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The Warrior Governor battles the witch and the drunk

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Some background to the illegal attempts to hijack democracy in Oro Province and forcefully remove  Governor Gary Juffa

The truth of the matter is that Gary Juffa has a solid, unshakable standing in the eyes of the local and international community.  He served a distinguished career in various capacities in government including a long stint as the no nonsense head of PNG Customs who impounded illegal weapons and contraband and facilitated the jailing of  Asians who entered the country illegally.

David AroreDavid Arore served a less than distinguished career as a high school teacher, paid off by the Somare government to join his party after the elections. Little is known about Arore apart from his drunkenness in Popondetta town and  his association with criminals and his alleged corruption. Last year he was arrested for bribery but is yet to stand trial. In his arrogance, he failed miserably as Minister for Higher Education and was so much of an embarrassment to the Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill that the PM had to have him removed  from the portfolio.

Delilah GoreDelilah Gore is a virtual unknown who accumulated sympathy votes and won because Sohe could not find a “leader” in her stead in time for the elections. She was as much a failure during the Unitech crisis, labeling  the students criminals when they were standing up for their rights. Being so ill-informed and ignorant she said in a public statement that such strikes like that of Unitech had never happened in other universities throughout the world. Her intellectual capacity is highly questionable leading her to be labelled an ‘airhead’. Yet she claims credit for “ending the strike” when the hard yards were actually done by Ministers Kerenga Kua, Robert Atiyafa, Ben Micah and Richard Maru. Delilah Gore came under a tidal wave of public criticism when she made headlines in one of the daily papers after she refused to switch off her mobile phone during an Air Niugini commercial flight from Popondetta Gore is a sad failure both as Minister and MP.

Garry Juffa has fought the logging companies responsible for the decimation of lives in the Musa-Pongani area. As he fought the battle alone, Gore and Arore plotted in the secrecy and  comfort of the Grand Papua hotel in Port Moresby so far removed from reality in Popondetta.

Delilah Gore is nothing more than a scheming witch who used K17,000 of ministerial funds to pay for allowances and accommodation of  local level government presidents who plotted the removal of a legitimate governor. In her stupidity,  she also paid for the notorious police taskforce  of the Southern Command to travel to Popondetta prior to her rent-a-crowd storming the house of assembly building. As for David Arore… well… he goes where the money is. The logging company tells him what to do.

  1. October 30, 2014 at 3:08 pm

    Is something going to be done to stop all the rot? Will Ombudsman Commission and evoke the relevant provisions of the Leadership Code..why do we have to put up such filth, the people of PNG deserve better. Come on Chief Ombudsman, please use your powers and stop the rot….

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