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Bradshaw denies Union allegations over PNG Power leadership

Robert G Bradshaw

Please note that my conscience is clear on the matter – Unions allege Bradshaw has vested interest in Tangit suspension at PNG Power.

The Management of PPL recommended that Pacific Assurance Group Ltd (PAG) be awarded the contract. The recommendation was made by Mr Luke Ambu, General Manager, Human Resources. The recommendation was endorsed by the Executive Management Team (EMT) of PPL. Mr John Tangit, the suspended CEO of PPL is a member of the EMT.

The EMT then presented the matter to the Board for decision. When the matter was brought before the Board, I declared my interest in the matter (i.e., that I am a member of the PAG Board) and stepped out of the Board meeting.

The Board, after considering the EMT recommendation, awarded the contract to PAG.

At the time the Board made the above decision, I was a Director (not Acting Chairman). The Chairman of the Board was Mr Joshua Bakirie.

I strenuously deny the allegations made by you.

My challenge to you and others making these allegations: if you believe that I have abused my position as a Director of PPL Board, refer me to the Ombudsman Commission or the Police Fraud Squad.

It is easy for faceless people to make damaging, defamatory allegations against others on the internet. It takes real people, of integrity and standing, to do the right thing: shut up and dont make damaging and defamatory allegations or refer the matter to appropriate authorities to deal with (such as the Ombudsman Commission or the Fraud Squad)

  1. Establishment of Innocence
    March 20, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    Robert Bradshaw, the problem with your recommendation that we just refer you to the ombudsman or call the fraud squad is that both are completely corrupt. Haven’t you noticed? The ombudsman hasn’t referred anyone for a leadership tribunal for years. Just as Peter ONeill wanted it. The whole system is corrupt so please bear with us but we use whatever tools we have to try and rout out corruption. sure, there are problems with that, some innocent people get accused. But then again, innocent people are in prison in Australia where their justice system is far less corrupt than ours so me ting yu doth protest too much! I’m pleased that you actually responded, that alone sets you apart from most corrupt people who run away from any allegations posted on the internet. The internet is PNG’s last hope to stop the corruption whether you want to believe it or not.

  2. ToPam
    March 22, 2014 at 11:20 am

    Mr, Bradshaw I’m with you all the way. I believe it is time this SOEs and Departments are pull back into line by PNG professionals. Some of these CEOs and Departmental Heads reckon they have the business acumen to manage a business or department, which I believe they dont have and as a result, there is a lot of waste in resources, in particular funds. AS a matter fact most of these SOEs and department are managed on adhoc and almost bankrupt and this indicates very clearly how our professionals can manage, apart from those of you, like yourself who have a very successful business.

    I think it is about time the government look at employing or appointing from the private sector, especially those of you who have managed a business of their own with success to key positions in SOEs and Govt Departments to manage them to prosperity. Because you people come with a lot of experience and that is what we need in order to stabilize the economy of this country.

    Mr. Bradshaw, your handling of the PPL issues shows how concern you are, and like any other controversial issues in PNG, people will not like the way you handle things, because they do not accept change.

    Whatever they may say, Mr. Bradshaw you have my support and proceed to facilitate changes to PPL thus we do not experience BLACKOUTs any more.

    • Robert Bradshaw
      March 24, 2014 at 10:22 am

      Thank you for your support and understanding. I have my own small private businesses to run, loans to repay and family to look after. I accepted the Government’s offer to join the Board of PPL so that I could at least make some contribution towards the better running of PPL. I did not accept the offer of PPL so that I could get involved in crooked deals and become rich. As a matter of fact, being on the Board of PPL costs my business more. Take an example: I am paid around K500.00 for each day of Board sitting (Board sittings usually take the whole day, over 8 hours). If I spend the same time working in my firm, I can bill up to around K10,000.00. By attending one Board meeting, I forgo over K9,000.00 of income.
      With respect to the PAG issue, my conscience is clear. I did not in any way use my position as a Director to have PAG awarded the contract.
      It was the Execuitive Management Team (EMT) of PPL which put out public tenders (in newspapers), evaluated the tenders received from insurances companies, held discussions with the tenderers, presented recommendation to the HR Board Sub-Committee (which again, I was not involved) and finally presented recommendation to the Board (I declared my interest and left the Board meeting when the recommendation came before the Board for decision). From this long process, the EMT recommended PAG.
      I am just a Board member of PAG. I do not hold any shares in PAG.
      PAG is a 100% PNG owned business. It is now a major player in the insurance business.

      As you will all appreciate, it is very easy to make damaging allegations against a person in PNG, particularly when that person tries his/her best to make positive change to the way public institutions or companies (SOEs) are run.

      We PNGeans are good at resisting change, particularly when such change will result in more transparency and accountability. If something goes wrong, it is never our fault.

      For as long as our systems are chaotic and corrupt, those lining their pockets will continue to do well. The rest of the population, particularly the poor in the villages, will continue to suffer. It is up to us to correct this unfortunate trend. No one else will do it for us.

  3. Harold
    March 24, 2014 at 12:35 am

    Mr Bradshaw why does PNG Power continue to hire the terminated and corrupt Professor Narayan Gehlot formerly of Unitech, the man responsible for much of the Unitech Saga problems and directly responsible for the blocking of Dr Albert Schram, the Unitech Vice Chancellor? This is due to Narayan Gehlot’s actions. People in OHE can confirm that. If you are unclear, please state what you are unclear about so that further information and evidence an get to you. Dr Gehlot’s continued employment and presence in PNG is the strongest evidence yet that crime and corruption DO pay in PNG. Please, PNG Power, stop supporting these depressing symbols!

  4. Chakrpani LLC, New Jersey, USA
    November 1, 2015 at 7:50 pm

    My friend Harold, I respect you and hope you collect some FACTS before this hatred write up against me. I left PNG on 8 Aug 2014 for good as a genuine professional with qualifications from US and 51 inventions! Was it my crime and lifetime error to risk everything to educate PNG students and make them competitive globally?

    Some of young minds in PNG were attracted to Schram for reasons best known to them.

    This email is to all intellectuals of beautiful PNG who should read it with an open mind and for a person of my standing to risk everything to educate and built PNG nationals to be competitive at global level. ECE students in my classes had respect for my subject matter expertise and teaching just like several CEOs in PNG respected me. Please read the facts and I can send you proof (please send me your email) of all the following:

    A. Truth about Albert Schram is now beginning to come out just like that of a pregnant woman can only hide sometime and not for all time – 9 months!
    Read The National Editorial – http://www.thenational.com.pg/?q=node/96484:
    Unitech facing real problems again
    The National, Monday October 19th, 2015
    THE fanfare has subsided and all seems normal at the University of Technology
    However, the reality is that Unitech is steadily crumbling after the triumphant return
    The university’s national professors have been silenced and unceremoniously decimated by the Albert Schram regime………. When are the other Papua New Guinean academics and students going to speak up? There is a silent and deafening cry for transparency and accountability under conman Schram’s regime.
    Where is Unitech heading to this time? Wamenu, Via email

    B. Conman Schram till today has NOT Produced any degrees and managed to con Sevua report

    C. I have cleared my name in courts and won the cases.

    D. I have sued Schram for unlawful terminations, Malicious Prosecution and defamation W.S. No. 1320 of 2015! Get a copy or I can send you. God is true and truth is God.

    E. Prof. Pumwa is paralyzed and thrown out of UNITECH by Schram. Schram also humiliated Satter and has thrown him as a teacher to department

    G. All four national professors Prof. Pumwa, Gondauan, Telue have been humiliated and sacked.

    H. Electrical department is now almost running empty

    I. Schram supporters Mr. Mandawali (went to Schram to secure his job) and Simon Sengi (wrote report to implicate me) were fired from UNITECH. Schram used them like toilet paper and flush them after use
    Everybody lost accept SCHRAM:
    PNG STUDENTS LOST, PNG country lost to produce good electrical BS/MS/PhD professional, National Professor humiliated and thrown-out and ECE department lost me as a good professor with lies by Schram! Let us see how long Schram will continue to fool all of you across PNG!

    Some questions for you all:
    Q-1. What has PNG and UNITECH students gained from SCHRAM except perhaps SRC leaders gaining popularity etc.?

    Q-2. How many projects has SCHRAM generated at UNITECH? He cancelled my European Union funds of K600,000 in 2013!

    Q-3. How much consulting projects revenue has Schram brought to UNITECH?

    Q-4. Has SCHRAM filled all teaching Professors position at UNITECH?

    Q-5. Has student laboratories, books, and all problems solved at UNITECH?

    Q-6. Where is Petroleum Institute gone from UNITECH for which Stagg Council with Prof. Baloiloi and Allan Sako brought k 18 million funding from Waigani?
    Q-7. Money spend by Schram on housing and roads is the Petroleum institute funds? At least 300 PNG students could have been qualified with a Bachelor degree in Petroleum Engineering Departmetn/Institute?

    My contributions at UNITECH
    I am now clarifying that I came from USA as the only Prof. to UNITECH in Electrical Engineering Department after 13 years knowing well the challenges of PNG underdeveloped country, corruption and students hungry for learning!

    1. I landed on September 9, 2009
    2. On November 23, 2009, my initiative to launch MS/PhD program for local PNG brilliants was approved and I made enemies with Prof. Satter, Prof. Pumwa, Prof. Halim etc.
    3. I graduated 12 MSEE students (who had full scholarship & accommodation) after my fight with all Professors as ECE had only 2 GAP scholarships) in 2012.
    4. I had 16 MSEE students and 4 PhD students in 2012 February with full GAP scholarships when MS/PhD program was cancelled scrupulously by Schram and Satter
    5. PNG Power CEO, TELIKOM CEO and Hidden Valley all were asking for my help to solve electrical engineering power problems.
    6. I purchased equipment by risking my personal money so that all 12 MSEE students can graduate in August 2011 as promised by PPL CEO Mr. Tony Koiri.
    7. Prof. Pumwa & Satter managed to cancel MSEE/PhD program that benefited local PNG students
    8. I asked Mr. Elias Mandawali to go back to classes and take laboratory classes
    9. ECE students were ready to storm UNITECH Administration building in Oct 2012 and I stopped them and fought my battle with crook Schram.
    10. Schram promoted Pumwa as a reward to Deputy VC and Satter enjoyed the power at the cost of PNG students. Satter never graduated one MS/PhD student in his life at UNITECH in 25 years.
    11. I discovered that Schram is a conman and does NOT have a degree. He used social media and corruption allegations to demean PM, Stagg council and me.
    12. To date with political backing, Schram survived when I refused to join him at the behest of SRC President.
    13. I chose the path of truth and was arrested on false report by Simon Sengi and Pumwa
    14. I was invited by PNG Power to help them save K80 Million when two turbines broke with investigation and I did that.
    15. One of my staff from UNITECH ECE department was chosen to be on PNG Power whose sole agenda was to get rid of me which she succeeded.

    My friend Harold, I respect you and hope you collect some FACTS before this hatred write up against me.
    God bless you and PNG!
    -Prof. Gehlot

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