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PNG police wont investigate Australian ‘speculator’ but will take his money

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary has just announced a ‘generous’ donation of K20,000 from the Paga Hill Development Company (PHDC), a concern run by Australian businessman Gudmundur Fridriksson.

Gummi FridrikssonAccording to the Public Accounts Committee, PHDC – labelled a ‘foreign speculator’ by the committee – acquired the contested land at Paga Hill through ‘corrupt dealings’. The Lands Department Secretary informed the Committee he could not forfeit the company’s illegally acquired state lease because it would place, ‘the security of my officers in jeopardy’.

Despite PHDC’s chequered history the RPNGC’s media unit proudly proclaims:

‘Acting Assistant Commissioner Reforms Joanne Clarkson today thanked the Paga Hill Development Company for its timely donation of K20,000 which enable the Constabulary to send policewomen to participate in the Australasian Police & Emergency Services Games in Melbourne, Australia’.

It seems pertinent to ask where this K20,000 came from. Was it from the:

  • K2.5 million the national government paid Fridriksson for Destination Papua New Guinea, a book (yes K2.5 million for a book!) riddled with what Sean Dorney calls ‘appalling mistakes’
  • K1,966,677 which the Auditor General alleges CCS Anvil – a company owned by Fridriksson and PHDC shareholder George Hallitt – wrongfully seized from the sale of deceased PNG estates, when advising the Public Curators Office (CCS Anvil has acted as PHDC’s ‘project director’).
  • K4,872,375 in ‘unlawful’ payments made to CCS Anvil by the Public Curators Office.
  • K79,500 in unlawful payments  – according to the Auditor General and Public Accounts Committee – made by the East Sepik Provincial government made to CCS Anvil
  • K375,799 in unlawful payments made by the Parliamentary Service to CCS Anvil (documented by the Public Accounts Committee)

Perhaps if the police did their job and followed up more often on Auditor General/Public Accounts Committee findings they would not have to rely on ‘donations’ from those named and shamed in public accounting reports.


  1. anti corruption
    April 25, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    the police must remain neutral and not accept any form of gifts from corrupt dealers and con-businessman who have stolen from the simple people of PNG. NO COMPROMISE,NO CORRUPTION!

  2. Will Self
    April 27, 2014 at 6:30 pm

    How do these creatures continue to do “business” in PNG? Have we no pride, decency or sense at all?

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