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PM O’Neill offers only more empty promises on SABL land grab

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill went on the radio this morning to answer the mounting criticism of his failure to to take any action over the unlawful SABL land grab and illegal logging.

But once again, all the PM had to offer was empty promises:

“I am aware that the SABLs has been used as a front for logging forests and we will act on the further recommendations of the Ministerial Committee. If need be we will cancel those that have to be cancelled”.

But we have heard these same assurances before. 

This is what the Prime Minister told us way back in September last year (2013) when presenting the Commission of Inquiry reports in Praliament:

“[The reports reveal]  a shocking trend of mismanagement and corruption. Mr Speaker, this government is going to start protecting landowners and the environment. We will no longer watch on as foreign owned companies come in and con our landowners, chop down our forests and then take the proceeds offshore”.

But nothing happened. The SABL’s were not revoked and the illegal logging continued – with millions of kina in stolen logs disappearing overseas every month.

In November 2013 PM Mr O’Neill told us he had appointed a Ministerial Committee to review the CoI recommendations and report back within 2 months. But nothing happened.

Then, four weeks ago, on !st May, the PM again promised action:

“Many of these leases and SABLs that were wrongly issued will be cancelled. Many people or landowners have lost the right to their own land because of SABLs”.

But nothing happened, and now he is making the same promises…

The truth is the PM has had the Commission of Inquiry recommendations since June 2013 but has done nothing to implement the Commission recommendations – that is 336 days and counting.

count 336


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