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Paul Paraka was arrested and charged this afternoon [Friday] by the Fraud and Anti-Corruption unit.

His arrest is in relation to fraudulent payments made to his law firm. His law firm received 162 million kina through fraudulent means.

He was arrested and charged with stealing by false pretense, conspiracy to defraud the state, money laundering and misappropriation of public funds.

He has been brought to the Boroko Police Station and will be released on bail.

Mr. Paraka will appear at the Committal Court in Waigani on Monday.

Director Fraud and Anti-Corruption Mathew Damaru told the media there are more people expected to be arrested and charged.

Whilst the legitimacy of the Task Force Sweep team is before the courts, arrests related to ongoing investigations into the Paraka saga, are continuing.

Mister Damaru said more arrests will be made in coming weeks.

Following the recent drama over the arrest warrant against the prime minister, the court-reinstatement of Task Force Sweep has not deterred, what has been described, as the wheels of justice turning.

  1. Olpa Daniel
    July 29, 2014 at 9:07 pm

    May I ask about the status of the Kikori Open MP who was recently arrested and charged…

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