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Paraka loses latest attempt to avoid justice

October 22, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Court throws out law firm’s appeal

From the Post Courier

A Supreme Court appeal by Paul Paraka Lawyers against a decision of the National Court was thrown out last Friday.

The Supreme Court, presided over by Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, was not persuaded by the grounds raised in the application and therefore refused to grant the appeal.

The appeal stemmed from a National Court proceeding where the law firm had filed a motion seeking several interlocutory injunctions to temporarily stop the Task Force Sweep team from continuing investigations into the law firm until the substantive issue was determined by the court.

However, the National Court refused to grant the application after it found that the firm had also filed a similar application at the Supreme Court, which amounted to an abuse of court processes.

The law firm had questioned the operation of Task Force Sweep and argued that the operation of Task Force Sweep under its chairman Sam Koim was illegal and unconstitutional.

The firm also argued that Mr Koim, who is a lawyer by profession, had assumed the role of police and that was unconstitutional and in breach of the Police Act.

However, Mr Koim through his lawyers had argued that Task Force Sweep was a multi organisation agency which was set up by the National Executive Council to investigate corruption in the country.

The team consists of professionals from various government departments including police, who assist the task force with its investigations, Mr Koim said.

  1. Kanex Kanarepa
    October 22, 2013 at 8:03 am

    Now he has to go to hell for an injunction to stop Tash Force Sweep. Goodness, if he is innocent than just co-orperate with Sam Koim and clear yourself or if you really have something to hide, than face up and own up for your bad deeds.

  2. R Jeremy
    October 22, 2013 at 8:45 am

    Well done Mr Koim and team but I fear that PP and his cronies/thugs may resort now to desperate illegal measures to ensure that this investigation dies a premature death. Precedent has been set, just ask Erik Andersen of Gadens.

  3. Ian
    October 23, 2013 at 6:22 am

    Just crazy indeed. Going to such lengths shows a sign great desperation.. There must be truly something extremely serious and bad to hide yah! To Task Force Sweep, keep up the good fight.

  4. JUDY
    October 26, 2013 at 12:30 am

    Nau Save Nau ????!!! I hope he’s day will come when he will be thrown inside the jail and keys thrown away for ever. ! He has stolen money that is ours and our children,how dare he walks around free and acts as if he has not what he is accused of.

  5. October 26, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    Finally there is some light in png.
    However in PNG, corruption is deeply rooted dating back to the post independence period. For many, the Paraka saga may seem shocking but it is just part of a bigger picture which involves politicians to business man. For example, take into consideration the sandline crisis, the Moti affair etc which depicts the scenario.
    Let us ask some serious rehoric questions and evaluate the current trend. Why do we have an influx of Asians? Why is it that resource rich provinces are the least deceloped areas in PNG? Why do we have financial policy makers bluffing about economic stability while in our own eyes we can see that the prices of basic goods such as rice have tripled over a short period of time?
    This question have an answer that may to some seem simple but are part of a wider domino effect of corruption from the bottom level of public offices to the top offices and to a certain aspect connected to multi national agencies and countries owing its origin from greedyness of Public Office Holders, and prominent ciitizens to international economic policy and political changes.
    No one can say they have clean hands because everybody did have a share of the cake including previous successive governments inclusive of today’s government also. The Paraka story is interesting because in my opinion it can be of many hidden intentions by the power hungry in which it can also a move by some who finally had a heart for their country but they be mindful that there were others who sacrificed and lost everything even without being recognised but subject to ridicule.
    This move done by the task force sweep team with due regards is very patriotic but they must dig deeper and also investigate previous governments. We want to see politicians arrested and prosecuted also.
    I command Sam Koim and his team and may God bless them. The final question is who is to blame for all this corruption? In my opinion, I think it is Westminster Democracy so why dont we ammend the constitution and try a Federal Republic type of government. MAY GOD BLESS PAPUA NEW GUINEA.

    • Tharcz Iamo
      November 3, 2013 at 10:01 am

      Paul Paraka’s arrest is just the arrest like Jimmy Maladina, Eremas Wartoto, Paul Tienstan, Jeffery Nape and many more, since then has anyone been prosecuted and locked behind bars like late Kapris.Inquiries after inquiries state money is mounted in thousands of millions, judiciary is dictated, bias, weak, so corruption is syndicate. If only current opposition and likes of Basil, Namah, Juffa, Kulang, Kimisopa, Naru, Maru, Marat, Marape Pato. No transparency in current govt, expecting better but coz all band of Somare so they know they all been recycled.

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