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Long time resident not happy with forced eviction by Rimbunan Hijau

Lina Gawi, from Geborobi village in the East Sepik Province, settled in Bumbu when her daughter was seven years of age. Now she is a mother of 5 adult children, She was not very happy when the bulldozer belonging to RH bulldozed the area which they called home for the past 40 years,

Lae 2 2

Lina said we have no where to go as this was our home.  We left our original village at a very young age and now we cant go back. Our home is here. We planted coconut trees and bettlenut trees and mango tree’s etc.

Lina cried as she spoke and she is still mourning at the unfair treatment done to her home.

Lina and the other families like hers, have nowhere to go so they are living in makeshift houses waiting the outcome of a court case.

Lina said they treated us like animals and we know our human rights have been violated to a great extent.

In the photos of Lina she is now washing clothes and drying them at the place where her house used to be.

lae 2 1

Lae 2 3


  1. April 29, 2014 at 1:42 am

    this is just to sad. treating the less fortunant/poor like this is wicked. are those involved with this deed wicked in themselves? I cant answer that, they obviously lack moral integrity otherwise they would not do this even under orders or threat of loss of their jobs.

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