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Police respond on Morobe arrest scandal

Inspector David Terry has responded on Facebook to the controversy over police failure to arrest a known associate of Peter O’Neill for causing death by reckless driving and driving while drunk…

  • David Terry All …I agree the comments by my colleagues in Lae were outrageously stupid and the suspect should have been arrested and detained immediately. A senior officer saw the news telecast and rang the Commander of Momase thereafter issuing instructions for a probe into the matter. Police in Lae were also told to apply the law firmly. A proper media statement relating to this issue including the latest developments will be disseminated soon.
  • Tonya Mission The “bigman”syndrome shud be stopped….we are all guided by our constitution and that is freedom to speak and to fight for our rights…policemen grow up n do what u think is best for our people n our nation.
  •  Benzy Ivan Ol bullshit.. tell that policeman to resign we don’t need him and his type..
  •  Roland Barnabas This is absurd! All leaders and everyone in position of influence should come out strongly against. This is a testing time for all our leaders including the police hierarchy as well as the Prime Minister to show if they have any legal, moral and ethical values. Everyone is subjected to the same set of rules! People of Morobe stand for what is right!
  •  Laiam Gizorr Kirau As far as what is currently happening in PNG, we seem to have 2 separate laws. One for “big man” n one for us simple citizens. Politicians, leaders, discipline forces n beaurocrates be aware because we the people are fed up of ur nonsense. Stop playing…
  •  Eddie Idols Marn Carks sapos hard lo arrestim ok karrr makim life murder lo m so ol lain blo ol victim ya bai satisfied because ol police less lo makim duty blo ol ok kill that culprit…..
  • David Terry Benzy my name is Inspector David Terry and I dont talk bullshit. I know you are emotionally affected by this and thats understandable. The views of one or two policemen does not necessarily mean we are all the same. I feel sorry for the victims family too and will do anything in my capacity to help in the dispensation of justice…..have peace brother
  1. January 5, 2014 at 7:21 am

    Thank you Inspector David Terry for reaffirming that you will get to the bottom of this issue and deliver justice accordingly. What if that boy killied was the son of the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill or the son of Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga or your own son? What if the driver of that vehicle was an ordinary citizen from Kamkumung or Bumbu Settlements or from the remote district of Menyamya. Surely the driver of that vehicle could have been arrested, charged and thrown in the cell the very same day.
    Inspector Terry, we want the Metropolitan Police Commander Ivan Lakatani and the officers who failed to dispense their duties appropriately and who came out in the media giving unsubstantiated reasons for not arresting the culprit (Garrete Kissing) be suspended or terminated right away. These Police officers have demonstrated they are incapable of honestly executing their duties. They are a sick and corrupt bunch of officers who will continue to practice corruption and bring the name of honest RPNGC officers into further disrepute. Prove to the majority of silent PNGians that there is only one law for the citizens of this country and not two laws, one for the bigman and one for ordinary citizens.

  2. Kula
    January 5, 2014 at 10:23 am

    Lae’s National Court is known to be notoriously corrupt due to one judge in particular. Pay him a bribe and you’re off the hook! No one is going to jail, no one is going to be terminated or even suspended in a way that hurts. That’s our forgiving, Christian PNG way. Down with the totems!!!!!!

  3. amos naiapin
    January 10, 2014 at 10:19 pm

    whilst reading comments from some good citizens here, I think we should not talk or go against the Police. they are I think are doing their job. from my understanding, in such cases, police do not in the very moment of the incident go ahead and effect arrests. there has to be proper investigations before charges can be laid upon an accused. what happened in lae maybe is because of an understanding between the deceased family and the accused, that he be released awaiting investigations as he (accused) is not an escapee or a wanted. I believe he will sooner be charged after full investigation is done by police. inspector David Terry, sir, I salute you. keep up the good work!

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