Juffa to go to Court

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Gary Juffa

Papua New Guinea Today | PNG Facts

“Recent moves by the Ijivitari Open Member David Arore and 7 LLG Presidents to pass a vote of no-confidence against and to oust the Oro Governor Gary Juffa are null and void and will be taken up in Court.”

This is the response of Governor Juffa to the actions of the Open Member and his supporting presidents.

He made these comments in a press conference this afternoon with his Deputy Governor Evartius Bori and the Council President Kokoda Jackson Iriro present.

“The actions taken by Mr Arore is illegal and amounts to a criminal offence with the destruction of Government Property.”

“The House of Assembly was broken into by the Member and his counterparts and an illegal assembly called.”

Governor Juffa has gone on to question what authority Mr Arore is acting upon when he as the provincial assembly chairman is not present and the House of Assembly is closed.

“I am calling on his people not to take matters into their own hands and resort to violence during this tense period but to respect the law.”

“I am most definitely processing criminal actions against Mr Arore and his counterparts and I will not let this matter rest.”

“What has transpired is a shame and cannot be let go – I call on the Ijivitari Member to put aside this politics and personal differences and work together for the service delivery for our people.”

Meanwhile, a formal complaint is being lodged with the Commissioner of Police by the Oro Governor with respect to Mr Arore and his counterparts.

It is understood that this complaint is also directed at a contingent of police officers who were flown in from Port Moresby and are in the province, who it is alleged did nothing to prevent the destruction of the House of Assembly this morning.

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