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Unions allege Bradshaw has vested interest in Tangit suspension at PNG Power

Elmo Aspenn

The PNG Energy Workers Association and the Public Employees Association (Unions) have accused the acting PNG Power Limited (PPL) Board Chairman Mr Robert Bradshaw for orchestrating the suspension of the PPL CEO Mr John Tangit in order to enhance his vested interests in PPL.

Acting PPL Board Chairman Mr Robert Bradshaw forced the PPL Board to give Life Assurance contract to Pacific Assurance Group for which Mr Robert Bradshaw is a director of. This is in spite of the fact that there is an existing Life Assurance service provider for PPL employees.

When the CEO Mr John Tangit refused to sign payment requisition of K1.4 million to Pacific Assurance Group, the Acting PPL Board Chairman Mr Robert Bradshaw used the DISGUISE of other allegations to suspend him.

Upon the PPL Board appointment of the a/CEO Mr Branden Raftery (now terminated) the acting Chairman for PPL Mr Robert Bradshaw IMMEDIATELY directed the a/CEO Branden Raftery to commence facilitating payment to Pacific Assurance Group.

Contrary to the IPBC Act the Acting Chairman Robert Bradshaw USURPED powers unto himself as Executive Chairman in violation of existing legal provisions.

The Acting PPL Board Chairman Robert Bradshaw has seriously compromised himself and therefore is not a fit and proper person to be in the position of Board Member and Acting PPL Board Chairman.

  1. Robert Bradshaw
    March 17, 2014 at 5:05 pm

    Dear Elmo Espen,
    Please note that my conscience is clear on the matter.
    The Management of PPL recommended that Pacific Assurance Group Ltd (PAG) be awarded the contract. The recommendation was made by Mr Luke Ambu, General Manager, Human Resources. The recommendation was endorsed by the Executive Management Team (EMT) of PPL. Mr John Tangit, the suspended CEO of PPL is a member of the EMT.

    The EMT then presented the matter to the Board for decision. When the matter was brought before the Board, I declared my interest in the matter (i.e., that I am a member of the PAG Board) and stepped out of the Board meeting.

    The Board, after considering the EMT recommendation, awarded the contract to PAG.

    At the time the Board made the above decision, I was a Director (not Acting Chairman). The Chairman of the Board was Mr Joshua Bakirie.

    I strenuously deny the allegations made by you.

    My challenge to you and others making these allegations: if you believe that I have abused my position as a Director of PPL Board, refer me to the Ombudsman Commission or the Police Fraud Squad.

    It is easy for faceless people to make damaging, defamatory allegations against others on the internet. It takes real people, of integrity and standing, to do the right thing: shut up and dont make damaging and defamatory allegations or refer the matter to appropriate authorities to deal with (such as the Ombudsman Commission or the Fraud Squad).

    Robert G Bradshaw

  1. March 18, 2014 at 3:33 am

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