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New Dawn FM backing Rio Tinto and the reopening of Panguna?

Bougainville Radio Station, New Dawn FM, was very quick to publish the media release below from the European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper, but their listeners would have been bemused as to what it was all about as New Dawn had totally failed to cover the story from PNGexposed that Sturm was responding to – Leaked Documents reveal secret ABG plan to reopen Panguna. 

Be interesting to know if their are any funding links between Rio Tinto or the Australian government/ AusAID and New Dawn…

Screen shot of the New Dawn website

  1. August 20, 2013 at 9:44 pm

    From the ESBC homepage http://www.bougainville-copper.eu/news-august-2013-3.html

    Does „PNGexposed“ intend to keep the public stupid?

    Today the famous PNG blog “PNGexposed” complains that Bougainville’s Radio New Dawn FM did not quote a story that they had published one day earlier. New Dawn’s only “mistake”: They published an ESBC’s press release without quoting the related “PNGexposed” story.

    The ESBC already had published this very press release the same day as a comment on the blog. This was, of course, not quoted by the editors of “PNGexposed”. Nevertheless this one grabbed the following lurid headline for his today’s article: “New Dawn FM backing Rio Tinto and the reopening of Panguna?”

    Unfortunately “PNGexposed” often uses the stylistic device of putting questions to fog the reality and to influence its readers. This provokes uncertainty and suspicion.

    If “PNGexposed” had made better research on the issue they easily should have been able to find out that the ABG together with the Bougainville Copper Foundation are funding an initiative to enlarge Radio New Dawn’s coverage to the entire island of Bougainville. This was even made public in BCL’s 2012 report earlier this year. The ESBC President himself initiated this to give all Bougainvilleans the possibility to better inform themselves on on-going projects in the region. This was also made public by Radio New Dawn FM a couple of months ago. The ESBC believe that all Bougainvilleans must have free access to information.

    In the past “PNGexposed” successfully worked out a couple of corruption cases. But sometimes they seem to see phantoms where there are not. The ESBC does not hope that “PNGexposed” intends to keep the public deliberately stupid.

    • Philip Rongotha
      August 21, 2013 at 6:03 pm

      What a bunch of crap Sturm. We know what your job is and what you have to do in order to keep it so no doubt your masters are pleased, but when I see shit (and that’s what it is) that the ESBC President HIMSELF initiated this to give all Bougainvillians the possibility to better inform themselves on on-going projects (gee any particular “project” you have in mind?) in the region THAT IS BULLSHIT! Hey Alex ole man if the Bougainvillians decide they don’t want mine – ESBC still going to fund New Dawn?

      And lastly to the folks at PNGExposed do take the old man’s last sentence seriously regarding keeping the public stupid. Rio Tinto has done that for years – make promises, tell lies, don’t let the people know and if they don’t do what they are suppose to – kill them.

  2. August 20, 2013 at 10:40 pm

    By the way:

    The European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper (ESBC) publicly support the excellent work of Aloysius Laukai and his team of Radio New Dawn on Bougainville ! Please see here: http://www.bougainville-copper.eu/radio-new-dawn-1.html

    Any more questions?

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