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What is Peter O’Neill’s interest in L&A Constructions

September 12, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments


Prime Minister and the L&A logo

L&A Constructions are Luciano Cragnolini, Nee Cragnolini & their strange sleeping partner & bedfellow in our one and only Peter O’Neill.

The ridiculous Parliament tiles over pebbles job is nothing compared to what other stunts they have pulled and are pulling all over the place in PNG.

Luciano & Nee Cragnolini were in the right place at the right time to do Peter O’Neill special favors when he was just a senior Minister in Somare’s Cabinet. Nee Cragnolini in particular saw in Peter O’Neill what her husband couldnt see. And so she is one woman who needs to be credited with having the eye to the future in that family.

These days, when her children question what she seeing in O’Neill, even O’Neill as Prime Minister is out to protect Nee’s vision of what was, what is, and what could be.There is a strange case of one of Nee’s step sons questioning Peter ONeill’s deep commitment to the family a few months ago at Airways, you should have seen the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea flying into a drunken rage, a rage so hot that he reduced the poor young Master Cragnilini to a bloody pulp with his bare fists. How dare this young man make such accusations of dishonour that threatens to render the union asunder.

No, let nothing separate.

In the case of the Morauta House upgrade, a small job of putting a pressure hose to the bricks on the outside rendering of the walls, and a fresh coat of paint job ( say 1 week of scaffolding &4 weeks work at most) extended for over a year, costing the State not K300,000 or K3 Million, but well over K10 Million. But this job was in breach of the Public Finance Management Act and the Tenders Board laws. It was not tendered. Peter O’Neill just gave them the job.

But wait theres more, the job was extended subsequently to include inside renovations to the Morauta Haus. This was never part of the initial scope of works, nor the initial scope of costings. That part of the job was not even tendered again. It is Peter O’Neill giving jobs for his family business.

The question is does the Prime Minister has the power to break the laws of PNG? What exactly is the PM’s interest in the L&A Constructions as a company, and is this an appropriate relationship for the PM of this country to be having in terms of conflicts of interest?

Wait theres even more! Before the elections last year, L&A Constructions got another job to renovate the Pom General Hospital immediately after appointing Sir George Junior Constantinou as its Chairman. This was a Prime Ministerial directive. they rendered a bill of costs of more than K6 Million which the State payed immediately, which got pumped into the PNC Party elections, and L&A Constructions got given SIRS & LADIES all around.

Someone should ask what K6 Million job exactly did L&A do at the hospital?

They did nothing! Nil! Zero!

Was the job tendered? NEVER!

No wonder L& A is growing and everyone associated in growing

An expat guy who works for L&A Constructions was boasting at a Port Moresby Bar the other day, that he works for Peter O’Neill. Asked what he does, he says he works at L& A Brick Layers.

He spoke of O’Neill glowingly. And when they need a cheque they just ask him for the money and he pays. He said Luciano does not want to touch the money. That’s Nee’s job, and she does it so well

Well folks what can we say! There is more but I wont bore you. I let you chew of that for now. Papua New Guinea- welcome to transparency and fight against corruption

I believe this government has got it just right at the anti-corruption stakes- at least publicly

  1. Indu Kanex Kanarepa
    September 12, 2013 at 9:18 am

    He,he,he,heeee..ee.eeeee!! Well,..Well..Well, guys! you really made my day today. God help me please!! Fellows give me more and I just really wanner die here!!! Thank you!!

  2. pkay
    September 13, 2013 at 3:10 am

    Well guys. We can talk and shout and fret in such beautiful prose all we like. The thing is, if the relevant authorities do not do anything, this and similar swindles will just continue and get better, not worse. Corruption is worse than HIV and AIDS. At least with HIV-AIDS them that suffer and die from it inflict the curse upon themselves and others unknowingly in most cases. With corruption, a few culprits afflict and affect the curse, suffering and injury upon the whole population in the country, including babies and those yet to be born.

    So, who do we look to for redemption and deliverance?

    What’s Ombudsman Commission doing? Every indication is the Commission is dying slowly but surely from euthanasia. There is no cure for euthanasia because it is self-inflicted, a death by one’s own voluntary choice.

    Is Auditor-General going to look into this? May be not because all foreign and national employees need their jobs. And anyway, they do compliance audits for the past years which is stale and almost history by the time their reports are tabled in Parliament.

    And the Public Accounts Committee? The Chairman has been rather boisterous recently, otherwise it is a silent and timid fiefdom. The Chairman’s timidity only explodes in the face of helpless public servants, including females that cannot defend themselves. Every inquiry by PAC has been but a slap on the elbows of corrupt heads of departments and other public and statutory bodies. Elected leaders are hardly implicated in AG’s Reports. Em compliance audit work taxol ia.

    What about the CID? I think we all know the answer to this and the Sweep Team. Allegations against some leaders are more likely to be swept under the carpet than make and build cases to prosecute the culprits in tribunals or courts.

    TI-PNG. These initials stand for This Is Papua New Guinea, a country where you can get away with murder and corruption in broad daylight. Transparency International PNG chapter has gotten a bit too long in the tooth. Occasionally they come out from the crevice to say something or other almost as a perfunctory exercise.

    And PNGexposed? We can talk until the cows come home. Or wait until mother duckling lays a golden egg. In the mean time the two legged human beings get more robust, better and smarter but may be not elusive. The only reason why they may be elusive is because our oversight agencies, bodies and authorities are not doing their job. Some of these bodies and authorities are mentioned above.

    PNG National Parliament: the Parliament with 111 MPs we send there every five years is potentially the most portent and powerful institution and a single body of people that can best scrutinise and hold the Executive to account. But we all know that over the years the Executive has cannibalised and diminished the role of the Legislature to a rubber stamp. The Parliament has become impotent almost to the extent that it has lost it’s visibility and legitimacy. The bulk of the MPs are horded, huddled and sat on one side of the House. They are singing from the same hymn book, drinking from the same chalice and are stirring and eating from the same wok. The back-bench member is an extinct species. The Opposition is but just a voice in the wilderness no matter how loudly or how often Belden or Sam might shriek or shout.

    Without serious, proper and deliberate scrutiny of the Government by Parliament the people’s voice is silenced. And the silence has been deafening not just with this Parliament but many past Parliaments as well. The Executive rules the roost. It can’t be put or seen any more clearer than this – and therein lies the problem including the beginning and any possible end of corruption.

    The colour and smell of money is to a corrupt leader what the sight and smell of blood to a shark is under water. They can’t resist being attracted to it and they can never have enough of it. I guess the only differences are one is under water and the other is under the sun for all of us to see. And the shark does not cause any menace to its species whereas in our case the whole country and the people suffer.

    I don’t want to talk about Peter O’Neil or the Cragnolinis or LNA. May be O’Neil is not the problem. The people that elected him and the system that gave him a landslide victory is the real problem. So too for other MPs. We must cop the blame more equally than MPs because we put them there in the first place. Something must be done to improve the flawed system which is taken advantage of or abused.

    In the competive business world the Cragnolinis and LNA may not see getting contracts as corrupt but, rather, as winning a business advantage over others however unfair it might be.

    If PNG was a ship it would be easy to pull up anchor and sail to calmer, more pristine, peaceful waters. Unfortunately we may be stuck for a long time for the reasons we all know well. May be there is a good Captain in waiting somewhere that will deliver us like Moses in the Bible did his people.

    • August 17, 2015 at 12:30 pm

      Guys, its generally misuse of public power to gain private benefit. According to TI’s Corruption Perception Index PNG is rated as the HIGHEST CORRUPTION country in the world. That is something we should as elites educate our fellow country men and women where this country is moving towards the future. What is planted today will be harvested tomorrow as the saying goes. Someone has to take the lead in announcing this as early as this year (2015), so that when 2017 comes – we must NOT give those Fat guys a chance to come back again to Parliament. Plis kirap na bikmaus igo lo ol pipol blo PNG.

  3. Robby
    September 14, 2013 at 4:05 pm

    Peddys Hotel is known to be Peter O’Neil’s. This culprit have been using is own hotel as brothel. Poor Linda is at home and hubby O’Neil has been engaing in various extra- marital relationship with ladies. Two ladies were seen having an heated argument at Paddy’s carpark and seperated by O’Neils body guards. PM O’Neil under the cover of darkness emerged from a back door guided by his bodyguards got on an unmarked vehicle and vanised. From one of his bodyguard, a friend of mine said the the other lady got in first without prior notice where the second came in later was the initial one for the night. This is just an account of our PNG PM. These two ladies are just two of those high class mistress servicing our so called leaders of PNG. When Paias Wingti was PM, I knew one of my wantok lady who used to be his mistress. She lives in a high class complex in town rented by Wingti. So the trend lives on… samtin blo yumi lo save na tingim bikos bel blo mi ino stap isi lo ol disla ol laen government.

  4. Joseph Kapone
    October 29, 2013 at 6:06 pm

    As Pkay wrote, the Cragnolinis & L&A may have a winning advantage…after all, it’s simply business. Right? No, I don’t think so. It still is not fair and is ethically and morally wrong. It is an unfair advantage and the assumption that we all have is that the PM must be getting some kick-backs, either directly or indirectly.
    You all remember some time back when the media exposed the bodies being burnt at the Dove Funeral Home. It appears that the Port Moresby General Hospital contracted Dove to cremate the unclaimed bodies. They simply heaped logs on the fire, threw more logs on and lit them. The stench drove the neighbours to complain and this was discovered. Guess who owns Dove Funeral Home. Yep, the Craignolinis and L&A. And who sits on the Port Moresby General Hospital Board? Sir Theophilus George Constantinou who is a close ally of Prime Minister Peter O’Neil and the Cragnolinis. So it is a small circle of friends dividing the wealth of this nation among themselves, oblivious to the plight of the country. The very act of burning the bodies with wood shows the level of respect they have for Papua New Guineans. Ol mekim lo ol dai man na bai ol mekim wankain lo yumi tu.

  5. September 5, 2014 at 8:36 am

    PM o’neil has been doing alot of good job in terms of development in this nation but behind the curtains….well, now i know. such people will be dealt later on in the future when a new Government comes in, for now late them take as much as they want, its like taking care of a snake when its still a baby but when grows it will feed on the very people that feeds it and besides…what goes around comes around so the higher you’re up the harder you fall. Good luck my PM!!

  6. Naturu
    July 22, 2016 at 2:41 pm

    This is not right. So this is what the people of PNG will be doing for the rest of our lives. Vote for leaders who sit in that parliament chair and rob the people of their votes for a better change, better health facilities, better school facilities, strong kina value, better homes and safer communities. It saddens my heart that the people of this blessed country just stand and do nothing when we are suppose to rise-up and show the members of parliament the power of the people, the voice of the people and the hand of change. This will never go away in the next 20 to 30 years. We will still face the same problems again and again. And Why! It’s because we the people are not exercising our rights to have a better everything in life.

  7. Teddy
    April 6, 2017 at 9:59 am

    I just feel sorry for the 80% of the country’s total population living in rural areas..Lord help png

  8. Exlas
    August 15, 2017 at 9:03 am

    We just heading to Hel

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