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Madang Audit Committee minutes show breadth of corruption

Madang Provincial Administrator, Bernard Lange, is still refusing to speak about the widespread corruption within his administration or to cooperate with authorities wanting to take action.

Cover page for the meeting minutesThe Minutes from the April 2012 meeting of the Provincial Audit Committee reveals the breadth of the corruption that Lange is presiding over.

Download the Minutes: Minutes Madang PAC 25-4-12 (1.5mb)

The April meeting, which neither Lange or his Provincial Treasurer, Soten Uriah, bothered to attend (as is usual), discussed among other issues:

  • ‘Irrefutable evidence of fraud’ in the construction of Dalep market
  • Unacquitted cash and travel advances;
  • RESI funds misappropriation and ‘clear fraud’;
  • Investigation of potential fraud involving Pena and Associates;
  • Fraud by Tony Dalton as Collector of Public Monies
  • High levels of absenteeism in the office of the Internal Auditor;
  • Failure of Divisional Heads to attend Audit Committee meetings;
  • Complete lack of accounting records for the Madang Development Committee and no records of proceeds from K700,000 land sale
  • Lack of an assets register in the Provincial Works Department
  • Purchase of over 200 two-way radios by the Health Division that were never used for there intended purpose
  • Cash advance cheque that was cashed by a third-party

A number of these matters have now been referred to the Provincial Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Sylvester Kalaut, for investigation

  1. Rata Palisah
    August 1, 2013 at 11:37 am

    PPC Kalaut will do the right thing and the idiots should be locked up. I think the same documents should also be referred other line corruption investigators. I don’t know why the Provincial Governor is also quiet about this issue. Should he not take action and get public servants into line?? Sam Koem needs to look into this very quickly.

  2. Auditor
    February 5, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    Action item 2 of the Provincial Audit Committe is one of those misguided agenda framed by Mr. Herman Swaikere to say the PA was sworn at. Actually Swaikere hid a cheque belonging to Hek a contractor to solicit/ asking tips from a contractor. The vontractor paid Swaikere . The contractor informed the former Chief Internal Auditor who got on Swaikere. Never swore at the PA. Why did not
    the acting CIA Herman Swaikere conduct an Investigation as resoluted by the committee? True con man to be an Auditor. Swaikere should be terminated because he is not professionnally qualified to be an Auditor.

  1. August 7, 2013 at 3:18 pm

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