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Big gap between government promises on SABL and action on the ground

From Institute of National Affairs

INA seminar

INA Seminar on SABLs, notably Pomio and Turubu, 21 August 2014, with presenters Rick Jacobsen and Alex from Global Witness and Paul from Pomio…who together with the other stakeholders, including Governor Gary Juffa (of Oro) and Collingwood Bay landowners, highlighted the big gap between the statements by Govt over revoking SABLs and action on the ground, with some operators on these land and forest grabbing projects logging as fast as possible (including at night) in case of any action to close them…

Besides the lack of any due process in acquiring the resource, in some cases there are police contingents on site used to harass opposing landowners, who actually own the resource and have every legal right to take action…this is despite the direction by the (former) RPNGC commissioner several months back that police units must be withdrawn from doing these companies dirty work and being based on the SABL land…

It was highlighted the need for legal support to assist landowners overturn these SABLs, in the absence of action by Lands and other Government agencies. Indeed, it seems to be the case that some officials in these agencies are endeavoring merely to rejig these SABLs and claim them now to be legal….

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