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Success! PAC to investigate Madang Administration

The Public Accounts Committee will be conducting an inquiry into the Madang Provincial Administration next month.

This was revealed yesterday by the Provincial Administrator, Bernard Lange, during the province’s 2nd quarter budget review.

Mr Lange said he has been advised by the PAC Chairman, John Hickey of the Committee’s decision to visit the province next month to carry out a thorough investigation of the Provincial Government and Administration.

When making the announcement to the province’s senior bureaucrats, Mr Lange has also summoned certain sector heads to immediately put together their sectoral reports and records in place before the PAC Inquiry begins.

Amongst those who were given the orders to do so are the Health Director, Marcus Kachau, Education Director, Moses Sariki, Works Director, Hudd Kassas, and the Assembly Clerk, Rachel Mou.

The assembly clerk was told to furnish all decisions of the Provincial Executive Council backdating to 1992.

Meanwhile, the decision by the Public Accounts Committee has come as relief news to several concerned Madang citizens and leaders who had raised the need several times for a public inquiry into the affairs of the Madang Provincial Government and Administration, either by the PAC or Task Force Sweep.

Amongst those to have raised such concerns is the Governor Jim Kas.

Mr Kas had publicly expressed several months ago that there was an alleged syndicate which operated within the provincial administration.

Although he did not name persons, he said the mafia- type operation was using up public funds on unnecessary projects.

Governor Kas also issued a warning for such practice to stop, stressing he will be coming down hard on officers found to be engaging in this kind of practice.

PNGexposed has played a prominent role in publicly highlighting the corruption in the Madang Administration:


  1. Jason Peters
    August 10, 2013 at 1:59 am

    Surely there’s corruption with the administration. I strongly recommend an  immediate investigation into the all Finance & Treasury office financial records .we have thiefs working in these offices .

  2. August 14, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    Why has Mr. Lange become so vocal recently to crack down on the misappropriation and misuse of Public Funds at Madang Provincial Administration when in fact he was singly requested to act on it previously on his own accord and he has sat on it? he was requested to sit on the Provincial assembly and Audoit Committee meetings and he has numerously absconded on almost ALL occassions. now he has woken up from his slumber and become public to crack down on it AFTER HEARING THAT THE PAC HAS BEGUN its investigations. I strongly beleive he is at the helm of this illegal process. it is only time that teh PAC Report will tell…Trust me! Mr Lange, unless you are not involved, you will get no-where.

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