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PM O’Neill to face the nation on SABL land grab

peter-o-neillThe Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says he will face the nation to speak about the SABL land grab at 10am on Monday morning. The PM will be appearing on Roger Hau’ofa’s FM100 talk back show.

The Prime Minister is under intense pressure for his failure to implement the SABL Commission of Inquiry recommendations and ensure unlawfully issued Special Agriculture and Business Leases covering some 5 million hectares of customary land are revoked.

The Prime Minister was handed the Commission of Inquiry findings which revealed widespread corruption and mismanagement in June 2013.

While the Prime Minister has been sitting on the Commission of Inquiry recommendations, Malaysian logging companies have been illegally logging in the SABL areas, stealing over K15 million worth of logs every month.

Landowners and civil society organisations are demanding the Prime Minister must:

  • Revoke ALL the unlawful leases
  • Stop ALL the illegal logging
  • Return the 5 million hectares of leased land to its customary owners
  • Ensure effective action against all those identified in the Commission of Inquiry reports as involved in the illegal land grab including numerous officials in the Department of Lands.


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