level Government matters, I am concerned about the events and a purported vote of no confidence against Hon. Garry Juffa MP, Governor for Oro Province by a disgruntled faction of the Provincial Assembly Members.

I am condemning these actions as it will set a very bad precedent and a threat to the unity and security of the nation. In any given situations the national interest and the collective interests of the people are paramount, thus must take priority over others, personal and parochial interests.

Let me remind all parties involved that the Office of the Provincial Governor in each Province is established by law and the Governors are duly elected by the people through the election process to represent them for the full term of Parliament, which is five years.

Just like any other Governors and political leaders in the country, Hon. Garry Juffa was elected by the people of Oro Province through exercising their constitutional rights and freedom of choice to represent them for the full term to deliver services and bring changes.

Therefore it is only fair and appropriate for the people (voters) themselves to assess performances and judge Hon. Garry Juffa upon the completion of his full term as their mandated and legitimate Governor.

There must be genuine reasons supported with facts and evidences that the majority of the people of Oro are being neglected of much needed services. These may warrant and justify the actions of the Provincial Assembly Members to put a Vote of No Confidence against the Governor.

According to the information provided, set legal processes and procedures were not followed when moving the vote of no confidence against Hon. Garry Juffa, thus he is still the legitimate Governor of the Oro Province.

The last thing I want to see as the Minister responsible is instability, disunity and political infightings that will do nothing good but destabilise the provincial government. These will inevitably result in derailing the development process and unnecessarily delaying the effective flow of services to the innocent people of Oro Province who deserve the best from their political leaders.

I am also warning the Heads of LLGs in the Oro Province who make up majority of the Provincial Assembly membership not to abuse your respective offices by taking sides or causing instability in the smooth operations and governance of the province.

I will send a fact finding team from my department and other relevant agencies to establish the issues affecting the Oro Provincial Governments, Provincial Administration and the Local-level Governments aimed at resolving the current issues and improving governance for the long term to effectively deliver services.

Finally as the Minister responsible, in these crucial times I am appealing for calm and urging all the political leaders from the Oro Province to put the differences aside and work together as a team by taking the opportunities provided through the allocation of huge development funds (PSIP, DSIP and LLGSIP) to develop the province for the betterment of the people.

I trust that maturity, understanding and common sense will prevail to resolve this issue for the common good of the people of Oro Province.

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