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UNITECH investigation finds criminal negligence in management of funds

A official investigation at the University of Technology into the management of Public Investment Programme funds has found serious instances of mismanagement and criminal negligence involving senior staff and a former Vice Chancellor.

In a Report [Unitech Sengi Report], dated September 2012, the Expenditure Investigations Committee found the following staff had”seriously breached their Terms of Contract”:

  •  Professor Narayan Gehlot – “guilty of disgraceful or improper conduct”, “inefficient or incompetent” and “negligent in the discharge of his duties” “for personal advantage and gain”.
  •  Bursar Mr Jimmy Imbok – “criminally negligent” and “negligent or careless in the discharge of his duties”
  •  University Planner Mr Brian Kakini – “criminally negligent”, acted “maliciously or deliberately in a discriminatory manner”, was “negligent or careless in the discharge of his duties”, was “inefficient or incompetent” and acted “for personal advantage and gain”.

In addition the “former Vice Chancellor” was involved “in the improper awarding of contracts amounting to abuse of proper process”. He “ignored proper and due processes and was in gross violation”. “There was deliberate gross abuse of proper and legal procedures”.

  1. Ergan Bjem
    March 12, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    This investigation was carried out very rigourously, almost by mistake on the orders of the Finance Committee of the Former Council in 2012. It was immiadely passed on to the Director General Prof. Kavanamur at OHE. Why has nothing been done for over 1 year? Why has nobody been indicted and prosecuted?

  2. Alvin C. Munk
    March 19, 2014 at 8:08 am

    It is well known that Chancellor Philip Stagg has a business partnership with Dhanush through his locally registered Kumul Consulting (KC) company. His level of culpability is no different from Brian Kakini in this case. The difference though, is the lucrative contracts that KC and Stagg hold elsewhere and the higher stakes in loss of potential multimillion kina business and previously high credibility.

  3. B Jingan
    March 25, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    Gehlot is a fraudster who is now employed by PNG Power through his connection with Stagg and another former council member and Stagg cohort John Yanis. Yanis is an executive manager with PNG Power and former Chairman of Unitech’s Tender Committee. Gehlot claims to have used his credit card to purchase equipment from the US and then made a claim for K675 000 from the University. He must have had such a good credit card facility and I wont be surprised if Gehlot and Yanis are involved in the credit issue at PNG Power and using all the same techniques they used to suck out money from Unitech and now getting CEO John Tangit playing into their hands and getting into trouble big time.

  4. March 31, 2014 at 11:50 am

    What we call secondary phase that are named. the primary source is still there with big names to come out soon. The University investigation(Sevua’s Report) now that is out should pursue those hiding behind the curtains. For 15 years befor Dr Schrams arrival, there was not a sign of any physical project untill he sat on the VC post and rolled out projects within 3months in office. 27 new high covenant houses, Unitech sealing of roads, Up grade staff salaries….then what more if he was not sidelined so the say..
    His only mistake was that he wanted to the audit to take place and the records of past financial records/acquitals are in order, and what did he get? A termination by Alan Sako and Phil Stag, the former Chancellor and his cohorts…. Evils are now looking for ways to escape..hehe!!!

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