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Papua New Guinea’s Corrupt Paul Paraka Is At It Again: Colluding With the Judge

By Legal Beagle – PNG Blogs



Paul Paraka has long had a reputation, dating back nearly 20 years to his start in Madang, of shoddy ethics.  Stories abound of him harassing opponents through threats and intimidation, even actual physical violence carried out by his helpers.   Those who knew him back in his UPNG days, including his campaign for SRC office, were aware that this fellow simply doesn’t play by the rules.   He was not a well liked fellow back in those days.  Those who have followed the Paraka story since then saw it as no surprise when he became the centre of attention in the Department of Finance Inquiry (full document is here: https://pngexposed.wordpress.com/2010/08/17/the-full-finance-department-commission-of-inquiry-report/), nor the more recent allegations that Paraka was continuing to milk the government for all he could, getting excessive payments in return for less than excessive legal service to the government.

It should be as no surprise either that Paraka has now been caught in the most compromising of legal positions:  He was seen giving a life to Pinnison Pindipia, the magistrate who is hearing applications that Paraka had filed before him, seeking orders from the Waigani Committal Court.  This relates to the various charges that Paraka faces for the multi millions he received from the government last year. 

The most recent incident was reported in last Friday’s (23 May) National.

Paraka has no defence for this latest incident because these kinds of things are simply not done by honest people.  Paraka, as a lawyer, should know better than anyone that you never, never, ever, ever, make contact with those who will render judgments either in your favour or against. 

Why Paraka did this is obvious and also without defence.  He is trying to buy his way out of trouble again.  Just like Peter O’Neill and Jimmy Maladina bought their ways out of their NPF court cases over a decade ago, Paraka is doing the same.

But these kinds of incidents are becoming painfully common in our court system, brothers and sisters.   Our judiciary is corrupt because many of our justices and magistrates are, themselves, corrupt and can be bought.  You think you can get a fair trial in PNG or get a fair hearing when you file a civil court case against someone else?  You’re dreaming!  Those days are over. 

Next time a conman like Paul Paraka protests that they are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, realise that corrupt courts of law such as we have in PNG never find the guilty guilty.  Thus, “innocent until proven guilty” has become a farce.  It should no longer be tolerated as a shield for the corrupt to hide behind. When the courts fail, the media is our only hope at seeing justice served.  If our print media fails to bring the kind of transparency that will fight corruption and destroy the corrupt, our only hope is the social media.

PNG Blogs and PNG Exposed are the two best hopes for PNG right now.  We must get the truth down into the permanent internet record so that the likes of Paul Paraka and his friends will never be able to hide from what they did.Read all about the many escapades of Paul Paraka at this link:  https://pngexposed.wordpress.com/2013/05/21/the-paraka-scams-read-the-archives-download-the-report/

Join hands with those of us who are determined that Paul Paraka won’t get away with another theft.   You can make a difference and help fight corruption if you do your part to make sure that any corrupt thing he does is publicised far and wide.   Find ways to publish on the internet his actions and the evidence against him.   Publish on the internet to get around any court injunctions Paraka may corruptly buy from a PNG judge.   Don’t forget that the educated PNG public was only able to see the Department of Finance Inquiry report after years of being covered up because some brave nationalist got ahold of a copy and leaked it to the overseas media, after which the entire inquiry was posted on-line by pngexposed.

Transparency and leaking of documents is how honest people can effectively fight in PNG’s current sorry state of corruption.

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