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PNG’s Oro Governor slams removal attempt

October 28, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments
Gary Juffa

Oro Governor, Gary Juffa

Radio New Zealand

The Governor of Papua New Guinea’s Oro Province Gary Juffa has described as illegal an attempt by members of the Provincial Assembly to oust him.

Reports emerging from PNG late today signalled that members of the assembly tried to force a vote against Mr Juffa and replace him with the MP David Arore.

It comes at a time when Governor Juffa has cracked down on illegal logging in the province and instigated new control measures on expenditure of public funds.

Mr Arore and the other Oro MP, fellow government member Delilah Gore, have sided against Mr Juffa.

However a police complaint has been laid against Mr Arore for allegedly breaking and entering the Office of Governor.

Mr Juffa says Mr Arore cannot simply declare himself Governor through illegal means.

“Because they were notified that the assembly has been postponed; they were also notified that the meeting would be illegal by the relevant authorities. So, having known all this and having all this information, they still went ahead and did these things.”

Gary Juffa says the group who have tried to remove him have been supported by Asian logging entities whose illegal operations in the province he has refused to allow to continue.


  1. Brendan Selan
    October 28, 2014 at 11:36 pm

    Your information source is interesting. Propaganda is what you and your so-called NGO’s thrive on. Amazing enough, all your contemporaries are not from Oro Province and today was a clear show of peoples dislike of your leadership. Cant you get it? No one from Oro likes you and your leadership any more. All members of the parliament refuse to have anything to do with you as I am told. Its not because you are fighting illegal loggers and corruption, you are totally delusional. Members, Ministers and Governors are signing MOU’s for development, cutting ribbons for new classrooms, aid post new palm oil mills (Pomio) and you, continue to think you are Commissioner of Customs or some state law enforcement agency’s head not Governor for Oro.

    • Fred
      November 7, 2014 at 2:28 am

      Brendan, you are a complete MORON!

  2. October 29, 2014 at 5:27 pm

    Is this the same David Orere that I in the company of a colleague saw arriving at Jacksons Airport drunk to bits with no foot wear about a year ago. As we were both familiar to hims as former UPNG student colleagues, he saw us but could not manage an attempt to lift his head for a hello. In my minds eye, I saw shame all around him and my colleague and I had a good days laugh as we quipped, “are these the sort of leaders we are mandating to lead this country when they even can not lead themselves or when they can not realise that they are leaders themselves”. Come in bags of corrupt illegal logging money and the mix is quite right to trigger characters like David Arore and Deliha Gore to aid and abett the ouster of a very vibrant and pragmatic Governor in Juffa. Governor Juffa has an established reputation on both the national and international scenes and he is a fearless defender of peoples rights and has demonstrated to be real patriot like none other politician I am yet to withness. I can not see Delilah and David even comming close to those benchmarks and that to me is a sorry statistics for them both. The illegal logging operators know very well that with Juffa on-board, there is no room for them to become overnight millionaires so they had to prostitude with obvious characters to illegally deliver an end that would see them wine and dine at the expense of the poor Oro people’s resources including their everyday struggles. To Governor Juffa I say congratulations for exposing the real charaters of some of our MPs who are infact appearing to be wolves in sheeps skin. These MP’s need to be arrested and prosecuted and to the illegal loggers, your days a numbered as Governor Juffa is the mandated Governor for Oro and only the people of Oro has the mandate to dispose him at the elections in 2017. This country needs more Juffa’s to rise up to the challenge of creating a fair and just society for all citizens before one day we woke up to the realisation that we have been repeatedly raped, violated and shamed beyond conscience.

  3. Jeffrey Febi
    October 29, 2014 at 10:25 pm

    Delilah Gore and David Arore are delusional to say the least. The question that keeps coming to mind is; has David Arore any scrap of integrity in him? I can’t talk about Delilah as I have not read enough of her to make conclusion as yet. But if she would blindly follow a publicly known corrupter in Mr Arore, then she is delusional. For pete’s sake; why would the two open MPs of Oro support illegal loggers, who are stealing from their own people?

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